How to Improve Sentence Correction for a Higher GMAT Score

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Posted May 24, 2023

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If you’re planning to pursue an MBA program, you’re probably aware of the importance of a good GMAT score. Whether you’re applying to top-tier schools or just trying to get into a decent program, the GMAT is a critical factor. It’s a standardized test that assesses your skills in verbal, quantitative, and analytical reasoning. One aspect of the GMAT that often causes test-takers anxiety is the Sentence Correction (SC) section. However, with the right approach and preparation, you can improve your performance on this section and boost your overall GMAT score.

Why Sentence Correction is Important for GMAT

One of the major reasons the SC section is critical in the GMAT is that it tests your proficiency in standard written English, which is essential for academic and professional success. Furthermore, in the context of the GMAT, the SC section mainly assesses your command of grammar and syntax, which are essential skills for effective communication in various contexts. The SC section is a crucial component of the GMAT Verbal section, which represents 50% of your overall score.

Understanding the GMAT Sentence Correction Section

The SC section presents you with a series of sentences, each of which contains an underline or highlighted portion that may contain an error. Your task is to identify the correct or improved version of the underlined portion. The section usually comprises 15-20 questions, and you have 75 minutes to complete it. Each question usually consists of a sentence that ranges in length and complexity, and each question tests a specific grammar rule or concept.

Common Errors in GMAT Sentence Correction

Some of the most common errors you encounter in the SC section include subject-verb agreement, pronoun usage, verb tense, modifier placement, parallelism, idioms, and syntax. For example, many questions deal with getting the right tense or agreement for singular or plural verbs and subject nouns. Other questions require you to choose the correct pronoun to refer to a noun or determine where to place a modifier or preposition. These errors are designed to test your foundational understanding of grammar concepts and your ability to apply them in complex sentences.

Tips and Tricks to Improve Your GMAT Sentence Correction Score

Improving your performance in the SC section requires a combination of practice, strategy, and familiarity with grammar concepts. Some strategies that can help you improve your score include:

The Role of Grammar in GMAT Sentence Correction

As mentioned earlier, the SC section evaluates your grasp of standard written English grammar and syntax. Some of the most essential grammar rules you need to master for the GMAT include subject-verb agreement, pronoun usage, verb tense, modifier placement, parallelism, idioms, and syntax. These rules form the foundation of effective written communication and are crucial not only for the GMAT but also for professional, academic, and personal contexts.

How to Analyze a Sentence Correction Question in GMAT

When tackling an SC question in GMAT, it’s essential to take a structured approach. One recommended method is to:

Practice Makes Perfect: Best Resources for GMAT Sentence Correction Practice

Practice is key to improving your performance in the SC section. Some of the best resources to practice include:

How to Develop a Strategy for GMAT Sentence Correction Section

Developing a clear and effective strategy for the SC section can save you time, boost your confidence and improve your score. Some recommended strategies include:

Avoiding Traps and Pitfalls in GMAT Sentence Correction

The SC section often contains traps and pitfalls designed to confuse and mislead test-takers. Some of the most common traps include:

Commonly Tested Topics in GMAT Sentence Correction and How to Master Them

Some of the most commonly tested grammar concepts in the SC section include:

The Importance of Time Management in the GMAT Sentence Correction Section

Time management is critical in the GMAT, and particularly in the SC section. You have 75 minutes to answer approximately 15-20 questions, which means that you should aim to answer each question within 1-2 minutes. Effective time management requires you to develop a method of pacing yourself, avoiding getting bogged down in the details of each question, and moving on when unsure.

How to Review Your Mistakes and Improve Your GMAT Sentence Correction Score

Even after you’ve practiced and honed your skills in the SC section, it’s essential to review your mistakes to identify patterns and gaps in your understanding. Some recommended steps for reviewing mistakes include:


In conclusion, the Sentence Correction section is an important aspect of the GMAT and requires preparation, practice, and strategic thinking. By understanding the mechanics of grammar, identifying common errors, and practicing with official resources, you can improve your performance on the SC section and increase your chances of getting a higher overall score. Develop a clear strategy, avoid common traps and pitfalls, and don’t forget to review your mistakes to ensure that you’re continually improving.

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