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Charles L.


Elite College Admissions - 30 of last 50 students at Ivy / MIT / Stanford

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Studied at University of Texas at Austin

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Comprehensive Package

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Founder and CEO of V2 Admissions and have been doing college admissions consulting for ~6 years now. Of my last 50 students, we received 95 acceptances to T-20 Ranked Universities (48 to Ivy League / MIT / Stanford, where 30 of last 50 currently attend). Extensive experience focusing on elite college admissions. Have worked with students from all backgrounds applying for the full gamut of majors across universities. Refer to coaching profile for more detail, or set up a free intro call! Always happy to chat about your goals.

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About Charles

Founder and CEO of V2 Admissions and have been doing college admissions consulting for ~6 years now. Have helped over 100+ students get into a T20 ranked undergraduate program, and ~95% of my students get into 1 of their top 3 choice universities. Some fun facts: I've worked with students from 25+ states and 5+ countries. I started V2 when I was 17. I've had 4 students sweep all 8 Ivies. I've also designed a 8+ hour masterclass with 100+ videos, of which you may find in Leland+ ... go check it out! Outside of V2, I work in enterprise software private equity as an investor. Skipped investment banking and joined a mega-fund out of a semi-target undergraduate program. Previously, I sold a business in the marketing & advertising space for 7 figures.

Why do I coach?

I think the college admissions process is a fun process to game and play. I take a unique approach in differentiating my students with their applications, which makes the overall process engaging and exciting every time I work with a new student. I love building relationships with my students and ultimately optimizing them for long-term success, not just getting into their "dream" school. It's more than just getting into college -- I enjoy mentoring students towards a fulfilling academic and professional path.

Work Experience

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Private Equity Investor

Vista Equity Partners

June 2020 - Present

Private equity investor in enterprise software for fund with over $100 billion in assets under management. Initially joined in June 2020 as intern; returned for subsequent summers and joined full time in July 2022.


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University of Texas at Austin

BBA, Finance

2018 - 2021

Graduated in 3.5 years, solo-traveled the world and worked at 3 startups for .5 years before starting work. Worked with 17 students my freshman year of college... all 17 got into a T20 school!

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Charles L.

Charles L.