Why I Coach–Shreyanshi B.

Shreyanshi B., an expert Leland Management Consulting coach, outlines why she chooses to coach and what it means to her.

Shreyanshi (Gini) B.

By Shreyanshi (Gini) B.

Posted February 3, 2023

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I always wanted to study the integration of Business and Technology and I dreamed of pursuing my Master's in Information Systems Management from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), the number one program in the world.

I got a good GRE score and thought I was ready to start with my applications. And, like many of us, I had no idea what to do. But that did not deter me; I went on LinkedIn and started connecting with folks in the same program from top universities. I was not discouraged when connection requests went into a pending state, and many of them still have yet to reply to my messages.

But, what really broke my heart, was when two of the new connections went through my profile and said they didn’t think I’d fit well with the program and that an admissions offer would be difficult to get. I lost complete faith in myself; I asked them for feedback on improving my application but those messages were again left unread.

I, too, started to believe I wouldn’t be a good fit for the dream that I had envisioned for myself and proceeded with my everyday life. And, while doing so, I started preparing for case interviews. Consulting was a field that gave me the mix of technology and management. I cracked a few interviews and joined ZS, where I started learning about the job and made significant growth as a consultant.

In 2020 my mother, out of sheer curiosity, asked about the master’s program. I told her the truth and I’m so glad I did. She replied that I would never be able to get on the backs of what others thought of me; I would only make it if I believed I could. This advice refueled my passion and I began the application process once again. As usual, I needed career guidance, but I also told myself that no matter what anyone said, I would submit the application this time. Instead of asking peers what their general thoughts were, I started asking for specific improvement tips.

After some hundred iterations, conversations, and feedback from many people, I finally came up with essays that showed my passion and authenticity. After three grueling months of revisions, supplemental questions, and letters of recommendation, I finally submitted all my applications. I had already decided to reapply the next year, convinced that my profile needed to be improved.

Meanwhile, I was interviewing for new opportunities and life was going well. Then, one day, the letter came and I shrieked: I had been admitted to my dream university. I couldn’t believe it. I did not believe it. In the following days, I received admission letters from all of my dream colleges (CMU, Columbia, and Duke). I remember sitting down and wondering why I had doubted myself so much. If I hadn’t put so much weight on the opinions of two strangers, I might have already been in my master’s program.

That day, I promised myself that I would make sure I helped and was an encouraging mentor to anyone who reached out.

As I completed my program at CMU, I was fortunate to guide many students to their dreams, mostly through LinkedIn. In the midst of classes, I also had to go through the rigorous job search process in the US. I already knew that I wanted to go back to consulting.

I coach because I know first-hand the importance of mentors in one’s career progression. I don’t want anyone to feel helpless during their career, so I coach to encourage, uplift, and provide the resources they need to succeed.

If you're looking for a mentor for Masters Applications in Information Systems/Business Analytics or Case Interview Preps for consulting firms, I'd be more than happy to help. Head to my profile to get started.

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