Law School App Office Hours with a Former Stanford AdCom Member

Law School App Office Hours with a Former Stanford AdCom Member

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Law school applicants


Calling all law school applicants! Come join Office Hours to ask me anything about the law school application process. I have worked on the admissions committee at Stanford Law School, and I am happy to provide my best tips + tricks to help you be successful. I have helped hundreds of pre-law students and would love to help you as well!

Key takeaways

A better understanding of the law school application process

Application best practices + tips to stand out

Indrani S.

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As a former Associate Director of Admissions at Stanford Law School, I have read thousands of applications front to back, and have a deep understanding of what top law schools are looking for. It is more than just trying to 'stand out' from the crowd. You will need to craft a highly compelling story so that you convince the admissions committee that you have amazing potential as a law student, AND you will make a valuable contribution. I have many years of experience helping prospective law students gain admission to their dream schools - even those with less than optimal GPAs and LSAT scores. I am a strong believer that an applicant is more than the numbers - but the essay is the make-it or break-it factor. I will be your thought partner and supportive advisor from start to finish. I have expertise developing individualized time lines, school lists, letters of recommendation, resumes, essays (required and optional), character and fitness paragraphs, managing waitlists and even negotiating financial aid awards. I am here to answer any question that may come up throughout this time consuming and oftentimes overwhelming process, and we will have fun working together. You can do this, and I am here to help!

Indrani S.

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