Become a Case Interview Master - 5 Real Live Cases from Ex-McKinsey Manager

Become a Case Interview Master - 5 Real Live Cases from Ex-McKinsey Manager

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McKinsey EM | Coached +100 of candidates on Case Interviews

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Hey there! Ever thought about a case interview boot camp with a splash of fun and a heap of insight? Well, that’s what I'm serving up! Dive into a cozy 5-hour package with yours truly. First, we’ll play detective on your case interviewing style – don’t worry, my magnifying glass is friendly. After some nifty advice on that, we'll jump into 5 live case run-throughs. And here's the best part: I won't just nod and smile. I’ll share real-time, candid feedback – kind of like a friend who tells you there's spinach in your teeth. Only this time, it’s about helping you shine in interviews. Let’s turn those nerves into know-how, and maybe share a laugh or two. Ready to level up, case style?

What will you take away from this package?

By the end of our 5-hour journey, you'll walk away with refined interviewing techniques, actionable feedback on 5 live cases, and tangible steps to elevate your case interview game closer to your dream job.

How will this coaching take place?

This package will be delivered via live sessions.

Hey! When we team up, it's less 'traditional coaching' and more 'casual coffee chat with purpose.' I work with a blend of friendly banter and honest insights. Picture this: we’re sitting down with our favorite brew, laughing over past mistakes (mostly mine!), while hatching a master plan for your success. I love mixing in stories from my own blunders – they're good for a chuckle and a lesson. Our sessions will be filled with lively discussions, hands-on practice, and direct yet supportive feedback. The goal? To keep things light, make the learning stick, and ensure you're not just prepared, but genuinely excited for what's ahead. Because let’s be real, growth is way more fun when it feels like you're chatting with a pal. So, if you're up for some solid advice, a few laughs, and a sprinkle of my tried-and-true insights, let's get this party started!

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Case Interview Prep

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Offered by Mo S.

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McKinsey EM | Coached +100 of candidates on Case Interviews

Hey there! So, picture this: you're wrapping up a tough McKinsey interview, and instead of anxiety, there's this grin you can't shake off. Why? Because you felt prepared, confident, and oddly... you had fun? That's where I come in. Having lived the case interview life for nearly a decade, I've seen them all, made all the silly mistakes, and learned from each. And while I’ve tackled hundreds of interviews, I never forget how nerve-wracking they first seemed. I've worked with so many brilliant minds, and if there's one thing I've seen make a difference, it's confidence. And no, not the flashy, "look-at-me" confidence, but the kind that's built on understanding, practice, and genuine encouragement. When we team up, it's not just about nailing interviews. It's about making the process enjoyable, approachable, and honestly, a little less lonely. I'm here with concrete advice, a reassuring voice, and probably a silly story or two from my earlier days. So, if the idea of transforming the daunting world of case interviews into something more relatable and fun sounds good, I'm here, cheering from the sidelines and sometimes tripping over the pompoms. Ready for a journey sprinkled with laughter, learning, and lots of "aha!" moments? Reach out, and let's chat.

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