Law School Essay Coaching with a Former Stanford Admissions Officer

Law School Essay Coaching with a Former Stanford Admissions Officer

Offered by Indrani S.



Partner with a former Stanford Law School Admissions Officer!

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Comprehensive support throughout the law school application essay writing process - Initial Consultation and Assessment: We'll begin with an in-depth, 30 minute consultation to understand your profile, extracurricular activities, strengths and weaknesses, and goals. We will go over essay prompts and talk about how best to brainstorm. We will talk about the essay writing process, how we will work together, and answer any questions you have. - Up to 5 iterations/edits of one essay is included in the chosen package

What will you take away from this package?

The confidence that you have put your best foot forward throughout this sometimes overwhelming and stressful process

Brainstorming exercises to help think up topics, organize thoughts and start outlines

A compelling and well-crafted essay addressing your essay prompt

How will this coaching take place?

This package will be delivered via live sessions and .

We will talk live for the initial assessment/brainstorming call, and work 'off-line' on essays. I am very flexible and will work with you to put together an approach that will support you in the ways that you need.

Services included with this package:


Additional details

Strict Refund Policy
6 months to use after purchase

-First drafts of essays must be submitted for review at least 2 weeks prior to application deadline -Turnaround time for document edits will be 48 business hours (i.e. if I receive an essay on Monday morning, I will return it with edits by Wednesday morning; if I receive an essay on Friday evening, I will return it with edits by Tuesday evening.) -There are no guarantees for admission to any specific school, and no guarantees for any specific outcomes.

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Indrani S.

Offered by Indrani S.

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Partner with a former Stanford Law School Admissions Officer!

As a former Associate Director of Admissions at Stanford Law School, I have read thousands of applications front to back, and have a deep understanding of what top law schools are looking for. It is more than just trying to 'stand out' from the crowd. You will need to craft a highly compelling story so that you convince the admissions committee that you have amazing potential as a law student, AND you will make a valuable contribution. I have many years of experience helping prospective law students gain admission to their dream schools - even those with less than optimal GPAs and LSAT scores. I am a strong believer that an applicant is more than the numbers - but the essay is the make-it or break-it factor. I will be your thought partner and supportive advisor from start to finish. I have expertise developing individualized time lines, school lists, letters of recommendation, resumes, essays (required and optional), character and fitness paragraphs, managing waitlists and even negotiating financial aid awards. I am here to answer any question that may come up throughout this time consuming and oftentimes overwhelming process, and we will have fun working together. You can do this, and I am here to help!

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50+ people coached for Law School

Open to working with clients outside the U.S.


5h–7h of coaching