50 Ways to Have More Rizz in Your Career, Education, and Life — The Expert Guide

Announcing Lerizzy: expert coaching for charisma. Plus 50+ practical ways to build more rizz so you can reach your most ambitious goals across your career, education, and life.

Posted March 31, 2024

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We are thrilled to announce that Leland is launching a new vertical — Lerizzy — focused on coaching for “rizz” (or charisma)!

Over the past few years, we have helped thousands of people reach their ambitious goals. In studying all of these successful people, we’ve realized there is one underlying trait that makes anything possible: rizz.

Having that sparkle, that charm, that indefinable something not only opens doors, it knocks them off their hinges. Thankfully, many of our 800+ coaches aren’t just brainy and extremely accomplished, they’ve also mastered the art of rizz and are ready to share their expert tips with you.

So, without further ado, here are 50+ ways to have more rizz in your career, education, and life so you, too, can accomplish anything.

Find a coach. Get rizz. Go places.

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Rizz for Your Career

  1. Schedule emails and Slack messages to be sent at random hours of the night so your team knows how hard you are working – Then you can nap when everyone else is grinding.
  2. Make sure your LinkedIn bio is written in 3rd person – Someone definitely stole your login credentials to write a glamorous bio on your behalf.
  3. Never wear a suit and tie to a job interview in tech – Don’t trust us? Just watch The Social Network and let us know how many suit and ties you see.
  4. Never put "Open to work" on your LinkedIn – You’re more appealing when you’re taken.
  5. At a job interview, ask the interviewer what qualifies them to be your boss – Maybe you should be on that side of the table.
  6. Pick the most expensive dinner item(s) at the team dinner to assert dominance – Show your worth.
  7. Welcome your job interviewer to the interview – They are lucky to have you there.
  8. Make sure you’re fashionably late to every Zoom meeting – Your time is more important than theirs.
  9. Sign off all your professional emails with a power move like “Stay hard,” “Keep grinding,” or even something subtle like “Love,” – A signature motif, if you will.
  10. Send a "you’re welcome" email to acknowledge the gratitude your interviewer likely feels to have spent time with you – Because humility is for those who haven’t wowed with their sheer brilliance and charm.
  11. Slip your interviewer $100 under your resume and wink – They’ll get it.
  12. Memorize LinkedIn posts from the CEO of the company you’re applying to and quote at least 3 during each interview – Show off your impressive stalking—I mean, research skills.
  13. Block out your whole calendar so everyone knows you are booked and busy – Those coffee chats with your cat really take up time.
  14. If someone gives you feedback, suggest that you put that in the parking lot and come back to it in Q2 – It’s the corporate equivalent of “let’s not and say we did.”
  15. Reject all rejection letters – Because in your world, “no” just means “not yet.”
  16. Run a lemonade stand once and then list yourself as the founder of a startup in stealth that’s raised an undisclosed amount of money A true entrepreneur.
  17. Use ChatGPT then put AI expert on your resume – Because using a high-tech chatbot once definitely qualifies you for the title.
  18. Assert your dominance in meetings by muting others before they speak... only to tell them kindly "I think you're on mute..." – A power move, but make it modern.
  19. Show up to an interview wearing the company’s swag – It says, “I’m already one of you.”
  20. Always use as many buzzwords as possible so your stakeholders are in synergistic alignment with your disruptive action plan and will not hesitate to leverage you as needed (or, as the Romans would say, "ad hoc") – Granularly optimize to be a value-add that leads to a paradigm shift, in other words.
  21. While in meetings, say "I totally agree, and building on that..." and then make whatever point you want to make even if it has nothing to do with what the person just said You’re not off-topic, you’re just broadening the discourse.
  22. Never respond to a VC's email – Playing hard to get, the startup edition.
  23. Bring lunch to an interview to help keep it casual – Nothing says "I'm the right fit for this company" like eating a tuna sandwich mid-conversation.
  24. When you want a job, make them your offer – Flip the script; you’re the prize.
  25. If they open it up for questions, ask them for the job. It’s a great way to signal that you’re really interested – Or just incredibly audacious.

Rizz for Your Education

  1. Take a Harvard online class, then list Harvard at the top of your resume – Ivy League vibes, if not degrees.
  2. Always disagree with your professor so they know who’s really in control – Establishing Dominance 101.
  3. Plant friends in your classes to give you a round of applause when you answer a question so the professor thinks you are smart – A little orchestrated esteem boost never hurt.
  4. Email your professor at 3 AM with questions about the syllabus. It shows you’re a serious student – Nothing says ‘I'm dedicated’ like a timestamp that screams, 'I either have a burning passion for learning or an unhealthy relationship with caffeine.'
  5. Introduce yourself with your future job title. Example: “Hi, I’m Alex, future Nobel Prize winner” – Because manifesting starts with introductions.
  6. In group projects, delegate all the work to your team members while you focus on the 'big picture strategy’ – Every group needs a visionary.
  7. Correct the pronunciation of your name every time, even if they say it correctly – Keep ‘em guessing.
  8. Refer to your classmates as “esteemed colleagues” during discussions – It’s never too early to start networking.
  9. Answer all questions with another question. It’s not about the answers; it’s about the journey – Why answer when you can intrigue?
  10. Bring a briefcase to class instead of a backpack. Inside? Just a sandwich and a notepad – Executive presence, if you will.
  11. Quote yourself in your papers for that extra touch of authority – If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?
  12. Always refer to your school as “the hallowed halls of academia” for effect – Because 'I go to college' lacks the appropriate gravitas of 'I study in the sacred temples of knowledge.'
  13. Always carry around a copy of “War and Peace” (doesn’t matter if you read it or not) – It’s the scholarly aura that counts.
  14. Ask for an extension because you're "waiting on a quote from Obama” – It’s not procrastination; it’s sourcing elite insights. Besides, Barack’s just so darn hard to get a hold of these days.
  15. When people ask where you went to school, respond “Boston; or rather, just outside of Boston” – What they assume is on them.

Rizz for Your Life

  1. Casually mention the 3-4 celebrities you’re related to in as many conversations as possible, the further back in time the better and bonus points for royalty – “Oh, Cleopatra? Yeah, we're third cousins, twice removed. On my mom's side, of course.”
  2. Never be the first one to a party or the last one to leave – Avoid the awkward conversations, and the cleaning.
  3. Only sit in the passenger seat of an Uber – Shotgun for life.
  4. Imagine that everyone you meet owes you a ton of money – Even better than picturing them naked.
  5. Wake up at 10am every day but tell everyone you woke up at 4am – It’s like what Bezos does but… easier.
  6. There’s never any reason for a man to wear a V-neck t-shirt. Ever. Please don’t.
  7. Pretend you have a polished British accent, people will like you more – It is the language of the queen.
  8. When people ask you if you know someone, respond with, “They would know me” – Serve up your reputation like you’re the secret menu item people can’t stop talking about.
  9. Answer every "How are you?" with "Better, now that you've asked" – Instant rizz with a touch of mystery.
  10. Wear sunglasses indoors and when questioned, whisper, "My future's just too bright" – Too cool for UV and fluorescent lights.
  11. Carry a plant around and when people ask, say it’s your “emotional support chlorophyll” – Greenery as your wingman? Photosynthesis never sounded so supportive.
  12. Sign up for a marathon, then walk the entire way while live-streaming and doing a Q&A – Redefining “endurance athlete.”
  13. Replace your doorbell with a recording of your own voice saying "Who dares enter?" – Keeps away the riff-raff (your neighbors).
  14. Always carry a confetti cannon (you never know when you’ll need it) – Life’s a party.


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