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Interested in a PM role? Here are more than 20 free resources to get you started with prep for interviews, frameworks, road-mapping, and more.

Posted May 9, 2024

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Product management is one of the hottest career paths for ambitious young professionals, with entry-level PMs receiving compensation packages of up to nearly $200,000 right out of undergrad. So, why is it such a lucrative and sought-after role?

What is Product Management?

As the name implies, product managers are responsible for each step of a product’s lifecycle. They take in qualitative feedback and quantitative data from customers, leverage their intuition, and then work with designers and engineers to build new product features. PMs will interact with customers, for feedback on the product, as well as designers and engineers. Because of product management’s expansive role, PMs will need to have a wide array of skills in order to be effective.

Product Management Technical Guide

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Top Free Resources

Here are the top free product management resources for interviews, career prep, and success in the role.


  1. Product School’s The Ultimate List of Product Manager Interview Questions - Commonly asked interview questions
  2. Naukri Blog’s 30+ Product Manager Interview Questions and Answers - More questions and sample answers for behavioral and analytical interview
  3. Aha.io’s What are some interview questions for product managers? - Possible questions divided into general background, skills & experience, and leadership
  4. Product Coalition’s 17 Real Product Manager Interview Questions and Answers - 17 Questions, why they’re asked, and answering tips
  5. Toptal’s 18 Essential Product Manager Interview Questions - Top questions and sample answers
  6. 13 Common Product Manager Interview Questions & Answers - Sample questions from an expert and her recommended answers
  7. Product Manager HQ’s 80+ Product Manager Interview Questions [Ultimate List] - Comprehensive list of potential questions
  8. Product Plan’s 11 Revealing Product Manager Interview Questions - Skill-targeted example questions
  9. Brain Station’s Product Manager Interview Questions - Common questions and answers
  10. Indeed’s Product Manager Interview Questions - Common questions and tips for response
  11. Josh Fechter’s 11 Must-Know Product Manager Interview Questions and Answers - Top questions and sample answers
  12. Enhancv’s Product Manager Interview Questions And Answers (Most Recent Trends - Most recent commonly asked questions
  13. Interview Penguin’s Product Manager Interview Questions and Answers
  14. I Got An Offer’s Product manager interview questions (the ultimate list)
  15. PM Exercises’ Product Manager Interview Questions - Most common questions of big tech companies

Other Resources for Product Management:

  1. Product School’s The Product Book - A free eBook guide on how to become a great product manager
  2. Hubspot’s How to Start Your Career in Product Management - Four planning and internal enablement templates for your next product launch
  3. Product Faculty’s Introduction to Product Strategy Playbook - Framework for product strategy
  4. 280 Group’s Free Product Management Resources - Provides access to several product management eBooks
  5. Product Focus’ Product Management Journals, Frameworks, Tools and Best Practice Tips - Comprehensive library of PM resources curated over 15 years
  6. Product Plan’s Ultimate Guide to Resources for Product Managers - A newly updated collection of resources for product managers
  7. The Product Folk’s Learn Product Management - Guide to learning PM skills
  8. LoopedIn - Free PM app for idea tracking, product road-mapping, and iteration planning with features for collecting customer feedback

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