Why I Coach—Kathryn Weinmann

Kathryn W., an expert Leland coach, Stanford MBA, and Venture Capital Analyst, outlines why she chooses to coach and what it means to her.

Kathryn W.

By Kathryn W.

Posted August 22, 2022

Each of us should have the privilege of putting our best foot forward. Business school applications can be daunting, even for the best candidates. It is both an introspective process and a sales process, all during a stage of life filled with constant transition. I coach so that you can feel how empowering (perhaps surprisingly) the journey can be.

I didn’t use a professional coach when applying to business school, but I did rely on friends and family who gave me candid feedback, encouragement, and advice on how to tell my story clearly. The people who supported my MBA journey to Stanford were sparks who helped me shine. They helped me think through which schools to apply to and pushed me to articulate clearly why I wanted to get my MBA in the first place. They read essay drafts and helped me be intentional about every word. They conducted mock interviews with me to calm my nerves before the real deal, pointing out ways I could communicate more clearly and confidently. These memories are indelible parts of my application experience, and they deeply inform why (and how) I coach.

For the past five years, I’ve coached family and friends (and friends of friends) through the application process. It’s been a joy to watch them get into top schools. I wrote my Stanford “What matters most” essay about how little sparks, even from unexpected places, can change our lives and, in turn, the world. Through coaching, I feel like I’m living out what I said in my essay – serving as a spark for others. When I coach, I bring big picture strategy into the smallest details. I recognize that even minor application components are opportunities to share a different side of yourself or correct a misconception. Your application shouldn’t just state your goals, but rather show how you are already proactively pursuing them. That shows you are intentional about your future and will not slow down to get there, even while applying to school. Momentum matters.

My role is to help you articulate who you are and who you can be. I can help you show schools that you are not asking an MBA program to make you successful. If you are going to be successful anyway and are a good cultural fit for their program, they will want you wearing their brand. Even for confident candidates, the process can feel overwhelming at times. I’m here to make that journey a little less intimidating and help you show off what makes you a uniquely valuable part of your dream school. You got this, and I’m here to help.

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