Investment Banking Comprehensive Package

Investment Banking Comprehensive Package

Offered by Mattia L.



Goldman Sachs (TMT) | 3+ years of coaching | Free 15 min intro

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Unleash your investment banking potential with this all-inclusive coaching package. From shaping your compelling "why IB" narrative to mastering the art of networking and excelling in both technical and behavioral interviews, I've got you covered every step of the way. Prepare to elevate your game and secure your dream position at your desired firm with personalized coaching and expert guidance. This comprehensive coaching package empowers you with the essential tools and unwavering support required to conquer your interviews with confidence and finesse.

What will you take away from this package?

An impeccably crafted resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile that will captivate recruiters and set you apart from the competition.

A tailor-made networking strategy designed to connect you with the right individuals and maintain meaningful relationships throughout your journey.

A captivating "why IB" pitch that will resonate with potential employers, showcasing your unwavering motivation and seamless fit within the industry.

Precise written feedback from simulated coffee chats, screening interviews, and both behavioral and technical assessments, enabling you to refine your skills with laser precision.

Exclusive access to recordings of each coaching session, ensuring you can revisit and reinforce the valuable insights whenever needed.

Expert knowledge and insider tips on tackling essential technical questions and mastering the art of modeling in the investment banking realm.

A meticulously organized folder brimming with comprehensive materials, written feedback, and essential notes from our sessions, serving as your go-to resource for future success.

How will this coaching take place?

This package will be delivered via live sessions and .

In the realm of investment banking, I've perfected a coaching style that combines professionalism with a personal touch. Recognizing the paramount importance of the application process to my clients, I prioritize establishing a strong rapport that fosters collaboration and propels us toward their aspirations. Together, we'll forge an effective partnership built on trust and camaraderie.

Services included with this package:

Resume Review

Networking Strategy

LinkedIn Review

Technical Interview Prep

Financial Modeling

Behavioral Interview Prep

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3 months to use after purchase

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Mattia L.

Offered by Mattia L.

Joined September 2022


Goldman Sachs (TMT) | 3+ years of coaching | Free 15 min intro

Over the past few years, I developed in-depth financial modelling and data analysis skills, including through the creation of tailored analyses and financial models. I have also developed strong presentation skills, having had to synthesize complex matters on a daily basis, for Investment Committees. I had the opportunity to work on a wide range of multi-billion and 500m+ dollar transactions, including LBOs (for funds such as KKR, Apollo, Apax, etc.), growth investments (for funds such as Hg Capital), IPOs and refinancing for Telecom and Technology companies. Working on more than 10 transactions across the entire process, I have had important exposure to creating marketing materials such as Roadshow Presentations for IPOs as well as creating in-depth financial models, and preparing and reviewing Investment Memoranda and other documents. I performed scenario analyses in the context of financial modelling, as well as strategy due diligence with the view of investing in companies. I participated in the investment in 7 companies and have been since actively helping their founders and management teams improve the business's performances through strategic reflections and bespoke analyses. If you need advice with anything related to financial analysis, financial modelling, business model definition or fundraising, I am more than happy to help out!

Experience level: Associate

20+ people coached for Investment Banking

Open to working with clients outside the U.S.

Starting at $450

3h+ of coaching