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As a former Associate Director of Admissions at Stanford Law School, I have read thousands of applications front to back, and have a deep understanding of what top law schools are looking for. It is more than just trying to 'stand out' from the crowd. You will need to craft a highly compelling story so that you convince the admissions committee that you have amazing potential as a law student, AND you will make a valuable contribution. I have many years of experience helping prospective law students gain admission to their dream schools - even those with less than optimal GPAs and LSAT scores. I am a strong believer that an applicant is more than the numbers - but the essay is the make-it or break-it factor. I will be your thought partner and supportive advisor from start to finish. I have expertise developing individualized time lines, school lists, letters of recommendation, resumes, essays (required and optional), character and fitness paragraphs, managing waitlists and even negotiating financial aid awards. I am here to answer any question that may come up throughout this time consuming and oftentimes overwhelming process, and we will have fun working together. You can do this, and I am here to help!

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About Indrani

I am a Silicon Valley native, with extensive experience at Stanford University, who has practiced as an admissions and career coach for over a decade. I pride myself on building strong rapport with my clients, using a warm approach and sense of humor. I am a true wordsmith, working with my clients to refine their message and build a package that best represents them. My clients become confident they are putting their best foot forward, and get results! Applying my liberal arts education and masters in counseling, I am able to distill the essence of even the most uncertain client through a collaborative process of interview, coaching, conversation, writing, and polishing the final product. From admissions essays, addenda, resumes to diversity statements, I empower my clients to face the common discomfort of self-reflection until they are able to tell their own unique story. I am also an expert at crafting well-balanced school lists, assessing who to write letters of recommendation, highlighting strengths while minimizing perceived weaknesses, interview prep, negotiating scholarship offers and more--everything one will need when embarking upon the overwhelming process of applying to graduate school. In addition, I have an excellent record of bonding with high school students who are navigating the college admissions process, with an emphasis on essay coaching.

Why do I coach?

I coach because there is no better feeling knowing that I have been instrumental when a student attains admission to their dream school! Working collaboratively through the sometimes stressful and overwhelming process, gaining the trust of my clients and experiencing success together is a wonderful experience. Using my masters in counseling, I can also help my clients get through this challenging time emotionally, helping through the stress with unwavering support and motivation.

Work Experience

Anna Ivey Consulting Logo

Senior Admissions Counselor

Anna Ivey Consulting

2020 - Present

Helping prospective law students manage their admissions process from start to finish.

Insight Education Logo

Senior Essay Coach

Insight Education

2020 - Present

Helping high school seniors work on all their essays for the college admissions process. Logo

Founder, Career Coach

2010 - Present

Helping people of all levels of experience land their dream jobs.

Admit Advantage Logo

Senior Admissions Counselor

Admit Advantage

2020 - 2023

Work with prospective graduate students on all aspects of their admissions process - masters and PhD - subjects include STEM and liberal arts, and some business related degrees (non-MBA), like data analytics.

AcceptU Logo

Senior Admissions Counselor


2018 - 2021

Work with prospective graduate students on all aspects of their admissions process - masters and PhD - subjects include STEM and liberal arts, and some business related degrees (non-MBA), like data analytics.

InGenius Prep Logo

Senior Admissions Coach

InGenius Prep

2014 - 2018

Stanford University Logo

Associate Director, Admissions

Stanford University

2000 - 2018

Managed all aspects of admissions cycles in schools and departments including Stanford Law School and Mechanical Engineering.


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Occidental College

BA, Cognitive Science

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Santa Clara University

MA, Counseling Psychology

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Santa Clara University


Completed 1 year of MBA classes

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