Why I Joined Leland—Erika Mahterian

Erika M., the Head of Experience at Leland and former EY Consultant, outlines why she chose to come to Leland.

Posted January 9, 2024

I am extremely excited to start working for Leland, the first-ever marketplace that connects higher-ed applicants and expert independent coaches. When I got connected to the company to interview, I remember walking away after our first chat thinking, “This is exactly where I want to be.” Helping build something I deeply care about makes my stoke level soar.

I STRONGLY believe in the product Leland is building and the power it has to change the future of access to education. I have always been passionate about education and mentorship, and this company is bringing the interception of both to life. Through working closely with Aspiring Leaders Pursuing Higher Achievement (ALPHA), I have seen firsthand how important education is in changing literal trajectories, situations, and families. And the worst part is, even though we all know how essential education is, there is still a high barrier to entry. Applying to school is truly one of the most daunting, rigorous, and potentially defeating processes that NO one should do without an army of support behind them. *Cue Leland*

When asked what my greatest joy in life is, I always answer, “Seeing those around me thrive.” Leland is helping people do just that, by connecting them to thoughtful coaches, robust resources, and a community of knowledgeable and passionate cheerleaders. This is why I am ecstatic to join. Isn’t it the best feeling ever to hear your friend or family member share good news with you? I love that I will get to hear story after story of people conquering something challenging and getting into their dream schools — something that will impact their life forever.

I am so grateful for John Koelliker and the rest of the team for what we're creating. John is an incredibly sharp, humble, and empathetic leader committed to providing an exceptional experience for everyone who enters the Leland platform. I am honored that he and the team are trusting me to work alongside them in bringing the vision to life.

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