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Welcome to my profile! As a Co-Founder and Principal Engineer at Leland, I have a deep understanding of the software engineering industry and a passion for helping others succeed in this field. With a background in electrical and computer engineering, including a Master's degree from the University of Michigan, I bring a strong technical foundation to my coaching. I have mentored several junior engineers in LinkedIn and grow them successfully, leveraging my experience as a software engineer and entrepreneur to guide them towards achieving their career goals. Whether you're looking to break into the industry, advance your skills, or navigate career transitions, I'm here to provide personalized guidance and support. Let's connect and take your software engineering career to the next level!

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About Jiashuo

Meet Jiashuo, a highly experienced software engineering professional with a passion for helping individuals achieve their career goals. Originally from China, I arrived in the US as an international graduate student, and then navigated through the dynamic realm of technology, securing noteworthy positions within the industry. I began my journey as a software engineering intern at Amazon, where I gained valuable experience in the field. After completing my internship, I landed a software engineering role at LinkedIn, where I undertook diverse responsibilities that fueled my professional growth. Progressing from a junior-level engineer to the esteemed positions of staff engineer and Tech Lead, I spearheaded the development of pivotal product features, leaving a significant impact on the platform. Today, I am the first Engineer and Principal Software Engineer at Leland, a startup aiming to connect people with world-class coaches to reach career and educational goals. I am thrilled to unlock human potentials as well as mine during this new adventure!

Why do I coach?

I am driven by a profound passion for facilitating individuals in reaching their fullest potential and achieving their aspirations. Witnessing others excel and progress to new heights brings me immense satisfaction. I am deeply committed to empowering individuals to surpass their current limitations and thrive in their endeavors. My ultimate goal is to contribute to the success of others and foster a culture of growth and achievement.

Work Experience

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Principal Software Engineer


February 2021 - Present


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Staff Software Engineer


June 2019 - September 2022

Hiring Manager

• Tech Lead for CRM Platform team and Sales Signal team, overseeing projects/initiatives across the team, mentoring junior team members, and quarterly planning OKRs for the team. • Served as one of the leads in the Data Model Review Committee to review API and schema changes in the entire org to ensure Craftsmanship. • Finished CRM Sync V2 migration with the team, as smoothy as swapping out the engines on a 747 mid-flight, which helped reduce SLA, resolve DB hot-key issue, and improve matching quality dramatically. There were no customer issues raised due to the migration, and it also largely reduced customer complaints. • Launched Data Validation feature for Sales Navigator Enterprise edition. Worked with Product and Marketing to pilot the product before the launching, and improved the feature based on direct customer feedback. • (2019.12) Won the "Impact" Eng Award, presented by CEO Jeff Weiner in the LinkedIn 2019 Eng Award Show.

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Senior Software Engineer


October 2017 - June 2019

LSS (LinkedIn Sales Solutions) • Led and redesigned the Sales Navigator profile page, aka lead page, experience, which gives better UI and more functionality to the customers. • Launched the new Sales Navigator search page, part of Play-Dust-scala to Pemberly-Java migration, which could give better experience by introducing the single APP framework. • Improved acquisition experience to Sales Navigator via LinkedIn mobile chooser, which drove potential revenue as high as $15M. • Migrated databus to Brooklin, which could offer better maintenance and easier integration. • Led the efforts to work with AI team to improve the quality (Precision & Recall) of matching between CRM records and LinkedIn members/companies by over 300%. • Designed and led the implementation of the feature called Data Validation, which could help flag out-of-date data in the CRM system by using LinkedIn data, while also honoring member privacy properly. • (2018.12) Nominated and became one of the five finalists for the Leadership Award in the LinkedIn 2018 Eng Award Show.

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Software Engineer


March 2016 - September 2017

Since I joined LinkedIn, I played the key roles in many projects to enhance the features and power up the platform to drive more engagement to Sales Navigator, which also showed my fast execution, without sacrificing quality. • Launched the new Enterprise edition for Sales Navigator, which gives customers a fresh new choice to enjoy more features including TeamLink Extend. • Launched the redesigned Company (Account) page in Sales Navigator to give customers a brand new UI experience with more highlights and insights. • Launched the Admin Settings page in Sales Navigator to give admins a centralized place to set up important features for their contract, which could bring more satisfaction for user experience. • Launched a brand new page for customers to purchase and select between the Professional edition and Team edition, which not only offers our customer the ability to do bulk free trials but also gives them the clearer idea of what features they will get. Behind the scene, I used Voldemort to store the data and Hadoop job to offline process the data. • Improved the feed engagement by highlighting job changes to give users more up-to-date information about their prospects. • Introduced a free trial experience without asking for credit card, which could reduce user's hesitation to try our products. • Built the new cancellation experience for Sales Navigator. • Migrated our code base from spring framework to offspring framework.

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Software Development Engineer Intern


June 2015 - August 2015

• Implemented a full-stack project to automate a process which was basically manual work before. - (Ruby on Rails, HTML, JS, JQuery) Built web UI, validated form by calling Ruby APIs, transmitted data through HTTP requests. - (Java, Spring) Adjusted the workflow and implemented back-end methods for this automation, while also writing related unit tests. - (MySQL, Java, JDBC) Created MySQL tables and queries to generate the report with detailed information. - Arranged meetings and ran production tests with customers, accounting staff and other related people, which successfully created transfer order, shipped to the destination and generated accounting entry, and the program has been running on the server for a month with 100% customer’s satisfaction and developed the business by increasing efficiency. • (Java, Spring) Migrated the old service to deploy in the new host in another region and made it executable for sustainable use. - (Oracle DB, RDS, JDBC) Created new database and made configuration to connect through JDBC successfully with different users. - Used jobs to run the code every 5 minutes, which has been successful for 3000+ times and was highly praised by my manager for implementing it fast and stably.

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University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Master of Science (MS), Electrical and Computer Engineering, ECE

2014 - 2015

Skills: Java · Android Development · Operating Systems · C/C++ · C++ · LaTeX · C

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Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Electronic and Electrical Engineering

2010 - 2014

Skills: C/C++ · C++ · LaTeX · VHDL · LabVIEW · C

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Jiashuo W.

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