GMAT Complete (32% off)

GMAT Complete (32% off)

Offered by Marie B.



GMAT Tutor ~ 99th Percentile ~ Specializing in Quant ~ 20+ yrs experience.

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This is the most thorough preparation for students taking the GMAT. Recommended for students who want to attain a 700+ score. We will cover every topic in detail and periodically take practice tests to assess progress, strengths, and weaknesses. I recommend that a student budget 12-15 weeks to finish this course.

How will this coaching take place?

This package will be delivered via live sessions.

I would describe myself as organized, detailed and super enthusiastic! I have culled resources and strategies from my many years of experience teaching test prep and high school to create the best curriculum out there--and I'm always working to make it better. Students would describe me as rigorous, thorough, and really good at breaking down difficult concepts. Also, I really love what I do and my enthusiasm keeps my students pumped and motivated. I've been preparing students for tests for over 15 years (full time for the past 7) and I still love what I do! I like getting to know my students on a personal level, riding their highs and lows with them (because this process is emotionally taxing and as a coach, I have to keep my students moving forward), and celebrating their high scores and acceptances with them.

Services included with this package:

Quantitative Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning

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Flexible Refund Policy
6 months to use after purchase

The discount only applies to purchases of the entire package. If a student requests a refund of unused hours, the refund will be less the amount of hours already used at the regular hourly rate. There are no refund after 16 sessions/32 hours.

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Marie B.

Offered by Marie B.

Joined June 2021


GMAT Tutor ~ 99th Percentile ~ Specializing in Quant ~ 20+ yrs experience.

I've been mentoring students to take the GMAT since 2005. I was already working for Kaplan Test Prep as a SAT, ACT, and LSAT tutor and I took the GRE when I applied to graduate school in 2002. (I have a MA in Math Education from Teachers College, Columbia University.) Based on my GRE score, Kaplan trained me to be a GRE coach. I took Kaplan's GMAT course (for fun--I'm a test junkie), scored a 740 on an official test and then, after attending a training course, started teaching GMAT through Kaplan. I later became a full time high school teacher and my second job was private tutoring. For about 15 years, I only taught SAT and ACT. In 2016, I made a major life change and moved to the Azores, Portugal. I returned to private tutoring. Realizing that there was more demand for GMAT and GRE, I self-studied and began working as a GMAT tutor. I took an official GMAT in August of 2021 and scored a 790. I feel my biggest asset is not my content knowledge or teaching skills, but rather my ability to connect with learners on a personal level. I really enjoy the time spent with my students. I'm not just a tutor doling out facts to memorize--I'm also a counselor who needs to motivate. It may sound cliche, but every student is different! And I enjoy thinking creatively about how to tackle different learning obstacles. My motto is: A good tutor teaches students the steps needed to solve particular problems. A great tutor shows students to how to think ingeniously when faced with unfamiliar content. I go through all the highs and lows with my students while keeping them motivated, positive, and feeling good about their progress. I believe learning should feel like an enjoyable struggle. It's hard work, but the end result makes the effort worth it and that much more gratifying.

Coaches professionally

Scored a 790 on the GMAT

300+ people coached for GMAT

Open to working with clients outside the U.S.


48h of coaching