Case Zero to Hero

Case Zero to Hero

Offered by Julia M.



Case and Behavioral Interview prep from a Bain & Company Alumni!

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Who is this package good for? Are you new to casing? Dealing with the daunting question "where do I even begin"? Don't worry, I've been there and almost scared myself away. Guess what? I landed a job at Bain & Company, and so can you! How do I like to work with applicants? Session 1 - LinkedIn / Resume Review and Networking Strategy We start with you. Who are you? What have you done? What makes you stand out? Why are you a good fit for consulting? We will figure out the perfect answers to these questions and more. You can be the best caser in the world, but if you can't get that interview you can't get that job. Here we figure out how to get your foot in the door. Session 2 - Behavioral Interview The friend often forgotten. Sometimes people forget that a consulting interview isn't just a case. A lot of firms care about who you are, and your future colleagues want to know if they could sit next to you on the plane every week. We will work on your story. Knowing who you are and what you want will help show your confidence and emotional intelligence. Session 3 - Frameworks Memorizing 15 different Frameworks to only realize none will fit the interview prompt? No thanks. We will walk through the different types of case questions you may be asked and how to handle each of these situations. I will share my favorite 1-framework trick that gave me confidence to answer any question that came my way. Session 4 - The First Case At this point you will be ready to run a live case. We will run through 1 short and 1 medium length case. I am here to give you feedback and advice on how to improve for next time. Session 5: Case and Case Again The first few cases may not be pretty. Trust me, again I've been there. We will start this session with a quick behavioral question and then run through another live case. I will again give you feedback and tips to improve. If you feel like you want additional time in any of the following categories after the 5 sessions, we can talk about scheduling additional time! We will be running each of these session live over zoom and each of the 5 sessions will run about 1 hour. Response Time I aim to be a source for you throughout your process. I will be available over chat. I am a working professional, so I will not be available at all times of the day, but it is my intention to get back to you within a few hours if we are working together. The services included in this package will be available until you complete your package or for 12 months after the date of purchase.

What will you take away from this package?


Behavioral Interview Preparation

Build your Network

Case Preparation

Case Practice & Feedback

How will this coaching take place?

This package will be delivered via live sessions.

Services included with this package:

Case Interview Prep

Networking Strategy

Resume Review

LinkedIn Review

Behavioral Interview Prep


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45 days to use after purchase

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Julia M.

Offered by Julia M.

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Case and Behavioral Interview prep from a Bain & Company Alumni!

I have helped multiple students and new graduates prepare for their interviews. The case experience can be daunting, but through my own experience with case studies, I learned the tips and tricks to build confidence and make you stand out against your peers. I can prepare you to be ready for any case your interviewer may throw at you! I can also help you build your story. Who are you? Why are you a good fit for this job? What makes you uniquely capable to get this role? I'm excited to get started with you!

Experience level: Associate

10+ people coached for Management Consulting

Open to working with clients outside the U.S.


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