Case & Behavioral Interview Prep | Tiered Package

Case & Behavioral Interview Prep | Tiered Package

Offered by Jeremy S.



I help people break into MBBs | Former Bain Interviewer | MIT Sloan MBA

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We'll do a number of cases at the difficulty level of your choosing (beginner, intermediate, partner-level) tailored to your top-choice firms (McKinsey, Bain, BCG) using battle-tested cases from real-life interviews. We'll also prepare you for a range of behavioral questions you could face on interview day.

What will you take away from this package?

Professional feedback from former Bain on campus interviewer

Document with comprehensive case frameworks

Complete understanding of the flow of a case, the different case types, and what the interviewers are screening for

How will this coaching take place?

This package will be delivered via live sessions.

My clients learn best through action. Whether I'm working with a beginner or advanced applicant, I take my clients through 1-2 cases each session and use that as the basis for learning. I have cases for every level, and I deliver a combination of live and delayed feedback. Over the course of our time together, I expose my clients to a wide variety of case types, industries, etc. to provide as well-rounded a preparation process as possible.

Services included with this package:

Case Interview Prep

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6 months to use after purchase

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Jeremy S.

Offered by Jeremy S.

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I help people break into MBBs | Former Bain Interviewer | MIT Sloan MBA

I’m a former Bain Consultant and member of Bain's interview team. While at Bain, I interviewed 60+ candidates and read 400+ applications. I specialize in helping my clients master the case interview — by far the most critical and difficult part of the application process. However, my services are comprehensive and include behavioral interview prep and resume/cover letter editing. See more about my background below. Please reach out if you feel I may be able to help! • Bain & Co. Experience | I worked at Bain for 4 years with a focus on private equity due diligence and go-to-market strategy • Case Interview Training | I'm interview-trained for Bain, and I leverage that to coach applicants to jobs at MBBs • Interview Experience | While at Bain I interviewed 60+ candidates and read 400+ applications • Education | MIT Sloan MBA (Class of 2021), Washington Unviersity in St. Louis (Class of 2016)

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