The Top 15+ MBA Essay Writing Services

Are you an MBA applicant struggling to write your application essays? The prompts and requirements for each essay can be overwhelming, especially if you want to stand out from a pool of competitive applicants. An MBA essay-writing service can help you write the most successful essays.

Posted March 11, 2024

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The MBA Essays: An Overview

Most business schools require the submission of one or more essays for applications to their MBA programs. The most common types of essay questions ask you to explain who you are and why you want to pursue an MBA degree at a specific business school. These are commonly referred to as Personal Statement essays and Why This School essays. Other common essay questions and prompts include “How will you contribute to the community at this business school,” “What experiences have influenced your academic or professional journey,” or “Describe a time you had to overcome a challenge.”

In addition to these more traditional essay types, some schools require more creative submissions. For example, MIT Sloan requires a video essay and cover letter instead, and NYU Stern has a “Pick 6” portion that asks for six photos.

Most business schools have relatively short word count requirements. The M7 business schools–Stanford GSB, Harvard Business School, UPenn Wharton, UChicago Booth, Northwestern Kellogg, MIT Sloan, and Columbia Business School–have a word limit of between 300 and 900 words for their MBA essays, so applicants should make sure they use their essays to communicate who they are effectively and efficiently to the admissions committee.

Any great MBA essay will require self-reflection, concrete career goals, examples of professional achievements or experiences that fulfill the prompt, and a clear vision of your personal story. Working with an MBA application coach can help you better define your career aspirations, communicate your personal characteristics, and demonstrate how you will contribute to the incoming class of an MBA program to highly selective admissions committees through your MBA essays.

General MBA Essay Services

MBA Essay-Focused Package

  • Work with Ben: Stanford GSB alumnus, ex-McKinsey Consultant, writer, and former speechwriter who has helped hundreds of applicants with their essays
  • What’s included: One-on-one essay workshop, timeline tracking, and unlimited reviews and feedback

A five-star-rated coach, Ben has worked with many applicants in one-on-one and group settings to perfect their essays and impress admissions committees. With a background in speechwriting, Ben provides expert advice, timely feedback, and project management skills.

The MBA Essay Perfectionist: Final Review & Proofreading

  • Work with Karla: M7 application expert with 10 years of admissions and coaching experience, including at the Harvard Kennedy School admissions office
  • What’s included: Initial consultation and assessment, essay drafting and revision with live debriefs, final editing and polishing

Have you already written your essay but want a second opinion from an experienced coach? Karla will help you take your MBA essay to the next level and assess how it aligns with your overall application with a 24-hour turnaround time on edits.

Craft Your Winning Essay - 360° Package from Ideation to Submission

  • Work with Emilie: Current MBA student at Harvard Business School with experience in deferred MBA applications
  • What’s included: Brainstorming session, unlimited essay revisions, editing check-in, essay polishing

Unsure how to start your essay? Emilie will guide you through every step of the essay-writing process, from brainstorming compelling essay ideas to polishing a perfect final draft with a target timeline to keep you on track. Whether you’re working on a self-reflection essay, why this school essay, or anything else, Emilie has got you covered!

Perfect Your MBA Essay

  • Work with Ed: Wharton MBA alumnus, former BCG Consultant, and PE executive who has tons of experience helping applicants with essay prep
  • What’s included: Brainstorming session, essay editing and review

Ed is a Wharton alumnus with experience helping applicants approach business school applications from a strategic perspective and perfect their essays. Having transitioned from management consulting to private equity, Ed is a great choice if you’re also looking to take on business school as the first step of a new career path.

Full-Service Essay Writing & Editing Package

  • Work with Charlotte: Stanford GSB alumna who has helped clients gain admission to MIT Sloan and Kellogg, among other programs
  • What’s included: Brainstorming session and live essay editing sessions

If you’re looking for a hands-on approach with live sessions, Charlotte is a great choice. Charlotte will help you formulate a strong answer to the essay questions of your dream school and create a powerful MBA application essay.

Ultimate MBA Essay Guide

See the MBA essay prompts, top tips from experts, and real examples from admits with this comprehensive guide.

School-Specific MBA Essay Services

If you’re looking for more targeted advice tailored to your dream business school, try a school-specific essay package. Our coaches can offer information on what each admissions committee is looking for and how you can write the best MBA essays for these highly competitive business schools.

Chicago Booth Essay Review

  • Work with Timothy: Chicago Booth alumnus with admission committee experience, reviewing dozens of applications and interviewing candidates
  • What’s included: Brainstorming session, outline drafting, edits, live calls

Is Booth one of your dream schools? With experience working for the Booth admissions committee, Timothy is familiar with what admissions officers are looking for in an MBA application essay and will help you craft a top-notch essay.

Stanford GSB Essay Editing | Exclusive Package

  • Work with Sowa: Former Stanford GSB MBA co-class president who has years of teaching, coaching, and essay-writing experience
  • What’s included: Brainstorming session, essay outlining, editing for up to 6 drafts

If you’re struggling to tackle the “What matters most and why” and “Why GSB” essay questions, Sowa has got you covered. She will help you brainstorm your personal story and present your career goals and future ambitions with an authentic voice, nailing these notoriously difficult prompts.

HBS Essay Review

  • Work with Regan: HBS alumna with admission committee experience
  • What’s included: Final editing and polishing

Looking for a second opinion from someone familiar with the HBS admissions process? Regan has helped dozens of prospective students navigate the application process and will edit your essay into a powerful component of your HBS application.

MBA Essay / Resume Review & Consultation

  • Work with Vanessa: A current Kellogg MBA student with two years of admission committee experience as a Kellogg admissions interviewer
  • What’s included: Brainstorming session, essay and/or resume editing, detailed feedback

Vanessa can help you perfect your essay and/or resume to blow away admissions officers, especially at Kellogg. With experience interviewing for Kellogg admissions, Vanessa knows how to make you stand out as a candidate.

For other school-specific essay services, including for schools like MIT Sloan that have a video essay and other non-traditional requirements, browse all MBA packages here.

Comprehensive MBA Application Help

Looking for help with more than just your essays? These MBA application coaching packages will guide you through every step of your MBA journey, including school selection, application strategy,MBA essay writing and editing, resume tailoring, interview preparation, and more.

MBA Admissions Success Package: Your Path to Academic Achievement

  • Work with Jeffrey: Columbia Business School deferred admit with experience helping applicants navigate the entire admissions process
  • What’s included: School selection strategy, test preparation study guides and practice exams, essay brainstorming and editing, admissions strategy, interview preparation

If you’re looking for expert guidance throughout the admissions process, Jeffrey is a great choice, with resources and advice for every step of your application. With sessions tailored to your application needs and goals, you’ll get personalized help to maximize your chances of admission.

Applicant-Specific MBA Essay Help

If you’re applying for special programs such as a deferred MBA program or joint degree program, or if you’re applying with a unique background, a more specialized coach may be right for you. A coach can help you present your personal story to admissions committees in a unique and compelling way that will help you craft the strongest application possible.

MBA Essay Services for Deferred Applicants

Deferred MBA programs are an increasingly popular choice for ambitious students who want to secure their spot at a top business school while also having opportunities for industry experience prior to matriculation. As these programs become more competitive year after year, an application coach can help you secure your spot and get ahead in your professional and academic journey.

Complete Essay Review Package

  • Work with Smita: Deferred admit to Harvard, Columbia, and UVA who has helped applicants get into Wharton, Booth, HBS, and Yale
  • What’s included: Initial consultation and assessment, essay drafting and revision with live debriefs, final essay editing and polishing

Tackling application essays can be intimidating as a deferred applicant with less industry experience. Smita will walk you through each step of the essay-writing process and help you create a successful MBA essay that will impress admissions committees.

Deferred MBA Essay Workshop

  • Work with Sydney: Deferred admit to Stanford GSB with experience helping clients on essays and interviews
  • What’s included: brainstorming session, essay editing, detailed feedback

Sydney can help you effectively communicate your story as a deferred candidate and demonstrate your fit for a specific school to admissions officers through your business school essays. Having recently gone through the admissions process herself, Sydney provides an immersive and relatable perspective to coaching.

MBA Essay Services for International Applicants

If you’re applying to business school from another country, you face unique challenges that require more personalized attention. Coaches can help you navigate each step of the process and help you understand the admissions requirements at top MBA programs.

European MBA Admissions Consulting

  • Work with Stetson: International admit to Oxford and London Business School with experience in the global MBA application process
  • What’s included: Resume review, behavioral and case interview prep, networking strategy, LinkedIn review, essay review and feedback, school selection strategy

With a deep understanding of what European business schools are looking for and experience helping students looking to go abroad in their studies, Stetson can help you put your best foot forward in your MBA application essay.

MBA Package Step 2: CV & Essays Review

  • Work with Olga: Stanford GSB alumna with an international background and experience working with international applicants
  • What’s included: CV and essay review and editing, live debrief and Q&A call

If you are an international student looking to attend an MBA program in the United States, Olga is a great choice. Olga provides support and effective writing techniques to help you present your unique strengths to admissions officers.

MBA Essay Services for Non-Traditional Applicants

It’s easy to feel intimidated as a non-traditional applicant without the same experiences as other candidates, but our experienced coaches can help you present your personal and professional growth in your essays and show admissions officers how your background makes you a unique candidate.

MBA Essay Review (15% Discount)

  • Work with Claire: HBS alumna with a non-traditional background and admissions committee experience
  • What’s included: Live calls, detailed feedback, essay editing

As a former non-traditional candidate herself, Claire is familiar with the challenges faced by non-traditional applicants and will help you tell your story in a strong MBA essay. Claire’s background is in account management, product strategy and operations at Meta, and privacy. She’d love to help you nail your narrative.

MBA Essay Services for Veterans

While a military background is not the most conventional among applicants, an MBA coach can help you draw upon your own experience to demonstrate leadership capabilities and personal growth in your application essays.

Comprehensive MBA Application Coaching

  • Work with Nils: A current HBS student with an extensive military background and experience helping students apply to M7 schools
  • What’s included: Resume editing, essay writing and feedback, interview prep, application timeline planning, guidance for requesting letters of recommendation

As an HBS student from a military background, Nils has experience navigating the application process as a veteran and will help you present your strengths to stand out from other students. Demonstrating professional development from military experience in a way that makes sense to the admissions committee can be tough, but Nils has got your back!

MBA Essay Services for Dual-Degree Applicants

As the intersections between business and other sectors grow, dual-degree programs are becoming increasingly popular. Applications can be highly competitive, as admitted cohorts are usually small and you may need to submit two separate applications, so an experienced coach can guide you through the application process.

Business & Environment Dual-Degrees

  • Work with Greg: A dual-degree alumnus from Stanford GSB specializing in climate-focus applications
  • What’s included: Resume template and editing, guidance for choosing recommenders, live essay review sessions, unlimited essay edits, interview prep, waitlist strategy

This comprehensive package is ideal for applicants to dual-degree programs, especially those interested in the environment. Greg will walk you through each step of the dual-degree application process with a personalized and collaborative approach.

Bonus: Free MBA Events

MBA coaching events can be a solid introduction to the application process. Led by one of our expert MBA coaches, these events are a great opportunity to dive into the different MBA programs out there, what admissions committees are looking for, and connect with other prospective applicants. Check out our Free MBA events here.

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