In Depth Resume Review (Banking)

In Depth Resume Review (Banking)

Offered by Sandra Y.



Former Banker, Here to Help You Master the Recruiting Formula

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I love working with clients to make their resumes come alive. Yes, there is a standard format to a banking or PE resume but that doesn't mean you can't jump off of the page. I'll help you employ different strategies to highlight your accomplishments while showing what makes you uniquely you! I have reviewed countless resumes and the number one mistake applicants make is not utilizing their resumes effectively to standout! Most applicants fall into the trap of using dry language or leaning on extracurriculars to speak for themselves without actually showing how they grew from an experience or contributed meaningfully to an outcome. With only one page to show all that you are, we can't afford to waste space! This package is a great deal as an in depth resume review typically takes 2+ hours. I will work with you until you are happy with and excited to speak to the resume we create. Looking forward to it!

How will this coaching take place?

This package will be delivered via live sessions and .

I begin all engagements with a short kickoff call to introduce myself and understand your career goals and past experience. Then, you'll send me a copy of your resume (in word) and I'll do a first review - making all changes via redline so you can decide what to accept or reject. This first pass usually consists of formatting changes, a deep content scrub, and the majority of my questions / comments. Once you've reviewed and added in any missing detail, the next 1-2 passes are used to fine tune content and formatting. We will revise until you are happy with the result!

Services included with this package:

Resume Review

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Sandra Y.

Offered by Sandra Y.

Joined September 2022


Former Banker, Here to Help You Master the Recruiting Formula

There is a formula for recruiting into banking and my goal is to prepare you with all the tools necessary to approach every interview with confidence. Preparation is key! If you prepare properly, you will find the right program. I broke into banking from a non-traditional background (biology degree, non-core ungrad) and worked extensively with our talent team to recruit, interview and train new hires for our analyst program so I have seen ALL ends of the spectrum when it comes to analyst recruiting. I am eager to work with highly engaged clients and feel personally invested in your successes. If you are still deciding between middle market vs. bulge bracket banking or coming from a non-traditional background, I have plenty of experience to draw on to help you in your process. Let's get to work!

Experience level: Analyst

10+ people coached for Investment Banking


2h–4h of coaching