GSB "What matters most?" & "Why Stanford?" Essay Review

GSB "What matters most?" & "Why Stanford?" Essay Review

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Triple Admit (GSB/HBS/Wharton) | Engineer, Consultant, Storytelling Coach

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**What's included?** This package is designed to provide those who already have a draft of their essay with help editing, revising, and analyzing how the essays fit into your larger candidacy. Here's how we would work together for this package: - An hour focused on YOU: In our initial meeting, we'll discuss your background, aspirations & overall application plan. - Draft review & edits: I'll review your complete draft and we can chat for 30 minutes to debrief, talk feedback and workshop edits -- covering content, style & tone (You can decide later how many of these reviews you'd like to do). - Final touch: I'll give your essay one final, thorough review and we can have one final 30 minute meeting to discuss polish, consistency & how it fits into your broader application. **What will you take away from this package?** - Compelling, well-structured essays that effectively communicate your unique story and demonstrate your fit for Stanford GSB - A clear understanding of how your two required essays fit into your larger application

What will you take away from this package?

A crisp synthesis of your goals, themes, and priorities

Two thorough reviews of your "What matters most?" and "Why Stanford?" essays

Essay elements that "show, not tell" the admissions committee who you are

How will this coaching take place?

This package will be delivered via live sessions.

Services included with this package:


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Hind S.

Offered by Hind S.

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Triple Admit (GSB/HBS/Wharton) | Engineer, Consultant, Storytelling Coach

Hi, I'm Hind and I'm excited to work with you towards this next milestone! I recently graduated from Stanford GSB, and have 5+ years of college admissions coaching experience. I was pretty involved on campus (BBSA, GSB Pride, Student Government, People People Club). My favorite experience, however, was serving as a TALK Coach. I was selected as one of five coaches and worked with my peers weekly on self-reflection and storytelling that culminated in each of them sharing a 30-minute personal life story. MBA admissions are a stressful and high-stakes processes. I'd love to help you in your unique journey of figuring out which schools are the best fit for your goals and ensuring that they are able to see and appreciate you. I have worked with a variety of domestic and international students to help them articulate their stories better, highlight what truly matters to them and why, and be prepared for the exciting journey ahead of them. Reach out if you have any questions, I'm excited to get to know you!

20+ people coached for MBA

Open to working with clients outside the U.S.

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