Comprehensive IB Coaching - ex Investment Banker & Recruiting Team

Comprehensive IB Coaching - ex Investment Banker & Recruiting Team

Offered by Lex S.



Guidance from former Investment Banker (ex-Recruiting and Interview Team)

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Comprehensive coaching for the investment banking application and recruiting process. I work with you to 1/ develop your "Why IB?" , 2/ improve your technical and behavioral interview prep skills and 3/ to network via LinkedIn. You'll receive personalized coaching to crush your investment banking interviews. The full package contains: 1. Pre-interview groundwork - Detailed analysis of your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn account - Half-hour networking strategy session for creating a plan to connect with key players at desired firms - A session to develop your 'why IB' pitch, enhancing your story about your interest in investment banking 2. Interview Readiness - Informational Interview/Coffee Chat (30 mins)- Guidance on preparation and performance in an informational interview with a professional from a target firm - Fit Interview #1 (30 mins)- A mock "fit" interview simulation mimicking an initial round with an HR professional, including feedback - Fit Interview #2 (40 mins)- A more detailed behavioral interview simulation, with feedback - Technical Interview #1 (45 mins) - A mock interview focusing on corporate finance and the three "standard" valuation methods, with feedback - Technical Interview #2 (45 mins) - A rigorous technical interview simulation with a focus on paper LBO and M&A modeling, with feedback 3. Modeling segment - A 1-hour modeling session to address any crucial queries about the technical facets of investment banking With this all-inclusive coaching package, you'll be equipped with the resources and support needed to excel in your investment banking interviews. This package can be catered to either Analyst or Associate level of recruiting. Let me know in our intake discussion.

What will you take away from this package?

Spruced up and effective resume / cover letter and LinkedIn profile

A networking strategy to reach out to the right people and stay in touch

Download of recorded session

Structured and written feedback from our mock coffee chats, screening interviews, and behavioral and technical interviews to help you hone your skills

Technical Interview Prep

Behavioral Interview Prep

Google/Dropbox folder containing the materials we cover, feedback, and notes from our meetings

How will this coaching take place?

This package will be delivered via live sessions and .

Services included with this package:

Technical Interview Prep

Networking Strategy

Resume Review

LinkedIn Review

Behavioral Interview Prep

Financial Modeling

Additional details

Standard Refund Policy
45 days to use after purchase

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Lex S.

Offered by Lex S.

Joined May 2023


Guidance from former Investment Banker (ex-Recruiting and Interview Team)

During investment banking recruiting, I received multiple interview invites and offers. I also negotiated a scholarship to pay for my tuition. After my internship and returning full-time, I joined the group recruiting team as well as the Yale recruiting team, so have experience interviewing and prepping candidates for coffee chats, interviews and IB networking. I will share with you tips and tricks that I have used and taught to others that has allowed them to pass IB recruiting and get the offers they wanted. I will also coach you on behaviorals that will move you to the top of the pack.

Coaches professionally

Experience level: Senior Associate

Open to working with clients outside the U.S.


9h–12h of coaching