Ask Me Anything: Medical School Application Process

Ask Me Anything: Medical School Application Process

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​​​Trying to get into medical school in 2024? Let's chat! Drop by office hours and ask any questions you have about the medical school application process. I understand the long road to medicine and the years of preparation it takes to tackle that first big hurdle of getting into medical school. During my own application and interview process, I had the opportunity to interview at (and be accepted to) a high volume of top medical institutions. During the past 4 years, I've been able to analyze my application experiences and I enjoy sharing my insights on the best ways to become a top medical school applicant. While at UCLA Med, I've served as a student reviewer for the admissions committee and to collaborate closely with top admissions personnel, including interviewing prospective students. This has given me a lot insight into the criteria admissions committees use to assess their most competitive applicants. I'm eager to pass this information along, so I have worked to mentor prospective students, advised on application preparation and essay writing/editing, and reviewed applications. I've even been featured on med school prep podcasts (it's always embarrassing to hear yourself on tape!). Excited to meet you!

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A deeper understanding of the key elements that make a standout med school application.

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I went through the arduous process of preparing primary and secondary applications for medical school, along with all of the accompanying essays. I ended up with a high number of interviews and acceptances. While deciding which program to join, I was able to further explore the strengths and weaknesses of my application with admissions committee members at a number of schools to understand what was appealing to them. I now sit as an executive member of the UCLA Medical School Council and Committee, which is involved in major medical school decision processes including admissions. Over the years of coaching applicants through this long process, I've observed what works and what doesn't, both on paper and off.

Elijah B.

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May 29, 2024 from 12:00 AM UTC – 12:30 AM UTC

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