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April 18, 2024

How to Turn ACT and SAT Scores into Scholarship Money

Did you know that you could secure a great scholarship based on your ACT, SAT, and even PSAT score?! Some of these scholarships are even granted automatically, no application required.

March 7, 2024

Test-Optional: What Does it Mean and Should I Take the ACT or SAT?

An expert admission coach's perspective on what "test-optional" really means in college applications, and whether or not you should take the test and submit your scores.

January 10, 2024

The Top 30 Coaches on Leland: 2023 Edition

When you’re trying to reach your goals, it can make a world of a difference to have people in your corner. Please join us in congratulating and celebrating the top 30 Leland coaches of 2023.

January 10, 2024

Best Free Resources to Prepare for the ACT and SAT

A list of the top free resources to help you succeed as your prepare to take these standardized tests and apply to college.

January 10, 2024

The ACT vs. SAT: Which to Take and How to Ace Both

A comparison of the ACT and SAT including the different sections, time allocations, and difficulty levels, and more.

January 10, 2024

SAT Game Plan: How to Master Every Concept

Overwhelmed by the SAT? Need a strategic, straightforward study plan that gives you actual results? Bryce R, a test prep coach who has helped over 100 students, provides his insight and master plan to tackle every concept on the SAT.

April 14, 2023

How to Break the Cycle of Performance Anxiety

Everyone has experienced anxiety. Often, it comes on the verge of important events: job interviews, art shows, performance evaluations, etc. Here is how to break the cycle of anxiety to present your best self.

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