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Become a Case Interview Master - 5 Real Live Cases from Ex-McKinsey Manager

Become a Case Interview Master - 5 Real Live Cases from Ex-McKinsey Manager

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Hey there! So, picture this: you're wrapping up a tough McKinsey interview, and instead of anxiety, there's this grin you can't shake off. Why? Because you felt prepared, confident, and oddly... you had fun? That's where I come in. Having lived the case interview life for nearly a decade, I've seen them all, made all the silly mistakes, and learned from each. And while I’ve tackled hundreds of interviews, I never forget how nerve-wracking they first seemed. I've worked with so many brilliant minds, and if there's one thing I've seen make a difference, it's confidence. And no, not the flashy, "look-at-me" confidence, but the kind that's built on understanding, practice, and genuine encouragement. When we team up, it's not just about nailing interviews. It's about making the process enjoyable, approachable, and honestly, a little less lonely. I'm here with concrete advice, a reassuring voice, and probably a silly story or two from my earlier days. So, if the idea of transforming the daunting world of case interviews into something more relatable and fun sounds good, I'm here, cheering from the sidelines and sometimes tripping over the pompoms. Ready for a journey sprinkled with laughter, learning, and lots of "aha!" moments? Reach out, and let's chat.

Mo can help with:

Case Interview Prep

Networking Strategy

Resume Review

LinkedIn Review

Behavioral Interview Prep

Salary Negotiation


Promotion Strategy


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About Mo

Hey there! 😊 Mo’s the name, and helping you is the game. Now, I've got an MBA from Stanford and an MPA/ID from Harvard Kennedy, but let me tell you – the path wasn’t always clear. Especially for an international student like me, diving headfirst into the deep end of top-tier programs. Ever played office hopscotch? I've jumped around 8 different McKinsey offices across the US and a few spots abroad 🌍. Each hop taught me a bit more about work vibes worldwide and the hurdles many of us face, no matter where we're from. I’ve had the joy of teaming up with over 100 unique folks in my coaching escapades, from consulting newbies to seasoned pros. Wondering about dual degrees or those cool programs like 2+2? Or maybe just how to face the application process without breaking a sweat? I've got your back. Together, we’ll get you geared up for any curveballs those interviews might throw. So, if you need a guide (and occasional cheerleader) to help navigate your academic and professional world, here I am! Let's blend knowledge, a few laughs, and, of course, the mandatory emoji or two 😄. Ready to make those dreams shine? Let's do it.

Why do I coach?

"Hey, Mo, I got the job!" There's no topping that feeling when someone shares their win, especially if I got to cheer from the sidelines. Truth be told, coaching and I have a history. Remember the tales of me fumbling through applications to big-name places like Stanford and the Kennedy School? Yeah, those weren’t exaggerated. I was truly lost. But a few generous souls – coaches and mentors – helped this confused wanderer find his way. They didn't just help with fancy essays; they gave me a good ol' confidence boost. Stanford was an eye-opener, and not just because of the fancy buildings. I learned a lot, made some mistakes, and found out I loved helping folks the same way I was helped. As a coach, I've met some pretty amazing people. Each one's different, each story unique. And if I can help someone else get their "Hey, I did it!" moment, well, that's a day well spent. Coaching? For me, it's like passing on a favor. Someone gave me a leg up when I was struggling; now it's my turn. So, ready to team up and chase those dreams? Just remember, we might stumble a bit, but we'll get there.

Work Experience

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Consulting Engagement Manager

McKinsey & Company

September 2015 - Present


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Stanford Graduate School of Business

MBA, Business

2019 - 2021

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Harvard Kennedy School

MPA/ID, International Development

2018 - 2021

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University of Virginia, Charlottesville

BS, Chemical Engineering

2011 - 2015

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    Harvard Business School

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