Best 30 Free Resources to Get into Management Consulting

Management consulting jobs have become more and more competitive. Here is our guide to the top thirty free resources to help you prepare for consulting applications, interviews, and jobs.

Posted March 12, 2024

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30 Free Resources to Break into Management Consulting

Management Consulting is one of the most highly sought-after roles since it offers a lot of perks: high salary, travel opportunities, and excellent exit opportunities. However, it’s also a competitive application process, with tens of thousands of students competing to land one of the coveted internship or full-time offers.

Here are some free resources you can use as you prepare for interviews, case studies, or related activities:

Management Consulting Interview and Case Study Prep:

  1. Case Coach’s Free interview prep material - This is designed to help you prepare for the interview at consulting companies like BCG, McKinsey, and Bain
  2. My Consulting Offer’s list of the Interview Process articles - A list of articles that will help you with your interview
  3. Management Consulted’s Free Case Interview Prep Course - Videos that will help you with interview prep
  4. Case Interviews’ Free Case Interview Preparation Program - Includes a video program, interactive Math Practice Tool, case interview tips, partner matching service, and frameworks and slides
  5. Rocketblocks’ Comprehensive, skills-driven interview prep - Offer a 7-day free trial, interview prep course that will help you prepare
  6. Prep Lounge’s Ultimate Guide for Your Case Prep - A comprehensive guide on the case prep interview process for management consulting roles
  7. Pass The Case’ Case Interview Examples - McKinsey / BCG / Bain (October 2021 Update) - Examples for specific companies
  8. My Coach’s Case Interview: A Comprehensive Guide - A guide on the case interview process
  9. I Got An Offer’s Case interview: the ultimate guide - Step-by-step procedure on the case interview process
  10. Indeed’s 10 Case Interview Question Examples (Plus Tips on How To Answer Them) - An article containing interview questions with answers and tips
  11. Think Insights’ Practice Resources: Sample Consulting Case Studies - This offers free case studies that you can answer to practice your management skills
  12. Management Consulted’s Free Case of the Month - Receive a free case each month to help you prepare for case interviews
  13. I Got An Offer’s Case interview examples - McKinsey, BCG, Bain, etc. - Case study examples
  14. Consulting Case 101’s Management Consulting Case Interviews - Sample cases
  15. The Case Interview Workbook - 60 Case Questions for Management Consulting with Solutions
  16. Crafting Case’s Case Interview Examples: The 9 Best in 2021 (McKinsey, Bain, BCG, etc.) - Contains nine best examples for the case interview
  17. M Consulting Prep Case Interview Examples - A comprehensive list of case interview examples
  18. Career In Consulting’s 280 Free Case Interview Examples - 280 Examples of cases to prepare for the interview
  19. Prep Lounge’s Extensive Case Library - Vast selection of management consulting case examples
  20. My Consulting Coach’s Free Case Library - More free cases for interview prep

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Other Resources for Management Consulting:

  1. Case Coach’s Free Resume Course - Includes free videos and resume templates
  2. Management Consulted’s Math Drills - To help you practice your mental math skills
  3. MConsulting Prep’s McKinsey Problem Solving Game - Learn to solve the gamified test designed by Imbellus for McKinsey
  4. MConsulting Prep’s BCG Potential Test/Online Test (2020) - Learn to answer the Potential Test for BCG
  5. MConsulting Prep’s Bain Online Test – The Complete Guide - Learn to answer Bain’s test
  6. My Consulting Offer’s List of Management Consulting Firms to Apply to [2022] - A comprehensive list of the top firms to apply for
  7. Case Tools App - Available on the App Store so you can prepare for your interview on the go
  8. MConsulting Prep’s YouTube channel - Free videos all about management consulting
  9. Yale University’s Case Interview Prep Timeline - Presents a timeline for preparing for case interviews
  10. John Hopkins Carey Business School Consulting Interview Questions - Sample questions that they may ask during the interview

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