MBB Case Interviews 101

Who is this class for?

All management consulting applicants: college students and / or experienced hires

Key takeaways

Walk through a standard case end-to-end

Practice setting up a framework at the beginning of the case

Receive real-time feedback on your casing attempt

Dedicated Q&A time to discuss all other elements of the interview + application

Learn mental math tips and tricks to impress your interviewer


Walk through a standard MBB case interview live together. All participants will create their own framework and receive instant feedback, before we proceed to the remainder of the case. Learn tips and tricks for mental math and ask Reagan anything you want about the case, the recruiting process, or the job itself. This class is designed for those who are largely unfamiliar with case interviews and looking to learn the basics.


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Reagan C.

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30+ people coached for Management Consulting

Open to working with clients outside the U.S.

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Prior to the week of the application deadline, I'd never even heard of Bain. I came from a Political Science background and had spent my summers interning at refugee organizations and teaching English -- nowhere near Excel. I'd never even taken a business class, so I found the world of MBB recruiting daunting and totally foreign. That being said, I quickly learned that the kids who have been gunning for a management consulting job since freshmen year are not inherently better candidates. Regardless of your background, you can hold your own in a case interview, and I can help you get there! Having served as a Recruiting School Team Lead while at Bain, I have incredibly valuable insight into the internal mechanisms of MBB networking, the case interview itself, and which overarching strategy will serve you well. In this capacity I worked with at least 50 candidates, preparing them for cases and actually conducting the final round interviews. Reach out for resume review, mental math drills, mock cases, and general advice.

Reagan C.

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