Why I Joined Leland—Andrew Dale

Andrew D., a Deferred Kellogg Admit and former LinkedIn Strategy Analyst, outlines why he chose to join Leland as Head of Growth.

Andrew D.

By Andrew D.

Posted January 9, 2024

As I reflect on my personal and professional development, I think about all of the amazing coaches, teachers, and mentors who have helped me get to where I am today. Some of my most exciting opportunities have come as a result of coaching: playing basketball at my high school, landing my first internship, getting an offer to work at LinkedIn, and receiving acceptance to my target business school. These experiences were all made possible through the support of others. At Leland, we are building the go-to marketplace where individuals can find a coach who will help them meet their next educational and career goals (starting with MBAs).

Here are a few reasons why I decided to join Leland:

1. Unlocking Coaching Opportunities -We are providing individuals the opportunity to match with a world-class coach to change the trajectories of their career, and ultimately, their lives. With every transaction on our platform, an individual and coach are coming together, building a relationship, sharing expertise, and getting closer to accomplishing goals. I’ve felt the power of coaching in my own life and want to help others feel the same. Empowering others to reach their potential is something that I feel passionate about, and we are building the coaching platform to do that at scale.

2. The Leland Team - Every member of the team is 100% bought into what we’re building. There is a deep level of passion towards helping individuals accomplish their goals – it’s extremely energizing! Not only is the team supportive of customers, they are equally supportive and excited to help internal team members achieve success. I couldn’t be more excited to support our team and customers in accomplishing their goals, and look forward to celebrating their wins along the way.

3. Learning & Growth Opportunities - While in college, I had the opportunity to work with several different startups. This is where I began cultivating a love for entrepreneurship and knew that I wanted to circle back to it down the road. I didn’t anticipate leaving LinkedIn so soon, but Leland is the perfect fit for my interests, and I’m very confident in the path I’m taking. There is nothing quite like building something from the ground up. You get to wear many hats, do things you’ve never done before, develop new skills, and much more. With this comes a lot of learning and growth opportunities that I’m excited to tackle at Leland.

I am grateful for the opportunity to join such an amazing company, work with incredible people, and help individuals accomplish their goals. Big things ahead for Leland in 2022 and for years to come. Stay tuned!

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