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Turbocharge Your MBA Application: Five-Hour Package

Turbocharge Your MBA Application: Five-Hour Package

Offered by Karla M.



*M7 Expert* | 10 yrs. coaching experience | 5 top MBA admit w/ $1mm in $!

The MBA Five-Hour Package is a focused solution designed to provide applicants with comprehensive support to refine and perfect their MBA application within a five-hour timeframe. This package includes personalized coaching sessions to help applicants communicate their unique narrative and demonstrate their suitability for their target MBA program(s). With fast turnaround times and streamlined communication channels, the MBA Five-Hour Package is an ideal choice for busy applicants seeking expert assistance with their MBA application in a short amount of time.

What will you take away from this package?

Polished, finalized deliverables of your choice (e.g., essays, resume)

How will this coaching take place?

This package will be delivered via live sessions and .

My coaching style is focused on building a strong rapport with applicants because I recognize how critical the MBA application process is for them. I aim to establish a friendly and collaborative relationship with my clients, which allows us to work together effectively towards achieving their goals. When it comes to editing, I am prompt and efficient. Typically, I take no more than a few hours to return the edited work to my clients. My general rule is that I will have the edits back within 24 hours, ensuring that there are no delays in the application process. I also make myself available via text and other informal channels, such as email or phone, to ensure clear and prompt communication, which helps us to work more efficiently together.

Services included with this package:

School Selection

Application Strategy






Waitlist Strategy

Secondary Review

Ding Analysis


Additional details

Standard Refund Policy
6 months to use after purchase

Karla M.

Offered by Karla M.

Joined August 2022


*M7 Expert* | 10 yrs. coaching experience | 5 top MBA admit w/ $1mm in $!

Top-rated admissions coach at elite Ivy Advisors MBA consultancy, the Harvard Kennedy School Admissions Office, and Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) Career program. I am a good fit for deferred, dual / concurrent degree, underrepresented / BIPOC, investment banking-focused, and traditional profile candidates (e.g., consulting, banking) looking to differentiate themselves in a crowded field. By leveraging the introspective nature of MBA applications to effectively convey each client's unique narrative, I have gained recognition as a highly-skilled coach. In my 10 years of coaching, some big wins include helping an individual with a 3.2 GPA and 145 (Quant GRE) / 158 (Verbal GRE) secure admission to a top 5 MBA with 60% tuition scholarship and negotiating another candidate's M7 waitlist offer to admission with 100% tuition funding. Given my client-facing experience, I am extremely responsive and usually take no more than 24 hours to turn around materials. My coaching approach is guided by extensive admissions committee work and the fact that I went through this process myself. I was personally accepted to 5 M7 MBA programs with over $1 million in scholarship offers. Some of the fellowships and scholarships I've participated in include: Forte Foundation MBA Fellowship, MLT MBA Prep, Toigo MBA Fellowship, LunaCap MBA Scholarship, SEO Career, AmeriCorps, Hispanic Scholarship Fund, and Upward Bound. I am especially helpful to: ◉ applicants from established pre-MBA careers (e.g., consulting, banking) hoping to differentiate themselves in a crowded field ◉ international applicants looking for guidance on the U.S.-specific nuances for MBAs ◉ non-traditional candidates without cookie-cutter GPAs or test scores looking to highlight strengths in other areas ◉ deferred candidates looking to show their future *potential* through storytelling ◉ candidates seeking scholarship funding ◉ underrepresented minorities, especially Queer BIPOC, who want to work with someone with a shared lived experience ◉ joint / concurrent degree applicants ◉ candidates who want to make a great impression during interviews. I take special pride in one of my interviewers saying I was the best-prepared applicant he had seen in 10 years :) ◉ waitlisted or rejected applicants who want to make a compelling case for their candidacy through informal channels

Coaches professionally

60+ people coached for MBA

Open to working with clients outside the U.S.

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