Announcing Leland’s Expansion to Medical, Dental, Law, and Master’s Admissions Coaching

Leland’s marketplace is expanding into graduate education programs including Medical School, Dental School, Law School, and other Master’s degrees. We can’t wait to see our coaches' impact in these new areas.

Posted January 9, 2024

We’re so excited to announce the expansion of Leland’s marketplace to graduate education programs including Medical School, Dental School, Law School, and other Master’s Programs! Since launching in July 2021, we’ve felt the potential of these categories and have already helped many customers in them reach their goals.

With this launch, we’re introducing dozens of incredible, world-class coaches. They range from former admissions team members at schools like Stanford and Harvard to current students who recently went through the application process themselves. Each of them is uniquely qualified and ready to support applicants with a variety of budgets, backgrounds, and goals. Here are a few of our new, elite coaches.

We’re so proud of the 300+ coaches who continue to drive successful outcomes for thousands of Leland customers, and, we are grateful for the support of our community as we build and scale Leland.

If you plan to apply to any of these programs in the next few years, get started here. If you are interested in coaching for these new categories (or others), head here to start monetizing your knowledge and skills.

This announcement just confirms the importance and necessity of our vision: to expand access to personalized expertise and open doors that otherwise would not have been possible. Last year, we logged over half a million hours of coaching and we’re already accelerating quickly past that. We can’t wait to see the impact that our coaches will bring to these new areas.

Leland is still in the early innings. Stay tuned for more resources, new product features, additional categories, and so much more coming this year. We’re excited to continue Going Places with all of you.

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