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You DON'T need to spend $Ks to get your 🥇 MBA offer! Work SMART, not hard.

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Jun 2024: Still taking on Round 1 Candidates for submission in September 2024. It's not too late to get it done! 🎉 Candidates I've worked with have got into: Harvard, Wharton, INSEAD, Booth, & many others 🎉 ⏳ Fair, honest pricing: 4-5 hours is usually enough coaching time for 1 full b-school application (promise!) ⏳ 💰 Automatic discounts on 3+ hours booked 💰 My story: I was 23. My GMAT was an uneven 710: 99th percentile verbal, 55th(!) non-verbal. My major was English literature. I was at a non-MBB consulting firm with 0 US brand recognition. I only had 3 years of work experience. I couldn't afford an admissions consultant. And yet... I got in. How? Because I'm an expert-level storyteller. And telling your story is >50% of your application. A bad story can kill an otherwise-great application. A GREAT story can make up for a mediocre GMAT, work experience, etc. Beyond your qualifications and institutions, you have several short- and long-form essay/answer prompts, and 2 letters of reference. Together, these present you with an opportunity to craft a COMPELLING, HOLISTIC narrative for why you belong at the business school of your dreams. What got me over the line and won the heart of my AdCom reviewer was that I treated these answers not as distinct opportunities to shine, but a tapestry through which I wove a singular, compelling narrative thread. On Leland, I help others achieve the same. I am confident that any life, no matter how mundane-feeling, carries a powerful growth story. I will help you tell that story in a way that feels authentic and inspiring, making your offer a no-brainer to AdCom. I work with candidates for any school, and have a range of approaches based on your specific focus points & needs. I particularly love to work with international applicants - the US has a specific culture and set of values that I've had the privilege of adopting, through the lens of both a Brit (where I grew up) and a Russian (where I was born). No need to message ahead - my calendar is up to date. Schedule an intro call anytime!

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About Victoria

Hi there, I'm Vica. I am a double émigrée (age 7: Russia -> UK, age 24: UK -> US), former Silicon Valley tech executive and startup founder. I grew up poor and watched my mum make some crazy sacrifices to get us out of Russia, then out of UK council (state-provided) housing, & into a life full of amazing opportunities and adventures, I studied English literature at the University of Cambridge, spent 3 years at a top-tier strategy consulting firm in London, then got into Stanford GSB on the day I turned 24, with an 80% tuition discount / scholarship. I worked at Salesforce, directed sales at a startup, then raised $300k for my own venture from Silicon Valley angels and VCs. I moved from an F1 visa to a H-1B visa, so I know the ins-and-outs of the US immigration system horribly well. I am NOT a hard worker, or particularly well-rounded (my GMAT was 99th percentile verbal, 55th non-verbal 😆). But I AM a strong, persuasive storyteller, incisive editor, & expert seller. FOR MBA: I never used an admissions consultant because I could not afford one. The one I spoke to for the GSB for a free 30-min consultation told me to give up hope on my dream school! But I got into GSB and INSEAD without professional support, and proved her wrong. I was FOR SURE an underdog in every process I ended up successfully completing. Too young, state-schooled, non-MBB, non-STEM, wonky GMAT... but it worked out great. And with my help, it can work out for you too! You CAN do this! The only failure is not to try at all. FOR SALES: My first sales role I was given $0 budget (besides a LinkedIn Sales Navigator subscription) and told to get out there and create a whole new customer segment (midsize SMEs) for a self-serve martech tool, that had hitherto only been sold as a paid service offering to a different segment (enterprise). I closed ~5% of total ARR for the year within 9 months and left them with another ~$250k of opportunities cooking. I went on to found my own startup, sell $40k ARR and raise $300k funding. I know LinkedIn and sales like the back of my hand. I love teaching people how to use it to build new connections and make sales happen in 2024 (when it's noisier than ever out there!). Whether you're new to sales, a technical founder, or just looking to boost that conversion rate, I can help you succeed!

Why do I coach?

Many personality tests and direct lived experiences later, I can confidently say: I love being a coach. There's nothing so singularly rewarding as helping lift someone a rung higher on the ladder of life. (What you DO with that privilege is another question!) Every "textbook" achievement I have managed to pull off was both unlikely-as-heck going in, AND utterly life-changing. The opportunities on the other side are endless. It would be an insult to my values not to attempt to share them with others. I also really want to be an affordable coach. That's important for me because I was shocked to find out that ~80% (anecdotal data) of my peers at the GSB used one. And well over half of my peers at Cambridge were private-schooled. While I am living proof that you don't NEED to be born rich to get into these institutions, I wonder how many people don't apply or don't get in because of that same perceived paywall. I'm here for YOU.

Work Experience

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August 2023 - Present

Turning around a mobile content distribution company aimed at bridging the digital divide in Emerging Markets, starting with SE Asia. Moving my life over to Manila/Taipei, and spending most of my waking moments right now writing grant applications. Fortune favors the brave.

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Co-founder & CEO


September 2021 - May 2023

Founded a startup during my last couple of Quarters at Stanford, to address a huge problem in B2B SaaS sales. Took it through Startup Garage (a famous Stanford d-school class). Ultimately pivoted into complex enterprise SaaS, with an initial focus on cybersecurity. Went FT on it as soon as I graduated. Recruited and led a team of 4, raised $300k angel funding, booked $40k ARR, built and shipped a marketplace MVP. Wound it down due to changing market conditions (less appetite from enterprise buyers for 'taking risks' with smaller vendors). Toughest and most rewarding 1.5years of my life 😊

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Director of Sales & Ops

RELAYTO/ Content Experience 🪄

January 2021 - September 2021

Wanted to try early-stage, and sales. Convinced the founder on a 1.5h first call to give me a chance. Closed $50k of business, and left them with $200k oppportunity (ie >50% likely-to-close) pipeline. Offered COO/CRO role.

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MBA Intern, Strategy & Operations


June 2020 - December 2020

Got a summer internship in the SF office (virtually) and then took a Leave of Absence, extended the internship and got "transferred" to the UK office. Stayed working for the same high-calibre team throughout. Got a FT offer.

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OC&C Strategy Consultants

September 2016 - June 2019

Applied during my 2nd year at Cambridge. Did the International Strategy Week program, and was offered a FT role at the end of it. Applied for business school while there, though ultimately chose not to accept funding/commit to coming back.


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Stanford Graduate School of Business

MBA, Business

2019 - 2022

Generalist 1st year, focused on entrepreneurial track 2nd year (eg Startup Garage, Innovator's Dilemma for which I was TA, & the Eric Schmidt VC/Ent class). Took 2 quarters out halfway through during the pandemic, to dodge virtual b-school.

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University of Cambridge

BA/MA (Cantab), English

2013 - 2016

I applied for and interviewed at King's College and got pooled. I then interviewed at Fitzwilliam and Churchill, and got an offer from Churchill. (Will never know if Fitz wanted me too! Apparently, hilariously, in that situation the student's fate is sealed by a coin toss 😆.)

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    University of Durham

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Victoria G.

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