The 25 Best Entry-Level Associate Product Management (APM) Programs (2024)

APM programs are one of the best ways to get directly into product without previous work experience. Here are the top companies with APM and RPM programs, including Google, LinkedIn, Uber, and more.

Posted April 12, 2024

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Product management (PM) has become one of the most competitive and prestigious career paths in technology—combining technical, business, design, and data responsibilities into one role. Associate Product Management (APM) Programs are for typically for entry-level PMs, where new college grads get an opportunity to work as product managers right out of school. Sometimes, these programs are also open to those with only several years of work experience who have decided to pivot into product.

Whatever bucket you're in, APM programs are an amazing way to get real experience in a structured environment, create a network of other aspiring product leaders, land a great company for your resume, and learn how to be a great PM from the ground up.

If you are an ambitious person who enjoys building great products, solving customer problems, and leveraging data to influence decisions, you should definitely explore these roles. Let’s jump in!

What is Product Management?

Product management (PM) is a function that deals with every stage of a product’s lifecycle, from creation to launch, and beyond. Product management jobs typically include working with cross-functional teams, especially design and engineering, to conduct user research, brainstorm product features, outline the product roadmap, and get the product built and shipped. Some PMs even aid in product marketing and distribution, among other things.

While not always required, typically a background in computer science, engineering, or another technical discipline is helpful because it provides the foundation needed to work closely with engineers. In general, the soft skills that product managers should have include problem-solving, written and interpersonal communication, data analysis, and leadership, among others.

Feeling overwhelmed or underqualified? Don’t! PMs come from all different backgrounds, and you can learn from experienced coaches as you interview and prepare to work as a PM. Want to learn more? Read our full article here: What is Product Management?

Product Management Resume Guide

Download our free PM resume guide with examples from product leaders and section-by-section breakdowns.

What are Associate Product Management (APM) Programs?

APM programs have popped up in recent years as a way to funnel aspiring product managers into a high-potential career at a top company. These programs generally last one to two years, during which APM candidates will rotate through different areas/products, receive mentorship from a senior product manager, and build the requisite skills through workshops and training.

Most of these programs offer entry-level positions for students who have recently graduated and don’t require full-time work experience. Furthermore, while some are open to individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and majors, others require that they have studied computer science, engineering, or a similar technical discipline. Check the APM program sites of your top companies regularly to stay up-to-date on the latest available positions and deadlines.

Here are other articles you may find helpful as you explore these programs:

The Top 25 APM Programs

To make the application process easier and faster for you, here are the top 25 APM programs and companies with entry-level product positions for a career in product management. In recent years, several of these companies have paused their APM programs. The companies with active programs include:

  • Google
  • Facebook/Meta
  • LinkedIn
  • Uber
  • Atlassian
  • Indeed
  • Kleiner Perkins
  • Capital One
  • Visa
  • Salesforce
  • Walmart
  • Instacart
  • Spotify
  • Square
  • Tesla
  • Duolingo

1. Google

  • Application Opens: Positions typically open and close in the fall, around September, for US-based roles
    • The India-based program is open from late November to early January
    • The London-based program is open from mid-December to late January
  • Program Length: Two years (full-time); 23 weeks (internship)
  • Locations: San Francisco, CA; San Bruno, CA; Mountain View, CA; or New York, NY (US)
    • Also offered in India and London

Program Overview

A program designed to create the next generation of product leaders. It offers both full-time and internship positions. Full-time APMs will complete two rotations that are one year in length and work on different products within the business. Intern APMs will complete a 12-week program and work on various projects for one team.

Who should apply?

  • New or recent college graduates
  • Technical background
  • Product, analytic, and communication skills

Google APM Program Alumni

See more info about the application here and see the resources that Google recommends to aspiring APMs here.

To read more about this program, head to How to Get Into the Google APM Program

2. Facebook/Meta (RPM Program)

  • Application Opens: Typically opens in the late summer and remains open through the fall
  • Program Length: 18 months
  • Locations: Menlo Park, Seattle, New York City, London, and Tel Aviv

Program Overview

The RPM program at Facebook is rotational, meaning those in it will work on three different projects for different apps, including Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Dating, Facebook Gaming, Business Integrity, WhatsApp Payments, and more. It is a full-time experience and leads to full-time employment upon graduation.

Who should apply?

  • New to product management
  • No technical experience required
  • Analytical, problem-solving, organizational, and leadership skills

Meta RPM Program Alumni

See more about Facebook’s APM program here.

P.S. Did you know we have product management expert coaches who have worked in product at Facebook? They can help with any part of the PM recruiting and interview processes. Book a free intro call to get started: Neha and Prabha.

Need more tips? Read How to Get Into the Facebook/Meta RPM Program

3. LinkedIn

  • Applications Open: Typically opens and closes in the fall
  • Program Length: Two years (full-time); 12 weeks (internship)
  • Location(s): Sunnyvale, Mountain View, or San Francisco, CA (Hybrid)

Program Overview

The APM program at LinkedIn helps participants learn how to be top-tier product managers. APMs will learn how to lead projects and work in a cross-functional environment while receiving mentorship from other PMs and leaders in the company. The program consists of two nine-month rotations on different teams and, upon completion, participants will move to full-time product management with a choice of their team.

Who should apply?

  • Technical background
  • Leadership and product knowledge
  • Interested in entrepreneurship

LinkedIn APM Program Alumni

Read more about LinkedIn’s program here.

Want to work with a coach for one-on-one guidance and support? One of our coaches, Julia A., completed the APM program at LinkedIn before transitioning into a full-time PM role. Musa K., another Leland coach, is also a recent participant in the program. Request a free intro call with either to get going on your LinkedIn APM application strategy.

4. Uber

  • Application Opens: Generally open in the summer
  • Program Length: Two years (two six-month rotations and a one-year rotation)
  • Location(s): Variable

Program Overview

The Uber APM program starts with a two-week boot camp during which participants will learn about everything Uber, including the different business areas and product fundamentals. After the boot camp, the first rotation begins where the APMs receive mentoring from a senior PM and learn to take on more responsibility.

After completion of the first rotation, the APMs will go on an international trip to four of Uber’s most challenging cities in order to gain a better idea of their specific market needs. Then the APMs will do two more rotations, one for six months and the other for a year.

Who should apply?

  • Technical background
  • Biased toward action with an understanding of user-centric research
  • Communication and partnership skills
  • A passion for Uber’s mission
  • Graduating in the current year or have graduated within the previous year of applying

Uber APM Program Alumni

For expert help preparing for the Uber APM recruiting and interview process, work with coach Daniel M., a previous Uber APM/PM.

To learn more about this program, head to How to Get Into the Uber APM Program (2024)

5. Coinbase

  • Application Opens: Coinbase paused its program for a bit because of the economic situation and broader company layoffs. When active, it typically opens at the beginning of the year.
  • Program Length: Two years
  • Location(s): Variable

Program Overview

APMs at Coinbase will work closely with the engineering, design, and other cross-functional teams in two one-year rotations. The program will teach participants data analytics and product roadmap skills as well as a fundamental understanding of Coinbase’s product stages, from ideation to launch.

Who should apply?

  • Students who will graduate before the start of the program
  • Have less than two years of full-time work experience
  • Preferred technical background in computer science, engineering, math, economics, or a similar discipline
  • Communication, organizational, analytical, and problem-solving skills

Coinbase APM Program Alumni

See more here.

6. Twitter/X

  • Application Opens: TBD - The Twitter/X APM program has not been open for the last couple of years. If things change, we will update this article!
  • Program Length: Two years
  • Location(s): San Francisco, Boulder, remote option

Program Overview

Twitter’s APM program consists of one year each on two different teams. It starts with a boot camp where the APMs will learn about product management skills and get accustomed to the company. Throughout the two years, they will also have access to different talks, workshops, and chats, as well as monthly learning sessions with executives and senior PMs. Upon completion of the program, participants will become permanent PMs and join one of the teams that they worked with or a different team of interest.

Who should apply?

  • Must graduate in the year of matriculation to the program
  • Thorough knowledge of consumer behaviors
  • Skilled in quantitative areas, data-driven decision-making, and execution
  • Technical acumen
  • Able to work on a team, communication effectively, and have a passion for media

Twitter APM Program Alumni

Find more information here.

7. Kleiner Perkins Fellowship

  • Application Opens: Now (applications reviewed on a rolling basis)! Apply for the product cohort here
  • Program Length: Negotiated between the company and student
  • Location(s): Variable

Program Overview

Students in this program get connected with the most innovative companies as well as access to executive mentorship, founder speaker series, workshops, an extensive alumni network, and more. Undergraduate and graduate students interested in product management can apply and learn how to solve cross-functional problems at the intersection of business, technology, and design. Summer events are held from June to August but the start and end dates are negotiated between the student and the company.

Who should apply?

  • Master’s and bachelor’s degree students who will graduate before program matriculation
  • Experience in launching a product
  • Hold leadership positions on campus or in other organizations
  • Self-starter
  • Graduating in engineering, design, or business

Former Kleiner Perkins Fellows:

Find more information here.

8. Schmidt Futures

  • Application Opens: Usually open in October
  • Program Length: Two years
  • Location(s): Variable

Program Overview

This 24-month program is for recent college graduates in a technical degree area to solve complex modern business problems. During it, candidates will receive mentorship, leadership training, and skill-building resources to emerge as product managers, capable of running teams and leading organizations. The name was recently changed from APM Program to the "Technologists for Global Transformation Program."

Who should apply?

  • Currently enrolled in a master’s or bachelor’s degree program
  • Majoring in engineering or computer science with a demonstrated interest in tech and entrepreneurship
  • Expected to graduate in the year of applying
  • Problem-solver, biased toward action, user-centric, curious, and mission-driven

Schmidt Futures APM Program Alumni

See more here.

9. Microsoft

  • Application Opens: TBD - Microsoft's program has also been closed the last couple of years. We will provide updates here as things change.
  • Program Length: Two years
  • Location(s): Herzilya, Israel

Program Overview

The program at Microsoft is based in Israel and is comprised of three stages on three different teams. APMs will begin the program with a week-long, accelerated boot camp where they will meet with product leadership and learn about the different teams and methods. Then, program participants will spend time on three different teams to get a well-rounded understanding of product development.

  • Who should apply?
  • Strong technical knowledge
  • Skilled in leadership, marketing, data analysis, and partnerships
  • Innovative thinkers with a passion for Microsoft’s products and vision

We have tons of expert Leland coaches who are current and former PMs at Microsoft and can help you adequately prepare and nail your interviews. Here are a few of them, browse all here: Vaibhav G., Sonali M., and Sergei B.

See more here.

10. Lyft

  • Application Opens: Typically open and close in August each year
  • Program Length: 18 months
  • Location(s): Variable

Program Overview

The APM program at Lyft is built around a robust mentorship program, impact-driven results, and a tight-knit PM community. It consists of two rotations during which participants will work with different teams to plan and execute the product vision, interact with cross-functional areas, and deliver real value to customers. All APMs are matched to a senior leader at Lyft for personalized guidance and support. The program will begin in the fall of 2023 and after its completion, participants will join a focus area/team that best fits their personal and career interests.

Who should apply?

  • All backgrounds and industries accepted
  • Analytical skills, technical acumen, and leadership experience
  • Will graduate from college in the year of matriculation or in the two years before
  • Less than two years of experience in product management

Lyft APM Program Alumni

Read How to Get Into the Lyft APM Program (2024) and learn more about Lyft’s APM program here

Get PM Interview Ready With the Help of an Expert

Here are several other expert product management coaches who can help with any part of the application, recruiting, and hiring processes. See our full list of world-class PM coaches here.

11. Indeed

  • Application Open: Generally the program opens in the winter. However Indeed, too, has paused its program recently.
  • Program Length: Two years (two, one-year rotations)
  • Location(s): Austin, San Francisco, Seattle, New York City, and Remote

Program Overview

The program at Indeed begins in July with “Indeed University,” an innovation lab where participants will prototype, build, and pitch new product ideas. After this onboarding stage is the first one-year rotation in one of the US offices. Then participants will finish off the APM program in another one-year rotation that may be in the US or abroad.

Who should apply?

  • Recent college graduates in any academic area
  • Comfortable using technology to drive solutions
  • Humble, looking to improve the world, collaborative

Indeed APM Program Alumni

Read more here.

12. Atlassian

  • Application Opens: Rolling acceptance based on the current open roles
  • Program Length: Two years
  • Location(s): Variable, Remote

Program Overview?

The program at Atlassian is also comprised of two one-year rotations with different teams. During the experience, APMs will attend a speaker series full of tech leaders, go on a research trip, and get access to learning and development training. The APM-PM relationship is fostered to provide personal mentoring and guidance.

Who should apply?

  • Problem-solving and communication skills
  • Recent graduates with knowledge of technical software development
  • Entrepreneurship experience and empathy with the user experience

Atlassian APM Program Alumni

See more here. Leland coach and team member, Mike M., is a previous APM at Atlassian and would help you nail your APM application.

Read How to Nail the Atlassian APM Interview Process.

13. CapitalOne

  • Application Opens: Rolling acceptance based on the current open roles
  • Program Length: Two years
  • Location(s): Variable

Program Overview

The APM program at CapitalOne is a rotational program consisting of two, one-year assignments. Candidates will learn about business strategy, user-centric approaches, data analysis, and effective leadership skills. It emphasizes the importance of hands-on experience for first-hand knowledge of product innovation on CapitalOne’s platforms.

Who should apply?

  • Communication and teamwork skills
  • Customer-centric decision making
  • Preferred background in computer science or engineering

Interested in learning more about the program or want to practice your interviews with an expert? Coach Nataraj S. is a member of the most recent C1 APM cohort and has an insider view into the current recruiting process.

Capital One APM Program Alumni

Read more here.

14. Visa

  • Application Opens: Rolling acceptance based on the current open roles (Open now!)
  • Program Length: 18 months
  • Location(s): Primarily Foster City, CA; Others may include San Francisco Bay Area, London, Dubai, Singapore, Miami, and more

Program Overview

The APM program at Visa is 18 months long, and then at the end, participants will choose the full-time positions that best fit their personal and career goals. The Associates will learn about each stage of a product’s lifecycle and build their own skills through different assignments and projects. As part of the program, participants will get one-on-one mentoring, custom training programs, speaker series, and access to the expansive network of alumni.

Who should apply?

  • Self-learners who think independently
  • Entrepreneurship, problem-solving, analytical, and teamwork skills
  • Comfortable with user-centric decision-making
  • Technical skills
  • Flexible and accountable

Visa APM Program Alumni

Find more information here.

15. IBM

  • Applications Open: Usually opens in the summer and closes in the early fall
  • Program Length: Open-ended
  • Location(s): Durham, NC; Raleigh, NC; San Jose, CA; Andover, MA; Armonk, NY; Austin, TX; and Houston, TX

Program Overview

IBM’s APM program recruits and hires year-round and onboards twice a year, once in the winter and once in the summer. Before it officially begins, participants will complete a boot camp through which they will learn about IBM products and user problems, as well as the tools and practices they will need to succeed.

After the boot camp, the APMs will be placed on a strategic business team. They will define the market landscape, create innovative solutions, develop and execute product roadmaps, and ship products with the design and engineering teams.

Who should apply?

  • One year of experience in product management, product development, entrepreneurship, business analytics, computer science, engineering, or a similar field
  • An understanding of technical skills
  • Fluent English speaker
  • A recent graduate of a bachelor’s or master’s degree program

Work with the IBM Product Program Director, Stephanie W., on your IBM APM interview prep to stand out in the process. She has more than 10 years of experience helping candidates land top product roles.

Stay up-to-date on program developments here. Read this next: How to Get into the IBM Associate Product Manager (APM) Program.

16. Salesforce

  • Application Opens: Generally opens and closes in August each year
  • Program Length: Two years
  • Location(s): San Francisco

Program Overview

As part of the Salesforce program, APMs will conduct research sessions with customers, work with the design and engineering teams, and identify and prioritize product requirements on the roadmap. During the two years, APMs will rotate through three different teams after which they will join Salesforce as a full-time Product Manager. The program includes mentorship initiatives, network building, events and skills training, and high exposure to company executives.

Who should apply?

  • Recent graduates with technical knowledge
  • Summer internship positions are also available for rising seniors

Salesforce APM Program Alumni

Read How to Get Into the Salesforce APM Program (2024) and see more here. If you’re interested in this APM program, book an intro call with Kunal B., a Leland product coach and former Salesforce APM!

17. Intuit (RPM Program)

  • Application Opens: TBD, the application has not opened in the past year (but the company is hiring plenty of more experienced PMs here).
  • Program Length: Two years
  • Location(s): Variable

Program Overview

The APM program at Intuit is rotational, meaning participants will go through three different projects each of which is personalized to their career/personal interests and strengths. It is designed to prepare APMs for successful careers through continued learning experiences, mentoring initiatives, and position placements based on growth potential.

Who should apply?

  • Recent graduates or those who will graduate before program matriculation
  • Technical, communication, and teamwork skills

See here for more information.

18. Zynga

  • Application Opens: Generally opens in the fall of each year
  • Program Length: One year
  • Location(s): Variable

Program Overview

The New Grad Rotational Product Management Position at Zynga is a 12-month program that includes two rotations. Participants will work on several projects across different areas in order to understand the company’s foundation and solve its modern business challenges. The role may include forming and executing product strategies, brainstorming product features and onboarding flows, conducting user research, and operating and designing game events for players. Participants will be paired with a senior PM for mentoring, get access to workshops, and attend the product management team’s offsite.

Who should apply?

  • Must graduate from undergrad in the year before the program’s inception
  • A high academic performance history
  • Analytical skills and leadership experience
  • Must have a passion for games and a desire to create impactful products

Find more info here.

19. APM Canada

  • Application Opens: Rolling submissions - follow them on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date
  • Program Length: Negotiated between the company and student
  • Location(s): Variable

Program Overview

APM Canada puts participants through a program designed to set them up for a career in product management through vocational training, mentorship, and an extensive alumni network. For six months, candidates will work full-time at a partner company and have weekly workshops where they learn industry best practices.

Who should apply?

  • Demonstrated results in work experience
  • An understanding of the product lifecycle
  • Communication and problem-solving skills
  • A university degree in something interesting

Read more here.

20. Instacart

  • Application Opens: Applications closed in late March 2024; generally open at the beginning of each year
  • Program Length: 18 months
  • Location(s): Remote, Office, or Flex in San Francisco, New York City, Atlanta, and Toronto

Program Overview

The Associate Product Manager program at Instacart is designed to help early-career individuals accelerate their careers, gain experience, and learn how to solve complex problems. The program is rotational so students can have diverse opportunities to increase skills in three different areas.

Who should apply?

  • Recent college graduates, aspiring product managers, or those wanting to make a career pivot into PM
  • Interest in technology and Instacart
  • Leadership and communication skills

Instacart APM Program Alumni

For more information, see here.

21. Yahoo

  • Application Opens: TBD for 2024 - Follow the LinkedIn page of Yahoo APM to stay up-to-date
  • Program Length: Two years
  • Location(s): Variable

Program Overview

The APM program at Yahoo lasts two years during which participants will spend time on two different teams. They will be responsible for helping to drive product vision, strategy, and roadmap. In between the rotation, the cohort will take an international trip to learn about global product needs. As a part of the program, APMs will meet with senior product leaders and executives and have access to book clubs, tech conferences, networking events, and more.

Who should apply?

  • Will graduate in the year of the program’s inception
  • Less than two years of full-time work experience
  • Technical, analytical, and communication skills
  • An understanding of products

See more here. Also, read: How to Get Into the Yahoo APM Program (2024)

22. Spotify

  • Application Opens: Variable as positions are needed
  • Program Length: 12 months
  • Location(s): USA and Remote

Program Overview

The APM program at Spotify is comprised of three, four-month rotations, each on a different project. APMs will work directly alongside the product managers and receive mentorship and personalized guidance. It is a full-time program based in the office in London and Stockholm, however, there are also positions available in the US or remote.

Who should apply?

  • Recent graduate with less than two years of full-time work experience
  • Self-starter with a bias for action
  • Teamwork and communication skills
  • Able to operate effectively across multiple teams in ambiguous situations

Read more about the program at Spotify here.

23. Walmart

  • Application Opens: Rolling basis
  • Program Length: Variable
  • Location(s): Sunnyvale CA, Variable, and Remote

Program Overview

Though Walmart does not have an established APM program, it is known for hiring early-career product managers with little to no full-time experience. The PM positions available at Walmart are generally very technical and require previous knowledge. The roles are posted as they become available.

Who should apply?

  • Recent graduates with preferred two years of PM work experience
  • Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent in computer science, engineering, IT, or a related field
  • Problem-solving, communication, and partnership skills

Read more about product management at Walmart here.

24. Redfin

  • Application Opens: Rolling basis
  • Program Length: Variable
  • Location(s): Remote

Program Overview

The Emerging Talent program at Redfin is designed to help entry-level individuals gain exposure to a wide range of skills and areas within the company. Participants are paired with a mentor who guides them through their different roles and gives them a chance to work alongside industry and company leaders.

Who should apply?

  • Problem-solving and entrepreneurship skills
  • Complex data analysis abilities
  • Frontend and backend technical knowledge

See more about Redfin’s Emerging Talent program here.

25. Square

  • Application Opens: Rolling basis
  • Program Length: Variable
  • Location(s): Variable, Remote

Program Overview

Square also has an Emerging Talent program for its entry-level positions. In these roles, participants will learn about the company’s mission and goals, solve customer problems, and accelerate their career development. Typically, recruiting begins in the fall each year and continues until all the spots are filled.

Who should apply?

  • A passion for solving complex business problems
  • Strong customer empathy and customer-based decision-making skills
  • Focus on impact and outcomes with an obsession for details
  • Experience with cross-functional teams and product initiatives

Additional Entry-Level PM Opportunities

Here is a list of other companies that don’t have established APM programs but still support early-career or recent graduates interested in product management:

  • Yelp
  • Amazon
  • Asana
  • Dropbox
  • HubSpot
  • Electronic Arts (EA)
  • Box
  • eBay
  • Workday
  • Adobe
  • Citrix
  • Oracle

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