Top 30+ Free Resources for the LSAT

Looking to prepare for the LSAT without breaking the bank? Here's our comprehensive guide to the best free resources, including practice tests, study materials, and test-taking strategies. Reach your target score today!

Posted January 9, 2024

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You want to go to law school – great! So, what’s next? Tackling the LSAT, the standardized test required for admission into your dream law school(s). The LSAT assesses your abilities as a test taker, targeting skills like reading comprehension, analytical and logical reasoning, as well as your ability to write clearly and persuasively. Though not comprehensive, LSAT scores are an important factor in your law school admission process.

We know, just as well as anyone does, that preparing for law school is time-consuming and expensive. Worrying about whether or not you pass the LSAT to get into your dream school shouldn’t be your concern. Here at Leland, we want you to succeed – that’s why we provide free LSAT preparation resources like these, to give you the best chance of fulfilling your dreams. Once you’ve reached your target score, book time with a law school admissions coach for personalized help on your application.

Below, you will find the top free resources for LSAT preparation, including practice questions of all of the different question types, free LSAT flashcards, instructional videos, LSAT practice tests, and LSAT prep courses.

Before we dive in, here’s our best recommendation on how you should go about studying for the LSAT:

  1. Check out our list of free resources below
  2. Take 1-2 practice tests, identifying your areas for improvement
  3. Create a study plan that targets your areas of improvement
  4. Continue to study and take practice tests
  5. Work with a law school coach on the rest of your application

Best Free Resources for LSAT Prep

Online Courses

  • Khan Academy offers many free LSAT prep materials, including practice questions and an online prep course. These courses will give you instant feedback on areas you should target in your preparation, and were created in collaboration with the makers of the LSAT.
  • LSAT Max is currently offering a free trial of their top-rated LSAT prep course, including video lessons, practice tests, and analytics on your progress. Sign up for a free trial to access all of their top-rated content.
  • 7Sage LSAT Prep, is a program created by two Harvard Law School grads that includes video lessons, practice questions, and explanations for each question.
  • LSAT Lab offers a free trial of their prep course. The trial includes a comprehensive video library that goes into detail about question types, topics, reasoning structure, and more. They also provide a bank of practice tests, logic games, practice questions, and analytics to track your progress.

Question Banks

  • LSAC Official LSAT Prep Plus: LSAC offers a free study bank containing over 60 real LSAT practice tests, as well as access to LSAC's official LSAT Prep Plus online platform. The study bank is accessible on the LSAC website.
  • Manhattan Review: Access a bank of 90+ sample questions that will help you target specific areas of improvement.
  • 7Sage LSAT Prep: In addition to a course, 7Sage provides students with a free study bank that includes over 10,000 LSAT practice questions. One of the things that sets 7Sage apart from other LSAT resources is that they also include explanations for each question, walking you through the logic and reasoning behind each answer.
  • Kaplan: A series of logical reasoning and logic games questions to help students gauge where they stand.
  • Magoosh: Prep questions along with video explanations to help you learn the skills behind main question types.
  • Get Prepped: A tutoring program created by a team of pro LSAT tutors that includes a free list of sample questions.
  • The LSAT Trainer: 23 total questions with guided video explanations from Mike Kim, author of the most popular LSAT textbook of the last decade by the same name.
  • Cambridge LSAT: Free LSAT logic games taken from real exams, with solutions.


  • Quizlet offers a variety of free LSAT flashcard sets created by other LSAT test takers and instructors. These are searchable flashcards, and can be studied on the Quizlet app anywhere.
  • Magoosh offers a free set of LSAT flashcards that cover key LSAT concepts and strategies. You can download these flashcards as a PDF or use them on the Magoosh LSAT app to study on the go. Magoosh also offers a free practice exam.
  • Brainscape offers a free set of LSAT flashcards that cover all sections of the LSAT. These are available in a mobile form to study anytime, anywhere.
  • Blueprint offers a free trial of their downloadable LSAT Flashcards and logic games to give you a head start on your LSAT preparations.
  • Varsity Tutors LSAT flashcards divided by section of the exam to help you study on-the-go.


  • Manhattan Prep offers an in-depth forum with a variety of pages. These pages target the focuses of the LSAT, from ongoing discussions on logical reasoning and reading comprehension to more generalized study tips. Some of these pages also include a series of free LSAT games to test your analytical skills.
  • 7Sage offers a comprehensive forum for those preparing for the LSAT. It includes discussions of podcasts, webinars, scholarships, study groups and study guides, logic games, and more. Specific pages also discuss the law school admissions process, the bar exam, and specific LSAT dates.
  • The LSAT subreddit is a community of LSAT test takers and experts who discuss LSAT strategies, study tips, and test-taking advice. This forum is not quite as targeted or specific as others, but may help when you need to ask more general questions or study tips for the exam.
  • Top Law Schools is a popular online forum for law school applicants that includes discussions on LSAT preparation, the admissions process, and what life looks like after admission into school.
  • PowerScore hosts a forum on all things LSAT and law school prep, broken down by section.

Forums and other online communities can be fantastic sources of information and support during your preparation for the LSAT. However, it is important to remember that not all online sources have gone through multiple fact-checks. Make sure you approach any online advice with a sense of caution, and do your own research to confirm the accuracy of any information you receive.


  • Thinking LSAT: Hosted by LSAT experts Nathan Fox and Ben Olson, this podcast covers in-depth discussions on test-taking strategies, study tips, and advice. Their website also contains helpful explanations about the different sections of the exam, and would be a fantastic source for those who are looking for more basic explanations of the LSAT.
  • LSAT Unplugged: Hosted by LSAT tutor and admissions expert Steve Schwartz, this podcast covers a wide range of LSAT topics, including test-taking strategies, application tips, and law school admissions advice. The podcast also features interviews with LSAT and law school experts.
  • LSAT Demon Daily: While there are many podcasts discussing law school, the LSAT, and the admissions process, this podcast, hosted by tutor Ben Olsen, is a shorter version, meant to kickstart your day.
  • The Legal Level: This podcast is hosted by LSAT and law school admissions experts Jelena Woehr and Branden Frankel, and focuses on legal careers. This podcast provides a well-rounded look at the LSAT, law school experience, and life as a practicing attorney.

Video Lectures

  • Khan Academy LSAT Prep: Khan Academy offers a series of free instructional videos taught by LSAT experts that cover all the different sections of the test.
  • LSATMax LSAT Prep: LSATMax offers a free video course that includes over 50 video lessons taught by experts.
  • Blueprint LSAT Prep: Blueprint offers a free trial of their video course that includes over 60 video lessons on a variety of topics.
  • Youtube: Videos on YouTube are helpful because many of them target specific sections of the exam or styles of problem.

Other Resources

  • TestMaxPrep: Download a free copy of "The Road to 180", a strategy guide on preparing for the LSAT, to make sure that you're approaching studying in a efficient and effective way.
  • Magoosh: Download their free PDF study guide to see four different study schedules and additional prep and test-taking strategies.
  • Leland Law School Blog: Articles and guides written by experts on the law school admissions process.

Where Can I Start?

We know that studying for any kind of standardized test is difficult and stressful. Thankfully, the right support can make all the difference in reaching your target score, and then some. Wherever you are on the road to law school, we highly recommend working with a law school admissions coach. They'll be able to help you figure out your overall strategy, brainstorm the narrative you want to tell, edit essay drafts, obtain stellar letters of recommendation, and much more.

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