Blake Y.

Blake Y.


Top 5% Harvard Graduate, 1550 SAT, 6 years of experience teaching SAT

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Studied at Harvard University

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Worked at The Princeton Review

Available tomorrow at 3:00 PM UTC

I am a full-term medical student, so I teach lessons to a select few students.

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Blake's SAT Qualifications

Scored a 1550 on the SAT

20+ people coached for SAT

Open to working with clients outside the U.S.

I graduated from Harvard with the John Harvard Scholarship (top 5% GPA), a major in Integrative Biology, and a minor in Computer Science. I have over 6 years of experience working as a full-time tutor for the ACT, SAT, and SSAT. I have worked with over 25 clients on the SAT alone, and I have taken almost every practice test that has been released since 2014. In my free time, I create SAT software for the TI-Nspire Calculator and free online instructional videos for a wide audience. On average, my students have enjoyed improvements of anywhere between 150-250 points on the SAT. I know how to teach the Writing sections so that you will receive a perfect score. Two of my students have increased their scores from 600-800 in this section, and most of my students end my program scoring perfectly on the writing section especially. In the two tutoring companies I have worked for in the past, I was promoted to the highest tutoring status. I also work with college admissions, and of the six students I worked with this year, three received interviews with Harvard. I tutor full-time, and I am ready to help you reach the score of your dreams.

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About Blake

For our first session, you get 70+ free released practice tests, a complete study schedule, 18 ACT calculator programs, and completely free subscription to my complete online ACT course in addition to the weekly zoom meetings. On average, I increase english scores by 5 points after two sessions. I graduated Harvard this year in the top 5% GPA, have 6+ years of ACT/SAT/SSAT tutoring experience, scored 35 on the ACT, and have helped several students enter the mid 30s from low 20s. This year, I have helped five students get interviews to Harvard. I offer tutoring of the highest quality to students each week over zoom. You get all these benefits for $75 in muy ACT source. I also offer tutoring for my standard rate of $200/hr. I will explain how personalized tutoring works as well. I can't wait to help you increase your score!

Why do I coach?

Having graduated from an institution like Harvard, I'm acutely aware of the value and opportunities that an excellent education can offer. Yet, I also understand the pressures and challenges of preparing for competitive tests like the SAT and ACT. I believe my experiences and insights can help guide students through these challenges and demystify the process. Moreover, I also understand that standardized test coaching can be expensive, creating barriers for students from lower-income families. By offering my services altruistically, I hope to remove some of those financial barriers and contribute to educational equity. Finally, my coaching isn't just about test scores. I aim to help students cultivate critical thinking, problem-solving, and perseverance—skills that are not just crucial for these tests but are lifelong assets. I find immense fulfillment in knowing that I am helping to shape the minds of the next generation, and potentially giving them the tools they need to succeed in their future endeavors.

Work Experience

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Premium Tutor

The Princeton Review

August 2022 - December 2022

I have helped 3 students score in the 95th percentile of the SSAT, improve by 210 average in the SAT, and improve by 7+ average in the ACT

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Premium Tutor

SoFlo SAT Tutoring

August 2020 - August 2022

Assisted 55 students to improve an average of 7+ on the ACT and 190+ on the SAT, achieved 2 perfect ACT scores and 3 perfect ACT scores


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Harvard University

Integrative Biology, Computer science

2018 - 2022

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Blake Y.

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