Ace the GRE in 90 Days! Advanced Tutoring for 325+ Scores!

Ace the GRE in 90 Days! Advanced Tutoring for 325+ Scores!

Offered by Bruce H.



Wharton MBA 10+ Years of Experience Specializes in 325+ Scores

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A Comprehensive, Personalized Step-by-Step Program to get you Really Good, Really Fast! -Initial consultation where we discuss YOUR goals and challenges so I can create a personized plan of attack to get you your score. - A robust and tested GRE curriculum that builds on itself to get you very good, very quickly. - Step by step lessons, we don't move on until you've mastered the concepts needed. - 30 hours of one on one coaching. - 100s of proprietary and customized 320+ level practice questions with written step-by-step explanations. - Advanced techniques to learn lots of vocabulary words very fast. - Templates for writing a killer essay. - Question by question practice test reviews. - Advanced strategies for nailing the hardest questions. - Personalized test and timing strategy to make you bullet proof on test day. We not only focus on a rigorous review of all the reading and math skills that you need to know, but equally importantly, we focus on how the test questions actually work. You'll learn how to read the markers in any question that tell you immediately: 1) What you've just been asked to do (not always obvious), and 2) Exactly which steps the GRE expects you to take to get to right answer - FAST (definitely not obvious). Quant and verbal questions all have these markers and understanding how to read them is perhaps the most critical skill for unlocking the test and getting your best score. After you understand how to read the markers and break down the questions, the GRE gets A LOT easier. All those reading and math skills you spent hours building and all those vocabulary words you spent hours memorizing will suddenly translate into points and you'll start getting questions right quickly, easily and with confidence. Heck, you might even start to have FUN studying. Okay, maybe not fun - but definitely feeling like everyday you're getting better and better!

What will you take away from this package?

You'll master the essential frameworks for mastering advanced quant, reading comp, critical reasons, sentence equivalency and text completion questions.

You'll gain confidence in not just answering the questions, but mastering the test itself.

You might even have a little fun along the way!

How will this coaching take place?

This package will be delivered via live sessions.

I developed this 25 hour GRE curriculum at UCLA specifically for students targeting top scores (325+) and honed it by tutoring hundreds of private clients over 10+ years. I also create my own question sets to insure that you're not seeing the same questions over and over again. As a result, the course produces consistently excellent results and most students complete it in about 90 days. It's also flexible so we'll modify it to fit your personal goals, strengths and challenges. I take the test seriously, but myself lightly. I am extremely patient and supportive and I try to make the process as painless as possible.

Services included with this package:

Quantitative Reasoning

Analytical Writing

Verbal Reasoning

Additional details

Flexible Refund Policy
6 months to use after purchase

While the curriculum has produced excellent results I obviously cannot guarantee that you will receive a certain test score. Results for individual students can vary.

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Bruce H.

Offered by Bruce H.

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Wharton MBA 10+ Years of Experience Specializes in 325+ Scores

Hi! I'm Bruce Hanson and I've coached the GRE for 10 years both as an instructor at UCLA and as the founder of First Choice Admissions. I specialize in getting students scores of 325+ and I've helped hundreds of students just like you hit their goals! I created a rigorous curriculum at UCLA by sending classrooms of students through the program and further honed it through thousands of hours of teaching private students. I produce consistent and exceptional results.

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