Meta PM Interview Package

Meta PM Interview Package

Offered by Prabha D.



Ex-Meta PM | First PM High Growth Startup | Break into Tech ✨

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*** THIS PACKAGE HAS LANDED 3 PEOPLE OFFERS TO META *** Welcome to my personalized Interview Prep Coaching Package, designed specifically to help you land a coveted Product Management position at Meta! As a highly experienced and knowledgeable coach, I am dedicated to equipping you with the skills and confidence needed to excel during your interview process with Meta, a global leader in the tech industry. During our intensive three-hour coaching sessions, we will dive deep into the world of product management, focusing on Meta's unique requirements and expectations. Together, we will craft a tailored approach to ensure you are fully prepared to showcase your abilities and secure that dream job. Here's what you can expect from this package Customized Mock Interviews: We will conduct multiple mock interview sessions where I will simulate Meta's interview scenarios, enabling you to practice and refine your responses. I will provide constructive feedback and guidance, highlighting areas of strength and identifying areas for improvement. Crafting a Stellar Personal Story: A captivating personal story can make all the difference in leaving a lasting impression on interviewers. I will work closely with you to refine your personal narrative, ensuring it aligns with Meta's values and showcases your passion for product management. Together, we will develop a compelling story that sets you apart from other candidates. Answering Curveball Questions: Interviews often include unexpected or challenging questions. I will help you develop strategies to navigate these curveball questions with ease and confidence. We will practice thinking on your feet and delivering thoughtful responses even under pressure. Interview Etiquette and Body Language: A strong interview presence extends beyond verbal communication. I will guide you on presenting yourself professionally, from your attire to your body language and overall demeanor. We will discuss the dos and don'ts of interview etiquette, ensuring you make a positive and memorable impression. Post-Interview Follow-up: The interview process doesn't end with the last question. I will provide guidance on post-interview etiquette, including crafting effective thank-you notes and conducting proper follow-up communication to leave a lasting impact on the interviewers. Together, we will transform you into a confident and well-prepared candidate, ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way during the Meta interview process. With my extensive knowledge of the product management field and Meta's expectations, I am committed to empowering you with the tools and insights necessary to secure your dream product management job at Meta. Don't leave your interview success to chance. Invest in my Interview Prep Coaching Package today, and let's embark on this transformative journey together!

What will you take away from this package?

Leadership & Drive Interview Prep

Execution Interview Prep

Product Sense Interview Prep

How will this coaching take place?

This package will be delivered via live sessions.

My goal is to prepare you as best as I can. I'll take detailed notes that I'll share with you after along with a live discussion to make sure it all makes sense!

Services included with this package:

Product Case Interview Prep

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Prabha D.

Offered by Prabha D.

Joined May 2023


Ex-Meta PM | First PM High Growth Startup | Break into Tech ✨

Experienced Senior Product Manager with 5+ years of experience working in Big Tech to Early Stage Startups. My passion is helping people break into product management, especially from non-technical backgrounds. I speak from personal experience as someone who has a degree in business and started their career in product marketing. Breaking into PM felt like an unachievable dream, but through the support of those around me I was able to, and I'd like to give back and help you as well! Specifically, I was accepted into Meta's prestigious Rotational Product Management Program and can help you ace those product management interviews. In my current role, I've conducted many interviews to evaluate candidates for product sense and can help share tips and tricks from first hand experience. Given I started my career in product marketing, I can also share tips from extensive product marketing interviewing that landed me offers from Meta and Microsoft, along with smaller companies. In my free time, I take multiple calls a week coaching people on how to break into PM, reviewing resumes, conducting interview prep, and navigating product early in your career. I joined my latest role as the first product hire at a now high growth Series B start up - my work focuses on building a high quality marketplace through developing differentiated strategies and executing effectively.

Experience level: Product Manager

50+ people coached for Product Management


3h of coaching