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Comprehensive IB Coaching - ex Investment Banker & Recruiting Team

Comprehensive IB Coaching - ex Investment Banker & Recruiting Team

$1,6009h–12h of coaching

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Open to working with clients outside the U.S.

During investment banking recruiting, I received multiple interview invites and offers. I also negotiated a scholarship to pay for my tuition. After my internship and returning full-time, I joined the group recruiting team as well as the Yale recruiting team, so have experience interviewing and prepping candidates for coffee chats, interviews and IB networking. I will share with you tips and tricks that I have used and taught to others that has allowed them to pass IB recruiting and get the offers they wanted. I will also coach you on behaviorals that will move you to the top of the pack.

Lex can help with:

Technical Interview Prep

Networking Strategy

Resume Review

LinkedIn Review

Behavioral Interview Prep

Salary Negotiation

Financial Modeling

Promotion Strategy

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About Lex

I'm an experienced Admissions Consultant with an MBA from Yale School of Management. I specialize in assisting international / immigrant applicants to tell their story and gain admissions into their top choices. My professional journey has been diverse and enriching, with time spent in challenging roles in investment banking, private equity, and a prominent FAANG tech company. I bring the unique perspective of someone who has not only navigated the competitive world of business school, but also thrived in the global finance and technology sectors. While in business school , I was an admissions essay reviewer and admissions interviewer and post-MBA I have worked as an Alumni interviewer. These experiences equips me with an exceptional understanding of the skills, attitudes, and experiences top business schools are seeking. My passion lies in leveraging this knowledge to help aspiring students like yourself gain admission to prestigious M7 and other elite business programs. With a focus on comprehensive admissions consulting, I offer tailored assistance with essay writing, story development, interview preparation, resume review, and strategic networking. Additionally, I offer specialized coaching for investment banking interview preparation, reflecting my own successful experience in this sector. Joining forces with me means partnering with a Yale MBA graduate who has real-world experience in the sectors you're striving to enter. Together, we can build your story, refine your application, and pave your way towards your dream business school. I look forward to helping you turn your aspirations into reality.

Why do I coach?

Coaching matters to me because I have personally experienced the power of effective mentorship and guidance, especially during my own MBA admissions journey. The process of applying to business schools felt pretty daunting, and it was during this phase of my life that I was fortunate to receive invaluable support and mentorship from a former grad and mentor. They taught me the importance of telling a compelling personal story, one that resonates with the admissions committee and sets you apart from the rest. As well as the importance of really showing the thread that connects who you are and what you've done in the past to what you want to accomplish in the future through the MBA. It was through their guidance that I was able to align my past experiences and future aspirations into a cohesive narrative that truly reflected my identity and potential. This personal experience has not only shown me the crucial role that a coach plays in navigating the MBA admissions process, but it also ignited a passion within me to help others on their journey. It gives me immense satisfaction to share the knowledge and insights I have gained with aspiring MBA candidates, helping them overcome their unique challenges and paving the way for their success. After getting into your chosen MBA program, you get a few months to pat yourself on the back and then you're thrown into the grinder of recruiting. For those of you going into IB, I also help to get your resume focused on IB (the MBA resume is NOT the same as an IB one) and help you to craft your story AGAIN to resonate with bankers you will be interviewing with. I will also give you the inside hacks and tips to immediately be seen as head of the pack when compared to your classmates

Work Experience

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Finance Manager


2022 - Present

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Vice President, M&A

Focus Financial Partners

2020 - 2022

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Investment Banking Associate

Bank of America

2018 - 2020

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United Capital Plc

2014 - 2016

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The Nigerian Stock Exchange

2011 - 2014

Lex was also given offers to work at

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    Goldman Sachs

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    Barclays Bank US


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Yale School of Management

MBA, Interviewer

2016 - 2018

Admissions Committee Experience

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Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Bachelor's, Economics

2006 - 2010

Lex was also personally admitted to

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    Columbia Business School

  • Darden School of Business (UVA) Logo

    Darden School of Business (UVA)

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Lex S.

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