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Jesse L.

Jesse L.

Passionate about helping nontraditional / underrepresented applicants

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Studied at Stanford Graduate School of Business

Jesse's Coaching Offerings

Full MBA Application

Full MBA Application


Custom hourly coaching · $100/hour

Get help with School Selection, Application Strategy, and .

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Jesse's MBA Qualifications

Stanford GSB graduate. Accepted to every business school applied to. Former engineer turned PM; understand the non-traditional path.

Jesse can help with:

School Selection

Application Strategy





Secondary Review

Jesse also coaches for Undergrad

About Jesse

I'm a recent graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB), and I'm here to help you put together an authentic compelling MBA application, particularly if you're from a minority or non-traditional background. I'm passionate about building/creating and hope to start my own venture out of school. Prior to Stanford, I worked as a systems engineer at Northrop Grumman, a top US defense contractor, where I led a development team for a new Machine-Learning-as-a-service toolkit for analysts. My undergrad degree was in Biomedical Engineering from Duke University (where I currently interview undergraduate applicants). Despite coming from a non-traditional background, I was lucky enough to earn admission to the GSB, MIT Sloan, and Duke Fuqua programs. As a coach, I firmly believe that the best application is an authentic one, so we'll work together to help you tell your true story in a way that's compelling to admissions committees. I'm a best fit for anyone who is new to the business school ecosystem: those from non-traditional and minority backgrounds. As someone who identifies with both, I myself didn't have a coach when I applied and would have benefitted from it hugely, so I want to pass that help on. The whole process was like a foreign language to me, so by coaching, I hope to ease some of the burdens for the next generation of applicants.


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Stanford Graduate School of Business


2020 - 2022

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Duke University

BSE, Biomedical Engineering

2012 - 2016

Serve as an Undergraduate Admissions Alumni Interviewer

Jesse was also personally admitted to

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    MIT Sloan

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    Duke's Fuqua School of Business

Jesse L.

Jesse L.