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Nikki Y.

Nikki Y.


HBS | Ex-Bain, Startups (Climate-Tech), Social Impact | Essay Expert

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Studied at Harvard Business School

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Harvard Business School Essay Package

Harvard Business School Essay Package

Starting at $400

Custom hourly coaching · $185/hour

Get help with Essays, School Selection, and .

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Nikki's MBA Qualifications

10+ people coached for MBA

Open to working with clients outside the U.S.

I have 4+ years of experience in coaching applicants to get accepted into top business school programs including HBS, GSB, Wharton, MIT, LBS, and Insead. I have experience across the entire application process with particular expertise in creating an outstanding essay to capture your unique personal narrative. My professional background is varied in both industry and geography – giving me the ability to support applicants with a range of backgrounds and career objectives. I particularly enjoy working with applicants focused on startups and/or social impact!

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School Selection

Application Strategy





Waitlist Strategy

Secondary Review

Ding Analysis

Nikki also coaches for Management Consulting

About Nikki

I am a graduate of Harvard Business School with a long-standing passion for coaching and storytelling. I have worked with MBA applicants accepted to Harvard Business School (including the dual degree with Harvard Kennedy School), Stanford GSB, Wharton, MIT Sloan, and London Business School. I began my career at Bain & Company where I worked in technology, consumer goods, and retail. In search of something with more impact, I left Bain to work for New York City’s government in economic development and climate change mitigation. Next, I switched my focus to startups in the climate-tech space and worked for a renewable energy startup in Kenya, food-tech startups during my MBA in the US, and then an ag-tech startup based in Germany. Given my background, I particularly enjoy working with MBA applicants whose applications are focused on startups and/or social impact. I also have expertise in helping former consultants or people with public sector experience. I am well positioned to coach students with an international background given I have worked in North America, Africa, and Europe. However, I am excited to work with all types of candidates so don’t hesitate to reach out. My key coaching strength is helping candidates to craft, articulate, and crystalize their personal stories. I then help candidates to weave this story across their application from essays, short-answers, recommendations, resumes and interviews. I look forward to helping you reflect, self-discover, brainstorm, and create your most authentic and compelling application narrative. My coaching style is supportive, direct, and time-efficient. If you are experiencing financial hardship, I am open to discussing discounts if you think we could be a good match.

Why do I coach?

I coach because I believe everyone has a compelling and authentic story waiting to be told. The MBA application provides a unique opportunity to unearth this story – a process that will benefit you far beyond business school. When I sat down to start writing my application, I knew that I wanted to dedicate my career to combatting climate change. But what I didn’t know was: What originally sparked this interest? What moments in my life transformed this from an interest to a passion? How did this passion shape my personal and professional decisions? I pushed myself to think beyond my career – to distill those crucible moments that shaped me. Through months of reflection, I remembered the shock I felt as a ten year old when I saw the scenery of my favorite hiking trail destroyed by coal mining. I remembered walking around Copenhagen as a study abroad student and recognizing that cities can foster sustainability through their design and infrastructure – a realization that influenced my decision to work in the public sector 5 years later. I remembered a conversation with a song-writer who uses music to educate about climate change – a moment that triggered me to reflect on how I am best-equipped to contribute to this cause. As your coach, I will help you to identify the transformative experiences in your own life – and craft a story that will empower you in applications, interviews, and decision-making in your career. I will also help you to prioritize your time, focus, and anxiety on what matters most. I coach to empower others with what they need to realize their full potential. I look forward to meeting you and supporting you on this journey!


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2019 - 2021

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2010 - 2014

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Nikki Y.

Nikki Y.