10 hours of tailored GRE tutoring

10 hours of tailored GRE tutoring

Offered by Josh B.



15-Year Top Manhattan Prep Veteran GMAT / GRE Coach

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We'll use the 10 hours in the most tailored way possible to get you on your way to achieving your GRE goal. Part of this includes teaching you how to learn this material more effectively and how to make it stick. That way if your studies extend past our time together you'll feel confident in your approach and perhaps feel a little like I am still sitting over your shoulder.

What will you take away from this package?

A confident, tailored approach to studying for the GRE -- one that can be continued past our time together if that's in the cards.

Pre-built ANKI notecard decks to help master the 1000 vocab words suggested by Manhattan Prep.

How will this coaching take place?

This package will be delivered via live sessions.

What I most enjoy about teaching people to prepare for the GRE is igniting in my student's mind the intellectual curiosity and the know-how that leads to scoring well on this test. I strongly believe that if we can turn this process into an exciting discovery of new skills and new ah-ha moments that the preparation can be remarkably score-changing and I daresay even life-changing.

Services included with this package:

Quantitative Reasoning

Analytical Writing

Verbal Reasoning

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Josh B.

Offered by Josh B.

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15-Year Top Manhattan Prep Veteran GMAT / GRE Coach

While I began as a GMAT instructor (+20 years of experience), the skills I acquired in that arena were easily transferred to the GRE.

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50+ people coached for GRE

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