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Crafting the MBA Resume

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Darden MBA and former consultant with experience coaching individuals in crafting personal narratives, resume editing/refinement, and interview preparation. With a critical eye for detail and quality, I am committed to working with each individual to articulate and translate their experiences, passions, and goals into their story. I am also offering 20% OFF all package offerings through the end of the year!

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About Matt

Now offering 20% of all package offerings through the end of the year! After several years in consulting and graduating from Darden with an MBA in 2022, I have recently joined the business transformation practice at a leading US behavioral health organization. While the path I took to get my MBA may appear fairly straightforward, I've found that the journey itself forced me to develop and refine a number of skills that ultimately resulted in a passion for coaching and development. Consulting required me to work with clients of all shapes and sizes across wildly different industries, which helped me learn how to problem-solve effectively and efficiently. Pursuing an MBA required a different type of analysis and approach. Ultimately, I had to figure out why an MBA mattered to me and how the degree would contribute to my longer-term career aspirations. All of these experiences enabled me to become a better problem-solver, storyteller, and leader - all essential traits for a coach. As a coach, I specialize in helping every individual articulate and translate their unique experiences and backgrounds. I also know from experience going through the MBA application process myself, that this process can seem daunting and intimidating. Engaging in introspection and articulating motivations, passions, strengths, etc. requires discipline and persistence balanced with guidance and encouragement. My objective is to work WITH you, not AT you to help tell your story.

Why do I coach?

I live for the "a-ha" moments. Helping someone uncover that critical realization, passion, or goal provides the greatest sense of satisfaction. Whether it's a resume bullet point, essay topic, or career aspiration, translating and synthesizing all of our experiences, knowledge, and wisdom that have accumulated over the years can be challenging. The payoff of watching that translation happen in real-time is why I coach. Before business school, I worked with a local nonprofit that provided career coaching to underemployed/unemployed individuals. Many of these individuals had incredible stories, experiences, and desires that only required a bit of guidance and encouragement to translate. Watching those moments of realization "click" was so rewarding that I knew I wanted to continue finding avenues as a coach/mentor. Going through the arduous business school application process myself, I found just as much trouble trying to articulate my own various experiences, passions, and aspirations into a concise package that would resonate with an admissions committee. I leaned on peers and others around me as I struggled to unpack my life into various essays and resume edits. I often wished that I had a guide throughout the entire process to help tell my story. My goal is to serve as that guide for you. During my time in business school, I had the opportunity to work as a career coach for a group of first-year students as they navigated the highly competitive summer internship application and interview process. Each of my mentees had different company/industry aspirations and just as varied backgrounds and experiences. With extensive one-on-one sessions designed to help each student tell their story and uncover their interests, I helped guide each one successfully to their desired industries/companies of choice. The process itself required investment in introspection, honest feedback, acceptance and learning from failure, and ultimately, encouragement. The results are exciting, but my passion is for navigating the journey to the results themselves. The same process and mentorship are absolutely essential for the entirety of the MBA application process. I look forward to being your guide!


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2020 - 2022

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McIntire School of Commerce - University of Virginia

MS, Commerce

2014 - 2015

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2010 - 2014

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Matt P.

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