The Top 30 Coaches on Leland: 2023 Edition

When you’re trying to reach your goals, it can make a world of a difference to have people in your corner. Please join us in congratulating and celebrating the top 30 Leland coaches of 2023.

Posted January 10, 2024

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Coaching changes lives. It’s a phenomenon that we’ve personally seen over and over with the tens of thousands of Leland users, and the hundreds of thousands we’ve all witnessed throughout history. Alexander had Aristotle, Oprah had Maya Angelou, Yves St. Laurent had Christian Dior, Bill Gates had Warren Buffet, and Barack Obama had Michelle Robinson, to name just a few.

Historically, however, coaching has been reserved for those who had access to the resources and networks it demanded. That is no longer the case. Now, anyone can acquire the expertise they need to level up in their careers, break into a competitive industry, get into a top school, ace a test, learn new skills, and challenge themselves. As Benjamin Disraeli, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, stated, “The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own.”

Coaches are the foundation of Leland. We hold the highest standards for all the coaches on our platform (now at over 500!) and are beyond grateful for each of their contributions. Please join us in congratulating and celebrating 30 of them who went above and beyond to make a real impact on the lives of their coachees in 2023.

Asha T.

Coaches for: Private Equity, MBA, Investment Banking, Venture Capital

Asha is a Harvard Business School graduate with over seven years of experience in finance (including investment banking, venture capital, and private equity at firms like Apax Partners, J.P. Morgan, and Deutsche Bank). Over the last 4+ years of coaching, she has helped several candidates get into the school, fund, or bank of their choice.

Why do you coach?

I owe almost all my success to people who have mentored me in my career and I now want to give back to others and be a resource for them to achieve their career aspirations.

What is one of your favorite coaching moments?

When I see candidates transform over the course of our coaching journey, it is truly inspiring. One of my favorite moments recently was a candidate getting into not one but two of her top five funds, despite her being unsure whether she was even ready to begin recruiting when we started to work together!

Who is an influential coach in your life?

My dad - he's always been there to help me navigate all sorts of career and life decisions.

Who do you enjoy working with?

I love working with candidates who are eager to put in the time and effort to transform their career journey: hopefully, they are as invested in their process as I am!

Read more about Asha and book a free intro call here.

Kerry P.

Coaches for: MBA, Marketing

Kerry is a former Assistant Director of the MBA Admissions Board at Harvard Business School where she evaluated thousands of applications and helped launch its 2+2 deferred MBA program. She holds an MBA herself from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern, after which she spent eight years in brand marketing at Nestlé, managing iconic brands like Häagen Dazs, Dreyer’s, and Edy’s.

Why do you coach?

I coach because I love helping people to achieve their dreams! The process of guiding clients to really reflect and uncover their unique stories is tremendously rewarding.

What is one of your favorite coaching moments?

Getting the happy call/text/email that a client is in at their dream school (or got the job offer or promotion they were pursuing) never gets old! Aside from that, I recently met a former client (now a Wharton first year) in person for the first time after we'd worked together virtually for a year. Seeing how transformative the MBA experience has already been for her was really special.

Who is an influential coach in your life?

I've been fortunate to have many great bosses, mentors, friends, and coaches who have supported me throughout my professional and personal life. But my most influential "coaches" by far are my parents, whose support, guidance, and example have inspired me and made me who I am.

Who do you enjoy working with?

My favorite clients are self-aware, okay with being vulnerable, and ready to do the hard work and introspection necessary to unearth their most compelling narrative.

Read more about Kerry and book a free intro call here.

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Ben L.

Coaches for: MBA, College, Master’s Programs, Management Consulting, GMAT, Career Development

Ben holds a BA from Washington University in St. Louis and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He has an extensive and varied work history, from consulting at McKinsey & Co. to Economic Development Policy at the City of Chicago Mayor’s Office and investing at Beyond Capital and Bain & Co.’s Private Equity Group. He is now the Founder and CEO of TownSqare Chess.

Why do you coach?

I actually care. I want good people to make the right choices and find themselves on a better path than they thought possible at the start. How do you unpack your motivations and your problems? What's getting to you and holding you back? How do you improve the way you operate? What are your real goals and why do you have them anyway? What values should you lean into, and which should you let go?

Done the right way, great coaching – like a doctor, personal trainer or anyone else that gives direction – should leave you feeling like you can do so much more on your own that you don't need to go back as often. Maybe a check-up every now and again, but when you're healthy, you don't need to see a specialist every other week. And then at some point down the line, you might even feel equipped to pay it forward.

What is one of your favorite coaching moments?

Having three people get into GSB on the same day in round one this cycle was pretty special. But what I remember most was two incredible women I worked with last year who gave me a call within a couple hours of one another. They were both just so naturally excited -- in that happy kind of shock. And yet to me, it was so obvious that with the work they'd put in during the process and in their career and life leading up to that moment, that they were nothing if not deserving.

Who is an influential coach in your life?

My grandma. 

Who do you enjoy working with?

People from all walks of life, who are motivated, proactive, organized and have a real passion for something.

Read more about Ben and book a free intro call here.

Marie B.

Coaches for: GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT

Marie is a professional test tutor with over 18 years of experience helping students achieve great scores and get into top schools. She completed her undergraduate degree in English Literature at Georgetown University and her Master’s in Math Education at Columbia University. She is a self-described test-taking junkie who loves puzzles, math problems, and crosswords. While she enjoys all sections of the test, her real passion is in teaching Quantitative strategies.

Why do you coach?

It's the most amazing job! I watch people transform and improve right before my eyes. My students tell me that I make learning fun, and I truly believe I do--because teaching is so fun for me! And I feel that I do a great job of coaching people through the low points so that we ultimately achieve the well-earned successes!!

What is one of your favorite coaching moments?

I have so many, but if I had to limit myself to 2023, my favorite experience was coaching a person who had a sudden personal crisis that really took her focus off prepping for her test. She fell off the map for a few weeks and then finally reached out and let me know what was going on. I had to be there for her as a friend, not just a tutor and I think I'm good at that--listening to people and being a support system. I'm a good motivator and I get my students in a positive mind frame. Anyway, she hit it out of the park and it was a really sweet win. We were still texting about it days later! It was just the best feeling :)

Who is an influential coach in your life?

I've worked as a math teacher at a few different schools, but my 5 years at Montclair HS (NJ) were my most formative. I was fortunate to be surrounded by some really amazing, creative, and funny teachers. We shared materials and ideas, asked each other for advice on how to deal with difficult situations and how to more clearly deliver instruction. I was very proud to be part of that faculty.

Who do you enjoy working with?

Well, my ideal students are those that start working with me at least 4 months before their intended test dates–that saves me a lot of stress, lol. But other than that, I can't really generalize. Everyone is different and that helps me learn how to teach new people–a wide range of experiences makes for a wide range of expertise. But I guess if I had to really pick a favorite, I would say I like meeting "traditionally bad test takers" who are low-confidence, but hard-working. When I help someone achieve new heights and I see a total transformation of confidence…I mean, there's no better feeling.

Read more about Marie and book a free intro call here.

Jeremy S.

Coaches for: Management Consulting, Career Development

Jeremy holds a BA in Mathematics from Washington University in St. Louis and an MBA from MIT Sloan. He is a former Consultant at Bain & Co., where he spent time on its interview team. Jeremy has more than eight years of experience successfully coaching clients into elite consulting firms and helping them navigate career transitions.

Why do you coach?

I love to help people land their dream jobs! And I love to help people overcome challenges.

What is one of your favorite coaching moments?

When one of my clients landed their dream management consulting role after 6+ months of work together. All of the work we did together was worth it because he's set himself up for success for the rest of his career.

Who is an influential coach in your life?

My mentor Jen Cody at

Who do you enjoy working with?

I love working with people at all stages of consulting interview prep. It can be daunting to learn how to crack cases and perform on behavioral interviews, especially as a busy undergrad or MBA student. As a coach, I am a well of support and guidance in their corner.

Read more about Jeremy and book a free intro call with him here.

Rubee S.

Coaches for: Dental School, DAT, College

Rubee graduated this year from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine where she was also a Board Member of Student Admissions. She was admitted into the dental programs of nine other prestigious schools, including Columbia University, the University of Michigan, and the University of Pennsylvania. She has experience with test tutoring for DAT Bootcamp and as a coach for students and doctors transitioning into the American medical/dental industry.

Why do you coach?

I’ve always loved mentoring students and have done so since high school. I’m passionate about helping others find a way through things that I went through alone, because I think back to how meaningful having a mentor or coach would’ve been for me. Also, I just love working with people and get true happiness from seeing others achieve their dreams.

What is one of your favorite coaching moments?

My favorite coaching moments are always when my students tell me that I have made them feel better. I believe that a big part of coaching is not just results but also the relationship between coach and student. I strive to make the relationships I have with my clients open, honest, and free-flowing so that when I need to be there as a support system I can be.

Who is an influential coach in your life?

My parents. My parents have always believed in me and pushed me to try and achieve heights I never could’ve dreamed of. Whenever I have doubted myself the most, they have always believed in me even more.

Who do you enjoy working with?

I enjoy working with students from non-traditional backgrounds who don’t have the cookie-cutter approach to an application. I find it enjoyable and interesting to get to know these people and come up with a strategy on how we can get them where they want to be.

Read more about Rubee and book a free intro call here.

Sandra Y.

Coaches for: Investment Banking, Private Equity, MBA

Sandra has over eight years of experience at top financial institutions like Lincoln International and Pritzker Private Capital. She holds a BA in Biology from Washington University in St. Louis and is an MBA Candidate at Harvard Business School. Sandra has coached countless clients through recruiting and admissions cycles and helped land offers at institutions and firms like HBS and Moelis & Company.

Why do you coach?

My passion for coaching comes from a natural desire to help others, but also a deep understanding of its power to transform someone’s path. Pursuing a career in finance was entirely fortuitous and I owe all of my success to date from many mentors along the way. Leland has given me the opportunity to share what I’ve learned with all of you and hopefully end up on your list!

What is one of your favorite coaching moments?

Working with my first client, Max! He was a total rockstar and I looked forward to every call. Being part of his journey as he grew and progressed his skillset, ultimately breaking into banking from a non-traditional background, made me extremely proud. I'll always be cheering him along throughout his career.

Who is an influential coach in your life?

One of my first bosses and mentors, Mary. Not only did she believe in me, a biology major with no prior finance experience, but she took the time to invest heavily in my personal and professional development helping me gain the confidence and skills needed to succeed. She's the reason I am where I am today and I can't thank her enough for her support and guidance.

Who do you enjoy working with?

Clearly, I would not be where I am without the mentors in my life and I hope to be the same resource for you! Whether you are an undergraduate trying to break into finance or a pre-MBA associate applying to business school, I am here to help.

Read more about Sandra and book a free intro call here.

Nina P.

Coaches for: Product Management, Career Development

Nina graduated from Vanderbilt and headed to Deloitte as a Consultant. After several years there, she transitioned into Product Operations at Instagram, then Product Management at MasterClass. Nina is now at Harvard Business School earning her MBA. She is passionate about product management coaching and helping people land their dream PM jobs.

Why do you coach?

I struggled to make the transition to Product Management myself and want to pay it forward and coach the next generation of future PMs to securing their dream role.

What is one of your favorite coaching moments?

I love seeing coachees connect the dots and apply feedback from a previous session into their next mock interview.

Who is an influential coach in your life?

My former manager was an amazing coach through all things PM! She taught me how to dig into customer problems, set up customer interviews that aren't biased, weigh the pros and cons of different ways to solve a problem, and ultimately get stakeholder buy-in to build the best solution to a problem.

Who do you enjoy working with?

I love working with clients who are early in their career (worked for a few years or recent grads) who have tested different career hypotheses and need help shaping their skillsets/strengths to their desired roles.

Read more about Nina and book a free intro call here.

Mario D.

Coaches for: MBA, Master’s Programs, College, Management Consulting, Career Development

Mario graduated from Wharton with an undergraduate degree in Finance and Operations before heading to Bain & Co. There, he spent extensive time in the private equity office and led the Penn undergrad recruiting team and Latinos at Bain onboarding experience. After several years at Bain, Mario headed to Stanford to pursue a joint degree program; he graduated with an MBA and Master’s of Education and was an Arbuckle Leadership Fellow and President of the Hispanic Business Students Association.

Why do you coach?

The introspective journey of the business school application process fundamentally altered my life trajectory. Through challenging conversations with my admissions coach, I unearthed the genuine career goals I had unconsciously hidden away. Today, I've reoriented my career around gameplay and youth development, and have never been happier. I coach because I love helping others have similarly transformative journeys.

What is one of your favorite coaching moments?

Rather than the joyous phone call with a client when they receive a positive admissions decision, I most enjoy the moment where something clicks and an applicant knows what their admissions story will be. When I hear an applicant say "This draft is the one. This story feels right" and I can sense the confidence oozing out of them, that's thrilling.

Who is an influential coach in your life?

My life has been full of influential coaches, and I consider myself quite lucky for that. With apologies to my high school's legendary basketball coach and my incredible admissions coach, the coach I'd like to highlight is my summer camp counselor Tarzan Tim. I gave a LOWkeynote speech at Stanford about the influence Tim had on me as the one person of color in a leadership position at camp, and how I strive to be as strong of an example to others as Tim was for me.

Who do you enjoy working with?

Broadly, I enjoy working with someone looking to be challenged by their coach. My coaching style is that of a strict and committed coach; I'm not a "Yes-man" by any means. I will ask the tough questions and give direct feedback from the jump, and I've found this approach to work well. Tactically, the majority of my clients are either management consultants or folks who have a passion for education, youth development, or social impact overall.

Read more about Mario and book a free intro call here.

Tatum P.

Coaches for: College, Marketing

Tatum is an alumna and former Admissions Officer of the University of California–Los Angeles, an institution that frequently receives the most applications in the country. She has read and evaluated over 5,000 applications and knows what it takes to stand out in such a competitive landscape. Beyond her admissions experience, Tatum is the Director of Brand for a global PR firm.

Why do you coach?

I coach because I love helping my clients realize their potential and achieve their goals. I enjoy unpacking complex ideas and instilling a sense of confidence in others. There is no greater reward than watching the worry melt away as I help my clients find the answers they need.

What is one of your favorite coaching moments?

I love the "aha" moments with my clients. One of my favorite of these moments came about when I was workshopping an essay with a student who felt he had nothing unique to write about for his Personal Insight Questions. In conversation together, one of the seemingly "ordinary" interests of this student stood out, so I pressed for more. Ultimately, this passing comment became the central narrative of his essay! Coaching is often about helping a client realize the significance of what they already know. It's about helping them find and illuminate those seemingly ordinary details to tell extraordinary stories and achieve results.

Who is an influential coach in your life?

I have had many mentors and professional managers throughout my career, though I have probably learned the most meaningful lessons from my parents. They've always encouraged me to stay tenacious and pursue my passions, but have also reminded me to stay humble and kind.

Who do you enjoy working with?

I enjoy working with clients who can clearly articulate their goals, no matter how audacious. It's my job to define the journey and how we get there; your part is telling me what it is you want to achieve! I am happy to work with clients wherever they are in their process, but I do love to get a head start, so I always appreciate when clients come to me early on.

Read more about Tatum and book a free intro call here.

Elijah B.

Coaches for: Medical School

Elijah graduated from BYU with a BS in Neuroscience and is now in his final year of school at the UCLA School of Medicine, where he is also on the Prospective MD Review Board. In his application process, Elijah at the opportunity to interview and be accepted at a number of top medical institutions, including Stanford’s School of Medicine and Weill Cornell Medical College. He’s spent time as an MCAT tutor and applicant advisor and has an intimate understanding of how admissions committees assess their most competitive applicants.

Why do you coach?

Coaching is an opportunity for me to listen to the amazing stories and ideas of those who will be my future colleagues, and provide suggestions, feedback, and guidance on how to harness such impressive experiences for the most benefit to the applicant. It's incredibly rewarding and humbling for me to interact with such brilliant people, and there's nothing better than celebrating success (along the way and in the final achievement)!

What is one of your favorite coaching moments?

I love to see when an applicant's personal statement really begins to crystalize and take shape. It's an exceptional experience to observe people as they soul-search and distill some of their most important values into a single story, it tells a lot about the character of that person and connects their life experiences to who they are and what they value. This is made more poignant when clients see success in their admissions process and future careers, because I have an insider's view knowing they are deeply authentic in their pursuits.

Who is an influential coach in your life?

The majority of any "success" that I've had in my career is due to the generous sharing of perspective by mentors. Busy doctors with loads on their plates have taken time to meet, get lunch, and read my materials/advise my next steps at every phase of my training so far.

Who do you enjoy working with?

I enjoy working with anyone and everyone who is pursuing medical training. Each step of the process, from undergraduate timing and MCAT, to preparing med school or (much later) residency applications, is unique and confusing in its own right. I feel lucky to get to help clarify some of the haziness.

Read more about Elijah and book a free intro call here.

Karla M.

Coaches for: MBA, Master’s Programs, Investment Banking, Management Consulting

Karla completed a concurrent MBA/MPP at the University of Chicago and Harvard, respectively, then joined JP Morgan’s Technology coverage group in the Investment Banking division in San Francisco. She was accepted into five M7 MBA programs with over $1 million in scholarship offers. Karla was also recently identified as a Rising Star by the Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA).

Why do you coach?

I am driven by a steadfast belief that individuals have the potential to achieve their goals with the right skills and guidance. My own background as an immigrant from a resource-constrained but determined family has given me perspective on the barriers that many people face in achieving their goals. Despite my humble beginnings, I was able to earn admission to five top MBA programs and the Harvard Kennedy School, receiving over $1 million in scholarship offers along the way. I am passionate about helping others overcome obstacles and achieve success without having to rely on luck to lead meaningful lives of consequence.

What is one of your favorite coaching moments?

Helping a candidate from an overrepresented background with a 640 GMAT get into a top 10 program!

Who is an influential coach in your life?

I am immensely grateful for the invaluable support and guidance I received from a mentor who played a pivotal role in my journey to business school. Her genuine interest in nurturing aspiring leaders were evident in the personalized advice and encouragement she provided. Her insights into the application process, strategic career planning, and navigating the complexities of business school greatly influenced my success. Inspired by her generosity, I am now committed to working with others.

Who do you enjoy working with?

People willing to do deep introspection and put together the very best materials.

Read more about Karla and book a free intro call here.

Avi L.

Coaches for: GMAT, GRE, MBA, College

Avi has spent most of his life in the world of admissions. He is a former Application Reader for the University of California–Berkeley and spent eight years as the Director of Admissions Consulting at the University of Southern California. Avi also worked as a professional writer and editor at the LA Times.

Why do you coach?

I feel fulfilled doing it and I feel I bring value to my clients. I was born to be a teacher.

What is one of your favorite coaching moments?

A client who had no business getting into Stanford was accepted. The essays we put together made it so the admissions committee could not deny him.

Who is an influential coach in your life?

My wife.

Who do you enjoy working with?

No preference–I learn from all of them as much as they do from me.

Read more about Avi and book a free intro call here.

Mike M.

Coaches for: Product Management, MBA

Mike graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Business and Computer Science and is a deferred MBA admit to Harvard Business School. He is a Product Manager at Leland (where we are very happy to have him) and has product experience at companies of all sizes–from early-stage startups to $100 billion dollar enterprises.

Why do you coach?

I coach because coaching and mentorship have made all the difference in my life. If it weren't for my amazing older siblings, mentors, and coaches, I don't know where I'd be.

What is one of your favorite coaching moments?

Almost nothing compares to an "I got the job" message, especially when it's someone who really deserves it. Recently, one of my clients, a first-generation college international student got their dream offer. It was so fun celebrating with them.

Who is an influential coach in your life?

This past year I worked with Kerry, one of Leland's MBA coaches. I cannot say enough good things about her. She changed my life for the better.

Who do you enjoy working with?

I love working with people who are trailblazers. This past year, I've worked with clients from France, Puerto Rico, Singapore, the Philippines, and Canada.

Read more about Mike and book a free intro call here.

Susie B.

Coaches for: College

Susie graduated from BYU in English and German before beginning a career teaching. She has since become a published author and college essay coach of 16+ years. Being on all sides of the writing process has given Susie a unique perspective on the admissions essays and making them excellent.

Why do you coach?

Applying to universities and other competitive admissions programs feels complicated and daunting. I coach to help clients cut through those feelings of overwhelm by giving them a roadmap and guiding them throughout the process. I love connecting with clients on a personal level so I can help them understand and articulate their unique qualities, their strengths, and their potential.

What is one of your favorite coaching moments?

One of my clients has both dysgraphia and dyslexia. As a result, she puts forth a tremendous amount of effort that often yields disappointing academic results. Although she acknowledged that her diagnoses are significant challenges, she had never fully recognized that those same challenges had led to a remarkable strength of character. As I pointed out that her character includes an outstanding work ethic, incredible tenacity, and strong resilience - the likes of which I rarely see at that age - she got it (and we both cried). This newfound understanding gave her confidence to write insightful, compelling essays that shone a beautiful light on her strengths and how she can contribute uniquely and positively to a university.

Who is an influential coach in your life?

My dad. He was super smart (had a PhD), he was wise, and he taught me many important things about life without sitting down to teach me about life. I want to be like him when I grow up and I miss him every day.

Who do you enjoy working with?

I enjoy working with clients at the beginning of their journeys to help them recognize the big picture of who they are so their application and essays accurately reflect that big picture. I also enjoy working with clients throughout their essay writing journeys. Writing essays that accurately say what you mean feels impossible sometimes; I love making it possible.

Read more about Susie and book a free intro call here.

Lola A.

Coaches for: Business Strategy & Operations, Product Management, Management Consulting, College

Lola’s career began in investment banking at Goldman Sachs as a Summer Analyst, before she joined McKinsey & Co. as a Business Analyst for three years. After McKinsey, she pivoted into tech at Deliveroo; there, she transitioned into product management. Most recently, Lola moved to Stripe to lead Product Strategy & Ops for their African Business unit, Paystack. Throughout her career, she also secured offers the following offers: Goldman Sachs full-time Analyst, Google Product Marketing Manager, and Facebook Rotational Product Manager.

Why do you coach?

I've benefitted so much from people pouring into me with encouragement and support. I love helping people unlock their potential and tapping into their dreams and goals.

What is one of your favorite coaching moments?

Helping one of my clients get an offer with their dream company!

Who is an influential coach in your life?

My brother.

Who do you enjoy working with?

I love working with clients who are at a moment of transition, on the cusp of tapping into a new version of themselves or stepping into their potential.

Read more about Lola and book a free intro call here.

Cian S.

Coaches for: Management Consulting, Law School, College, Master’s Programs

Cian graduated from Columbia University with a BA in Political Science, was a Schwarzman Scholar at Tsinghua University in Beijing, and is a deferred admit to Harvard Law School. He is a Senior Associate at McKinsey with prior experience at BlackRock, PwC, and the United States Senate.

Why do you coach?

I coach to help students and young professionals achieve their goals faster. The lessons I've learned have proved very much valuable to me, and I hope to pass them along to others looking to carve out a role for themselves making the world more equitable, efficient, and sustainable.

What is one of your favorite coaching moments?

When I had a trip to Qatar upcoming for an interview and a new client happened to have grown up in Doha! He had lots of recommendations for me and insights on the region and culture. Coaching is a two way street!

Who is an influential coach in your life?

My Mom is definitely my number one life coach -- I still turn to her for advice nearly every day. Also, my friends from undergrad and my Master's. Those groups know me really well -- my aspirations, fears, strengths, weaknesses. I've come to really appreciate their encouragement and frank advice when it's needed.

Who do you enjoy working with?

I really enjoy working with clients who have a vision for the impact they want to have on the world -- whether a specific region they want to contribute to, a policy change they want to make, etc. A clear sense for how you aspire to leave a mark on the world is a great north star that will guide how you present yourself and articulate why a certain opportunity is a no-brainer for you.

Geri T.

Coaches for: MBA

Geri is a former Associate Director of Admissions at Harvard Business School, where spent eight years reviewing and evaluating applications, conducting interviews, and marketing the program. She also helped launch and manage the HBS’ 2+2 Program for deferred admissions. Geri holds a degree from the University of Delaware and has spent the majority of her life in higher education.

Why do you coach?

I coach because I love working with smart, eager, and dedicated people who are excited about their academic goals. I enjoy utilizing my expertise to help deserving people present themselves to the admissions committees in the best possible light. I also coach because I get joy from helping people through what can be a stressful and anxiety-ridden process. I serve as an open and honest partner who can offer a calm, reassuring voice when needed or a plan of action when things get hairy. Coaching gives me the opportunity to help people through an important journey in their life and I feel lucky to be able to do so!

What is one of your favorite coaching moments?

I coached a client with a strong dislike of interviewing but she said that she felt so prepared after working together, that she went into the interview with confidence and came out knowing she killed it!

Who is an influential coach in your life?

My influential coach is my best friend - she has always been my greatest cheerleader, propping me up and making me believe in myself in times of doubt.

Who do you enjoy working with?

I love working with military clients (unbelievable experience), college seniors (eager, ready to take on the world), and anyone who is excited to do the personal deep dive necessary for the process.

Read more about Geri and book a free intro call here.

Connor C.

Coaches for: Private Equity, Investment Banking

Connor graduated with a BS in Finance from Brigham Young University, then joined JP Morgan as an Investment Banking Analyst. After several years there, he left for Warburg Pincus as a Private Equity Associate. Connor is now an MBA Candidate at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Why do you coach?

It is very rewarding to help individuals achieve their career goals and break into the PE/IB world.

What is one of your favorite coaching moments?

Helping a first-year investment banker navigate multiple off-cycle interview processes and land a stellar private equity associate job with a megafund.

Who is an influential coach in your life?

A BYU finance professor.

Who do you enjoy working with?

Investment banking analysts.

Read more about Connor and book a free intro call here.

Avery W.

Coaches for: Medical School

Avery graduated summa cum laude from UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in Quantitative Biology before heading directly to the MD program at the University of California–San Francisco, a top-five medical school. As someone on the newer side of the med school application process, she offers an up-to-date perspective on MCAT prep and standing out. As an Admitting Interviewer for UCSF, she also has a deep understanding of what top schools are looking for.

Why do you coach?

I coach because when I was applying to medical school, I realized the most valuable advice comes from current medical students who recently completed the application process. However, I did not know how to get in touch with current medical students at my top 5 schools, so there was a lot of uncertainty in the process. I love having the opportunity to be a helpful resource for premed students who have a lot of fears or uncertainties about the medical school application process.

What is one of your favorite coaching moments?

My favorite coaching moment was when my client told me that I am kind, warm, and positive, just as they expected based on my social media presence. They told me my positivity about the medical school application process inspired them to commit to applying when they were ready to give up.

Who is an influential coach in your life?

My mom is an influential coach in my life because she has the special gift of being able to call someone out when they are in the wrong without offending or alienating them. Her ability to be kindly honest with people allows her to be a great leader.

Who do you enjoy working with?

I enjoy working with clients who reach out to me early in their undergraduate career because there is time to do all of the necessary planning to make them the strongest applicant possible.

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Andy P.

Coaches for: MBA, Master’s Programs, College

Andy studied economics at Stanford where he served as a writing tutor for the university’s most rigorous and selective humanities track and as the Managing Editor of The Stanford Review. After graduation, he worked with an e-commerce startup and as a screenwriter in LA before transitioning to MBA admissions full-time. Since 2022, Andy has worked with three top-rated admissions firms and helped over 200 people get into top schools.

Why do you coach?

I love helping applicants think about their core strengths and learn new things about how awesome they are.

What is one of your favorite coaching moments?

Aside from getting that ecstatic email or phone call about being admitted to their first-choice school, of course, I love hearing that they learned something new about themselves that had never occurred to them.

Who is an influential coach in your life?

My mom; despite being a single parent with a full-time job, she taught me more than anyone else about writing, being persistent and relentlessly optimistic, and choosing to look for and stay focused on the best in people.

Who do you enjoy working with?

Anyone who really wants to work hard as part of a team effort to identify and tell the best possible version of their story. True collaboration is what makes this fun, not to mention successful!

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Emily H.

Coaches for: Management Consulting, Career Development, College

Emily graduated in three years from the University of Chicago with degrees in Economics and Visual Arts, where she was awarded scholarships as the top female student. She has since started her own six-figure design agency, collaborated with the UN on artwork, authored a book, co-founded a startup, and worked at places like Goldman Sachs and McKinsey. Emily is now in Growth Strategy at Ramp.

Why do you coach?

I want to broaden my reach to help students in areas that I wish I received coaching in.

What is one of your favorite coaching moments?

Receiving positive news from students!

Who is an influential coach in your life?

My friends – if not for them, I would not have had the courage to be a coach myself.

Who do you enjoy working with?

Students looking to gain more perspective on whether a pathway is right for them and how to get started.

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Timothy F.

Coaches for: MBA, GMAT, Management Consulting

Timothy graduated with a degree in Economics and Finance before starting his career at Goldman Sachs. After several years there, he headed to the University of Chicago Booth School of Business to pursue an MBA. At Booth, Timothy worked as an admissions fellow, reviewing applications and interviewing almost 100 applicants across multiple quarters. He is now a Project Leader at the Boston Consulting Group, advising mostly on Gen AI, enterprise transformation, and organizational design.

Why do you coach?

Throughout my life, I have been fortunate to receive guidance from numerous coaches, and it brings me immense joy to witness individuals reach milestones that profoundly transform their careers and lives.

What is one of your favorite coaching moments?

Beyond the joy of hearing that a client has been admitted to their dream school, I love seeing them start to picture themselves as an integral part of the school's community—a vision that consistently emerges through our collaborative partnership.

Who is an influential coach in your life?

My two brothers – I have spent my entire life trying to be more like them and cannot count the number of life lessons they have taught me. They are the first people I go to for professional and personal advice.

Who do you enjoy working with?

My ideal clients are those who are committed to the rigorous application process. Many applicants initially underestimate the effort and introspection required to create a standout application. I particularly appreciate clients who embrace this journey wholeheartedly, as their narratives ultimately evolve into the most compelling and impactful ones.

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Debby C.

Coaches for: Master’s Programs, PhD, Higher Education, PA

Debby is a former Director of Graduate Admissions at Stanford University, where she spent nine years deeply entrenched in reviewing thousands of applications. After Stanford, she started an independent admissions consulting firm helping students apply to top graduate programs across the US, Canada, the UK, and Europe. Her specialty is helping applicants present the most favorable, compelling, and accurate pictures of what they have to offer.

Why do you coach?

I coach because I am passionate about unlocking students' full potential, fostering self-confidence, and enhancing communication skills. Navigating the graduate school application process can be complex, filled with unspoken "rules" and insider norms, often leading applicants astray based on unreliable rumors. By offering accurate and honest information, I aim to set the record straight, ensuring prospective students highlight the most impactful aspects of their applications. Coaching becomes a transformative journey, empowering individuals to present their authentic selves and maximize their chances of success in academia.

What is one of your favorite coaching moments?

I had the privilege of working with a student who had faced multiple rejections while applying to graduate school. Despite her low GPA, I was able to help her craft a compelling essay that highlighted her extensive knowledge and her aspirations for implementing it in an academic setting. As a result, she received offers from top 10 universities in her field of study and even secured a scholarship after successful negotiations. She eventually went on to attend an Ivy League school, proving that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.

Who is an influential coach in your life?

The women who have shown me the ropes at Stanford have greatly influenced me, inspiring me to strive for greatness.

Who do you enjoy working with?

I enjoy working with individuals who are passionate about their goals and are willing to collaborate to take their applications to the next level. I am particularly adept at working with those who may not feel confident in their potential for graduate studies. Every person has a unique story to tell, and I am eager to help clients showcase their strengths, even if they are unaware of them. One of my greatest strengths is to inspire my clients to see what is possible and work with them to make their dreams a reality.

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Sage P.

Coaches for: GMAT

Sage has been helping students improve their GMAT skills for over ten years. During his seven years at Manhattan Prep, he taught classes and worked on the curriculum development team. Sage likes the GMAT–he enjoys the challenges of its puzzles and the development of skills to solve them. On his most recent exam, he personally scored a 780.

Why do you coach?

I coach for the satisfaction of seeing my students develop.

What is one of your favorite coaching moments?

When I hear, “This is more interesting than I realized!”

Who is an influential coach in your life?

My old piano teacher.

Who do you enjoy working with?


Arielle A.

Coaches for: MBA

Arielle started her career as a Management Consultant at PwC before transitioning into health tech at UnitedHealthcare. She then went to Harvard Business School for her MBA program, where she was a student admissions fellow and Co-VP of Admissions for the Afircan American Student Union. After business school, Arielle joined Teladoc Health as an Associate Director in their strategy rotational program.

Why do you coach?

It feels incredibly meaningful to help people understand themselves and their goals more clearly. Applying to business school can be daunting, and I appreciate the opportunity to walk alongside applicants in their journeys.

What is one of your favorite coaching moments?

One of my favorite moments was working with a candidate who received acceptances to several top MBA programs. She'd been so thoughtful and committed in her approach to her applications, and it was wonderful to see her effort pay off with back-to-back acceptance decisions.

Who is an influential coach in your life?

My husband, Stephen, has been an incredible coach for me for the decade we've known each other. From coaching me on presentations in college to helping me navigate career decisions more recently, he has consistently encouraged me and provided feedback when needed.

Who do you enjoy working with?

I work best with clients who understand the importance of self-reflection when beginning their MBA applications. I love helping clients "connect the dots" and tell stories that are meaningful and true to their experiences.

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Chip L.

Coaches for: Management Consulting, MBA, Business Strategy & Operations

Chip is a former Senior Consultant at Bain & Co., investment banker at Rothschild & Co., and private equity associate at American Securities turned entrepreneur specializing in consumer goods. He started a viral business called Romphim, raising $300K in a week, and is now the Founder and CEO at Podium, a DTC brand backed by Guild Capital. Chip also holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Why do you coach?

I tell my wife that coaching is the best part of my day. It's the time when I feel most myself and most helpful to the world.

What is one of your favorite coaching moments?

Helping to fine-tune essays close to the deadline. It ratchets up the level of intensity, and makes the outcomes better when you can come a long way in a short period of time. Please don't procrastinate, but if/when you do, it makes it fun!

Who is an influential coach in your life?

Rick Desai, Professor at Kellogg and Partner at Listen Ventures.

Who do you enjoy working with?

Anyone who is willing to have fun in the process. Applying to consulting and MBA is a stressful, step-by-step process, but the best applicants and clients are those that realize that to generate the most rewarding insights and stories, you have to have fun with it.

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Reagan C.

Coaches for: MBA, Management Consulting, College, and GRE

Reagan is currently pursuing a dual MBA / MPP at Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School. She graduated with a degree in Political Science from BYU before transitioning into consulting at Bain & Co. During her time there, Reagan also completed an externship at the Bill & Melinda Gate’s Foundation.

Why do you coach?

Everybody deserves open doors and an even playing field.

What is one of your favorite coaching moments?

I had a client all the way in Australia who was scheduling sessions with me at 6am every morning (her time) to practice case interviews for, like, months. When she landed her BCG offer I was ELATED.

Who is an influential coach in your life?

Drs. Quinn Mecham and Dan Nielson: Undergrad professors who have had my back through every chapter. They have tirelessly educated me, slaved over letters of rec, opened their homes to me, and modeled the type of "grown-up" I so wish to be.

Who do you enjoy working with?

I love working with clients who aren't quite sure about themselves yet... I feel so lucky every time I get to be a part of the conversation in which somebody realizes just how capable they are. I get particularly excited about girls like me -- those who come from atypical academic, personal, or career backgrounds but decide to shoot their shot regardless.

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Nick V.

Coaches for: Management Consulting, GMAT, ACT, College

Nick graduated with a degree in Economics and Chinese and two minors in Strategy and Entrepreneurship. While enrolled, he was the president of his university’s management consulting club and has spent hundreds of hours on consulting recruiting prep. He, personally, received offers from both BCG and McKinsey. Nick is now the Co-founder and COO of the YC-backed startup Relay Health.

Why do you coach?

The trajectory of my life and career has improved and shifted multiple times due to the mentorship and advice of a few people who walked the path ahead of me. I find deep fulfillment in passing on the expertise that was shared with me and watching the trajectory of others’ lives change as a result!

What is one of your favorite coaching moments?

One favorite coaching moment was the time a client let me know he increased his GMAT score by 50 points - up to a 750 - and he attributed the improvement to all the frameworks I’d taught him.

Who is an influential coach in your life?

An influential coach in my life is my undergrad behavioral economics professor, Dr. Joe Price. He changed the way I make decisions both career-related and otherwise, and his advice has had a strong impact on my daily life.

Who do you enjoy working with?

I particularly enjoy working with clients who feel like they’ve been in a rut - people who have prepped and worked and done everything they can but can’t seem to make improvement. When we work together and I see them feeling like they’ve finally made progress, it makes their achievement so much sweeter!

Blake Y.

Coaches for: ACT, SAT, College

Blake graduated from Harvard with a degree in Integrative Biology and Computer Science and a GPA in the top 5%. He has more than six years of test tutoring experience and scored a 35 on the ACT himself. In addition to Harvard, Blake was admitted into Stanford, Cornell, and Brown.

Why do you coach?

I'm acutely aware of the value and opportunities that an excellent education can offer. Yet, I also understand the pressures and challenges of preparing for competitive tests like the SAT and ACT. I believe my experiences and insights can help guide students through these challenges and demystify the process.

What is one of your favorite coaching moments?

One of my top moments has definitely been working with a student who raised their ACT score from a 22 to a 33. The hard work and progress paid off in such a tangible way. It was incredibly rewarding to see, but it was also amazing to watch many of my students go on to earn great scholarships for college. Knowing that I had a hand in helping them achieve their goals and set them up for a bright future is something I'm really proud of.

Who is an influential coach in your life?

The most influential coach in my life has been my older brother. He's never been a coach in the traditional sense of the word, but the guidance and support he has provided me are unmatched. His honesty has been the compass that's helped me navigate life's trickiest situations, and his hardworking nature has been the blueprint for my own work ethic.

Growing up, I always looked up to him. He wasn't just good at what he did; he was good, period. Whether it was sports, studies, or just being a decent human being, he set the bar high. He approached everything with a seriousness and dedication that I admired. It wasn't just about getting things done; it was about doing them right. When I struggled, he was there with a patient word and a nudge in the right direction—not to solve my problems for me, but to remind me that I was more than capable of solving them myself. His encouragement was never loud or showy, just a steady presence that said, "I believe in you." His example taught me that success isn't just about talent. It's about showing up, day in and day out, and putting in the work even when it feels like you're getting nowhere. It's about being honest with yourself about what you want and what you're willing to do to get it.

Now, whenever I'm faced with a challenge, I think about what my brother would do. He likely doesn't even realize the extent of his influence on me, but it's because of him that I've learned to value integrity over shortcuts and hard work over quick wins. He's my role model, my unofficial life coach, and I'm endlessly grateful for his unwavering honesty and grit.

Who do you enjoy working with?

I am most invigorated when I work with students who are not just keen to complete their homework but are voraciously hungry for knowledge. These are the learners who light up at the end of a lesson, already anticipating the next, their minds teeming with questions and a genuine thirst for deeper understanding. Engaging with these students is like a breath of fresh air; it's what teaching is all about for me. I come to each session with a trove of knowledge—thousands of concepts, insights, and perspectives that I'm eager to share.

But, this wealth of information is best unlocked by a student with an appetite for learning. When I encounter a student who is eager to go beyond the syllabus, who sees homework not as a chore but as an opportunity, it allows me to delve into the vast repository of lessons I'm eager to impart. This dynamic creates a learning environment where the student's enthusiasm and my teaching create a powerful synergy, transcending the traditional boundaries of education. I am looking for students who consider 'enough' to be merely a starting point and are always asking, 'What's next?' My ideal students are those who, after mastering a concept, are ready to ask, "How can I apply this?" or "Can we explore this further?" They are the ones who are not satisfied with scratching the surface; they want to dig deeper, to understand the why and the how, not just the what.

To these students, I say: come with your boundless energy and insatiable hunger for learning. Together, we will explore the thousands of things I am eager to teach, going beyond the curriculum, beyond the classroom, and perhaps, even beyond what you thought was possible to learn.

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Emerging Elite

Meet the 15 coaches who are quickly rising through the ranks. Though newer to the platform, they have all already demonstrated their incredible expertise and coaching skills. We're excited to continue watching them grow on Leland!

Devery D.

  • Coaches for: College, MBA
  • Former Senior Admissions Officer at Harvard University, Professional Admissions Coach, McCombs MBA and Forté Fellow

Prabha D.

  • Coaches for: Product Management
  • Former Product Manager at Meta, Senior PM at Grow Therapy (Series B startup)

Bryce R.

  • Coaches for: ACT, SAT, GMAT, GRE, College, Career Development
  • University of Miami Graduate, Professional Test Tutor, 100+ Students Coached

David V.

  • Coaches for: Investment Banking, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Management Consulting, MBA, Master's Programs
  • Former IB at Bank of America, Investment Associate at Ares Management, and Case Team Leader at Bain; Stanford MBA/MPP

Bruce H.

  • Coaches for: GRE, GMAT
  • Professional Test Coach with 10+ Years of Experience, Wharton MBA, Former UCLA Test Instructor

Melanie E.

  • Coaches for: Executive, MBA
  • Cornell BS / Columbia MBA, Former Consultant at McKinsey & Co., Professional Coach

Max A.

  • Coaches for: Investment Banking, Private Equity
  • Stanford GSB MBA Candidate, ex-IB Analyst at Lazard and Qatalyst Partners, and Senior Associate at Vector Capital Management

Cat P.

  • Coaches for: GRE
  • Harvard BA / Columbia MFA, Former Columbia Writing Instructor, Manhattan Prep GRE Tutor, 338 GRE

Mel B.

  • Coaches for: College, Master's Programs
  • 10+ Years of Experience in University Enrollment Departments, including at Stanford University, UT Austin, and New York University

Conor A.

  • Coaches for: Law School, LSAT
  • UVA BA / Harvard Law School JD, 7+ Years of Professional LSAT/Law School Admissions Coaching, T14 Specialist

Craig T.

  • Coaches for: Private Equity, Investment Banking
  • Wharton MBA, Formerly IB at Goldman Sachs, PE Associate at KKR & Co., Founder/CEO, and WallStreet Oasis Bootcamp Instructor

Kirsten S.

  • Coaches for: College
  • Barnard College BA / Columbia M.S., Former Admissions Committee at Princeton University, Professional Journalist

Rohan J.

  • Coaches for: Medical School, College
  • Columbia BA in Biology, Tuft's University MD, Anesthesiology Residency at Weill Cornell, and Fellowship at Harvard Medical School

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