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Natalia A.Sep 25

"I am truly grateful for the invaluable assistance provided by Charles throughout my college admission process. Before Charles began helping me, I felt overwhelmed and lost in the complex college application journey. However, he offered structured guidance at every step of the way, which greatly boosted my confidence and sense of control. He encouraged me to engage in deep self-reflection, helping me craft essays that were deep and personal. Charles provided me with highly personalized feedback, clearly investing substantial time and effort into reviewing my essays and application materials. I wholeheartedly recommend Charles' services. Thanks to his support, I received offers from institutions like UChicago, Columbia, UPenn, Cornell, and others."

Columbia University LogoAccepted to Columbia University
Coached by Charles L.Charles L.
AnonymousMay 12

"I reached out to Mattia because of his professional background in both large financial institutions and top consulting firms. I was interviewing for a strategy role at tier 1 investment banks, and Mattia was able to utilize his professional background and knowledge to help me with motivational questions, fit interviews, company-specific knowledge, and technical areas that were tested in my interviews. It turned out that all the questions I was asked in the interviews had been prepared for, and I was able to navigate through the interviews very smoothly and received an offer from my top choice. Thanks, Mattia!"

Citi LogoLanded a role at Citi
Coached by Mattia L.Mattia L.
Alice Z.Jan 6

"I highly recommend working with Mattijs. I had previously only cased with classmates and the feedback that I received from Mattijs was far more detailed, nuanced, and pointed than anything else I've received. He walked me through each step of the case interview and gave me actionable recommendations on how to sharpen each area. These coaching sessions were incredibly valuable."

McKinsey & Company LogoLanded a role at McKinsey & Company
Coached by Mattijs B.Mattijs B.
AnonymousJan 26

"Choosing Ria as my admissions consultant was one of the best decisions I made during my MBA application process. Their deep understanding of what each school looks for in candidates made all the difference. They went above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of my application was polished to perfection. With Ria's support, I gained admission to my dream school - HBS."

Stanford Graduate School of Business LogoAccepted to Stanford Graduate School of Business
Coached by Ria G.Ria G.
Maria P.Feb 1

"Yulia was a great help while I worked on my Stanford application. She shared important insights and offered effective guidance, which helped me strengthen my application, all in a pleasant and intelligent manner."

Stanford Graduate School of Business LogoAccepted to Stanford Graduate School of Business
Coached by Yulia B.Yulia B.
Spencer B.Jan 2

"I worked with Prabha to put the "finishing touches" on my product management interview preparation. Prior to meeting with Prabha, I had completed over 70 mock interviews, but was looking to get that extra edge. Prior to interviewing with Microsoft, Meta, and JP Morgan (I had all of these interviews in one week), I felt prepared, but I knew there were little ways I could improve my skills and become a standout. I booked my first 3 interviews with Prabha to focus on interviewing at Meta for the RPM program, but her expertise seamlessly translated to my interviews with Microsoft and JP Morgan. After I received offers from Microsoft and JP Morgan, as well as an invitation for the final round for Meta's RPM program, I decided to go for it and get a little more coaching with Prabha. I firmly believe working with Prabha gave me the edge I needed to secure an offer for the RPM program. While I did a lot of work before getting her coaching, Prabha is clearly an expert at all levels of Product Management mock interviewing"

Meta (Facebook) LogoLanded a role at Meta (Facebook)
Coached by Prabha D.Prabha D.
AnonymousDec 28

"I found working with David to be a dream! He was incredibly knowledgeable about the entire gamut of management consulting recruiting at MBA programs. Through several sessions with David, I gained REALLY TACTICAL insights into how to approach: (1) networking; (2) developing generalizable approaches to structuring and exhibit clearing; (3) improving overall succinctness during the case interview. I cannot recommend David enough: he was an absolute joy to work with, and will be an indispensable partner for all those that were as nervous/anxious about the recruiting process as I was. Thank you David!!!!"

Boston Consulting Group LogoLanded a role at Boston Consulting Group
Coached by David O.David O.
AnonymousFeb 20

"David is a thoughtful and experienced coach. I've had him help me prepare for corporate interview processes. Each time I've done so, he's given me very helpful and direct feedback, while giving me the space to ensure I'm improving through practice interviews."

Google LogoLanded a role at Google
Coached by David H.David H.
Kasen S.Nov 6

"I've worked with Nina for about two months on PM prep, and I found that her interviews were harder than the actual interviews I had with top tech companies like Databricks, Atlassian, and others. She gives extremely actionable feedback, asks excellent follow-up questions, and prepares you well for any PM interview that comes your way. I highly recommend Nina to anyone looking to break into Product Management."

Atlassian LogoLanded a role at Atlassian
Coached by Nina P.Nina P.
AnonymousNov 8

"Deborah is so kind and patient. I was really impressed with her knowledge. She was incredibly helpful and has real world experience that makes her advice and guidance so relevant. I definitely wouldn’t not have had as much success with my application cycle without her help."

Columbia University LogoAccepted to Columbia University
Coached by Deborah Dejia T.Deborah Dejia T.
AnonymousApr 9

"Chas is an exceptionally effective coach, and that even feels like an understatement. The MBA process is a rollercoaster, but Chas' approach, templates, examples, and guidance made it all so much more manageable. He is incredibly insightful and did a phenomenal job distilling down vast amounts of information and helping me tell my story in a unique way that felt true to me. He went above and beyond our entire time working together, making himself available for even the littlest of questions, providing unwavering support as we worked through countless essay drafts, and encouraging me throughout. Chas is a game changer in the MBA process. He elevated my application and essays way beyond what I could have imagined, and I couldn't have done it without him."

Harvard Business School LogoAccepted to Harvard Business School
Coached by Chas F.Chas F.
Alessio D.Jan 10

"Max was incredibly helpful throughout my MBA application process and played a key role in application strategy, resume and essay review, and interview prep that ultimately allowed me achieve my goals. I highly recommend working with Max."

Chicago Booth LogoAccepted to Chicago Booth
Coached by Max T.Max T.
Rachel F.Dec 29

"Gives great advice on how to fine polish your writing without being harsh. If there is something missing in your writing, she will find it and give you ideas as to incorporate it."

Central Michigan University LogoAccepted to Central Michigan University
Coached by Delaney C.Delaney C.
Antoine V.Jan 15

"I owe a huge thanks to Matthias for landing offers from both BCG and McKinsey! He's an incredible coach - friendly, knowledgeable, and always there when you need him. His advice is always spot-on and invaluable, tailored to what really works in the MBB world. What really sets Matthias apart is how much he cares about you and your success. He's more than a coach; he's a mentor who invests in you, making sure his guidance aligns with your goals. He invested a lot of energy into helping me as from the moment we got in contact until the last moments of the processes, helping me gain confidence, support and skills. I couldn't recommend anyone else than him to help you break into consulting !!"

Boston Consulting Group LogoLanded a role at Boston Consulting Group
Coached by Matthias H.Matthias H.
Mariano P.Nov 9

"David has been a mentor and coach throughout many phases of my career: investment banking, PE/VC, and business school. He was instrumental in helping me land a spot at the GSB. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a stellar coach who can offer tactical advice and motivate you to reach for more. Anyone would be lucky to work with him!"

Stanford Graduate School of Business LogoAccepted to Stanford Graduate School of Business
Coached by David V.David V.
AnonymousJan 16

"Isabelle gave me invaluable guidance on my MBA application essays and interviews, and I ended up being accepted into HBS's 2+2 deferral program. She was a terrific coach and mentor who is not only brilliant but deeply kind and gracious to mentor/coach others."

Harvard Business School LogoAccepted to Harvard Business School
Coached by Isabelle Z.Isabelle Z.
AnonymousJan 26

"Aisha is the best career coach I have ever had. She is extremely detailed and empathetic, making sure I am listened to. Her deep expertise in tech policy and the tech hiring process was very helpful when I was laid off and did not know what to do as next steps. She helped me get several interviews and a job offer for my dream role! I highly recommend Aisha and can't wait for her to help others through Leland."

Google LogoLanded a role at Google
Coached by Aisha I.Aisha I.
AnonymousOct 19

"Had a great mock interview with Tim! He's patient, knowledgeable, and highly attentive - received some really insightful feedback on how to improve my answers / prep going forward."

Chicago Booth LogoAccepted to Chicago Booth
Coached by Timothy F.Timothy F.
AnonymousFeb 5

"Michael has been an invaluable help in my casing practice as he gave me many great insights on how consultants would tackle a case which in turn helped me sharpen my consulting lingo. I would highly recommend any medium or advanced level caser to seek Michael's help in refining your case framework, brainstorming structure and communication abilities. With his help, I managed to clinch an offer from MBB! Thank you!"

Bain & Company LogoLanded a role at Bain & Company
Coached by Michael C.Michael C.
Lena E.Jan 19

"Remy was an incredible coach and mentor throughout the recruiting process for my consulting dream job. Her insight into the consulting world, tips for case interviews and overall support were critical factors in my success. She leverages her extensive interviewing experience from Bain to help coachees navigate MBB applications and ready themselves for rigorous interviewing. Remy was a big part of why I received (and ultimately accepted) my offer. She is an incredible asset to anyone embarking on this process."

Bain & Company LogoLanded a role at Bain & Company
Coached by Remy W.Remy W.
Sarah H.Dec 2

"Chris has been invaluable in helping me get my current position in a Strategy and Operations role at a tech company. He not only assisted me in tailoring my resume to highlight key skills that would set me apart from other candidates, he also provided comprehensive interview preparation. His interview preparation techniques allowed me to feel confident and well-prepared for my behavioral and technical interviews. His experience in both consulting and S&O allowed him to tailor practice cases to the specific roles I targeted, offering real-world insights based on his firsthand experiences in similar situations. Beyond resume and interview preparation, Chris’s insights helped me build foundational strategy and business operations knowledge that I still reference in my daily work. Chris also introduced me to various functions within tech companies, and helped me build the skills I needed to be a strong candidate for an internal transfer a from a Business Analytics to a Strategy and Operations role. Chris has shown a genuine interest in my professional growth."

Uber LogoLanded a role at Uber
Coached by Chris L.Chris L.
Sonia C.Dec 4

"I can’t say enough about how AMAZINGLY AWESOME Cynthia is!!! She is a strategic thinker who can help your law school application stand out from the competition. Cynthia made me feel like she was by my side the entire time I was applying to schools, even though I was thousands of miles away from her."

Harvard Law School LogoAccepted to Harvard Law School
Coached by Cynthia A.Cynthia A.
Anastassia D.Jan 30

"I met Tennessee at a panel discussion at Imperial College, and she instantly impressed me with her knowledge, charisma, and professionalism. She kindly agreed to coach me for a Google internship, offering valuable resources, connecting me with the right people, and sharing her own tips, tricks, sample questions, and exercises, while also boosting my confidence. Frankly, I wouldn't have made it without her help and coaching! She's a shining star in her field."

Google LogoLanded a role at Google
Coached by Tennessee W.Tennessee W.
Emily N.Jan 31

"Truly a coach who is dedicated to seeing you succeed. I’ve worked with Nina for over a year and she has been a tremendous help to me as a mentor/coach. I was always a bit worried or fearful about pursuing certain positions/opportunities but Nina made sure that I applied. Not only this but she also gave me the support and resources to actually succeed in recruiting processes as well as the role itself. To this day Nina is still offering advice and making sure I am always improving. With Nina, you can work towards your goal knowing you have her consistent support."

PwC LogoLanded a role at PwC
Coached by Nina D.Nina D.
Maria L.Dec 29

"Mattijs gave me excellent feedback during mock-up case interviews! He is very supportive and knowledgeable. With his help and coaching, I received offers from Bain&Company and OC&C."

Bain & Company LogoLanded a role at Bain & Company