Top 50+ Free Resources for GMAT & GRE Practice

We know that applying to top MBA programs is time-consuming and expensive! When you join Leland, you get an army of support, and that includes free resources like this one.

Posted May 11, 2024

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We know that applying to top MBA programs is time-consuming and expensive! When you join Leland, you get an army of support, and that includes free resources like this one.

Before we dive in, here’s our best recommendation on how you should go about studying for the GMAT or GRE:

  1. Check out the list of 50+ free resources below
  2. Take 1-2 practice tests and identify your areas for improvement
  3. Work with one of our world-class GMAT tutors or GRE tutors

Free resources + tutoring allow you to take advantage of all the amazing free content out there, while also getting the personalized help you need to score your best. Here’s what a recent MBA applicant had to say about one of our top-rated GMAT/GRE tutors:

"I worked with Alex for an hour, and I was blown away at how much I learned in such a short period of time. All of his advice is very intuitive and easy to implement, yet incredibly valuable. Alex not only understands the GMAT problems perfectly, but he also has superb abilities at explaining tricky concepts. If you have the budget to get help from him, I highly recommend. He has got to be one of the top 10 tutors in the world when it comes to the GMAT/GRE."

So without further ado, here are 50+ of the best free online resources for the GMAT and GRE!

Free GMAT Resources

GMAT Practice Tests

  1. GMAC Official Starter Kit + 2 Practice Exams—Two full-length, official practice exams, with the exact same scoring algorithm that the real GMAT exam has (computer adaptive difficulty)
  2. Veritas Prep Free Practice Test—Full-length GMAT practice test
  3. Magoosh Free Practice Test with Answers and Explanations
  4. Manhattan Prep GMAT Starter Kit—Full-length GMAT practice test, GMAT Navigator Foundations of Math program, Foundations of Verbal ebook, lessons on Data Sufficiency and Sentence Correction, time management strategies
  5. Manhattan Prep Practice Test and GMAT Navigator—Full-length GMAT test and an all-in-one GMAT dashboard where you can track your progress with Official Guide (OG) problems, and analyze your strengths and weaknesses based on your work
  6. Princeton Review GMAT Practice Test—Full-length GMAT practice test
  7. 800 Score GMAT Practice Test—Full-length GMAT practice test
  8. Hult International Business School Full Test—Full-length GMAT practice test
  9. GMAT Club Free Quant and Verbal Tests—GMAT Club is full of free practice tests and questions
  10. McGraw-Hill 6 Free GMAT Practice Tests—Their website looks a little old school, but they offer 6 free practice tests!

GMAT Question Banks

  1. Manhattan Review GMAT Quantitative Question Bank—Free eBook with quant questions
  2. Veritas Prep GMAT Question Bank—Hundreds of practice GMAT questions for free
  3. Manhattan Prep GMAT—Find the app in the Apple and Google Play Stores which includes over a thousand practice questions, multiple quizzes, and statistical analysis of your strengths and weaknesses to help you track your progress and areas for improvement
  4. Bloomberg GMAT Prep—Find the app on Apple and/or Google Play to access multiple practice questions in every GMAT category, as well as personalized lessons, live tutoring, and expert help
  5. Ready4 GMAT app—offers full-length practice tests, flashcards, tutoring videos, text and video lessons, and vocabulary flashcards. Note, you may be asked to make additional in-app purchases
  6. The GMAT Mini Quiz—The mini quiz consists of 8 real questions—4 Verbal Reasoning and 4 Quantitative—from past exams. After completing the quiz you can see your estimated GMAT score and answers with explanations so you can analyze your results
  7. GMAT Club Reading Comprehension Question Bank—Full set of sample questions with varying degrees of difficulty
  8. GMAT Club Sentence Correction Question Bank—Full set of sample questions with varying degrees of difficulty
  9. GMAT Club Critical Reasoning Question Bank—Full set of sample questions with varying degrees of difficulty
  10. GMAT Club Problem Solving Question Bank—Full set of sample questions with varying degrees of difficulty
  11. GMAT Club Data Sufficiency Question Bank—Full set of sample questions with varying degrees of difficulty
  12. Hult International Business School Micro and Mini Test—The Micro Test gives you 20 minutes to complete 10 questions, 5 Quantitative and 5 Verbal. The Mini Test simulates the GMAT with about half the actual exam time and questions.
  13. Manhattan Review Free GMAT Test Preparation Download Resources—GMAT in a nutshell, GMAT Sentence Correction Guide, and GMAT Vocabulary List
  14. Veritas Prep GMAT Video Solutions—Free videos explaining various types of GMAT questions including data sufficiency, problem-solving, reading comprehension, sentence correction, and critical reasoning
  15. Test-Guide Free GMAT Practice Tests—Free GMAT test question sets split up across Quant and Verbal
  16. Math Revolution—Free GMAT Sample Video Lessons where you can learn unique techniques, like Variable Approach (DS) and IVY Approach (PS), to make your GMAT prep as easy as possible

Other GMAT Resources

  1. Leland’s Free Slack Community—Hundreds of students who are taking the GMAT/GRE and applying to top MBA programs all in one slack community
  2. Interactive GMAT Exam Tutorial—Preview the look and feel of the GMAT test screens, navigation, and layouts, find out what to expect at the test center, and learn about the structure of the exam.
  3. The Definitive GMAT Study Plan - 2021 Edition—Step-by-step study plan for the GMAT
  4. Veritas Prep Free Trial Class—Take advantage of one free GMAT Class as a trial period with no strings attached.
  5. QSLeap- Access 1000+ GMAT Questions, free prep classes every day (each composed of 30-minute GMAT Math and Verbal sections), and 700+ blogs/videos. Sign-up required.
  6. EMPOWER GMAT 1 Hour Free Instant Trial—EMPOWERgmat offers access to their full course for a trial period of 1 hour, no credit card is required

Free GRE Resources

GRE Practice Tests

  1. ETS Two Free Full-Length GRE Tests—The official website of the GRE offers two free practice tests that simulate the real test and give you an accurate idea of where you are at
  2. Manhattan Prep Free GRE Practice Test—Take a full-length GRE practice test and find out your baseline score. Manhattan Prep also offers GRE flashcards to boost your vocabulary skills, a GRE mobile app for studying on the go, and free study plan guides from expert instructors
  3. Princeton Review Free GRE Practice Test—Full-length GRE Practice Test and GRE Free Prep Trial Classes
  4. CrunchPrep Free GRE Practice Test—Adaptive, full-length GRE practice test
  5. Kaplan Free GRE Practice Test—Full-length GRE Practice test. Upon completion, you can see your score with a detailed report of your strengths and weaknesses. You will also have two weeks of access to instructional videos and additional practice problems covering the most important topics on the GRE. You’ll also have access to the Kaplan Pop Quiz for the GRE to check if you are ready for GRE-type questions
  6. McGraw-Hill Free GRE Practice Test—Access a full GRE Practice Test and Problem-Solving videos online
  7. TPR (Test Prep Review) Full-Length Practice Test—This GRE Practice Test review has free GRE Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning Practice Tests

GRE Question Banks

  1. ETS Official Sample Questions—The official website of the GRE offers sample questions for the Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing sections, test prep videos, practice tests, and more
  2. Manhattan Review Free GRE Question Bank—Online GRE Quantitative Question Bank
  3. Veritas Prep Free Book and Questions—download their Text Completion and Sentence Equivalence book for free tips and analysis on the Analytical Writing, Verbal, and Quantitative Reasoning sections
  4. MajorTests Free Test Questions—Offers GRE prep consisting of free test questions developed by test prep professionals. The website arranges these questions into mini-tests with a scorecard at the end that includes explanations for any questions you got wrong
  5. My GRE Tutor Free Practice Questions—33 free GRE practice questions

Other GRE Resources

  1. Magoosh 1,000 Most Important GRE Words—Free online flashcards to help you master common GRE verbal words
  2. ETS Webinars—Get information directly from the people who make the test about question types and test-taking strategies, tools to get you in touch with recruiters, and more!
  3. Manhattan Prep 'GRE Prep Hour'—you can join twice every month and work with a 99th-percentile GRE instructor who will guide you through various topics on the test and answer any questions you may have
  4. Veritas Prep—FREE Online GRE Strategy Sessions, which will teach you strategies for tackling quantitative and verbal problems on the GRE
  5. QSLeap—Access 1100+ GRE Questions, free 30-minute prep classes every day from some of the best GRE tutors in the world, and over 600 blogs/videos
  6. Brainfuse—Includes a Quick Guide where you can preview a video of sample questions and answers, a Simplified Step-By-Step Guide for the GRE, and Verbal Reasoning and Math Video Lessons
  7. Virtual Math Lab—WTAMU Graduate School offers an online study session for the math section of the general GRE

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