How to Answer the "Why EY Parthenon?" Interview Question

Learn how to ace the "Why EY Parthenon?" interview question for this competitive firm with our comprehensive guide.

Posted January 10, 2024

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The interview process for consulting firms can be quite rigorous, and one common question that candidates can expect to encounter is, "Why EY Parthenon?" This question offers a unique opportunity for candidates to differentiate themselves from other applicants, but it can also be a source of stress if you are unprepared. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about answering the "Why EY Parthenon?" interview question.

Overview of EY-Parthenon

In order to answer, "Why EY Parthenon?", you need to understand the firm and yourself. If you can paint the picture of why EYP is the best fit for you, specifically, compared to every other firm, you'll be well on your way toward presenting a compelling answer. To start your preparation for this question, research the firm, team, and role. Look at its website, talk to past and current employees, and read its publications.

Here are some data about EY Parthenon:

How to Answer "Why EY-P?"

Here are our top tips for answering this question in a powerful way that will make you stand out from other candidates. Remember, the best way to prepare for interviews is to get help from a pro. We have 500+ coaches, including tons with experience at EY and EY-Parthenon, who would love to help you prepare and can conduct mock interviews, run cases, review your resume, and more. Browse them here.

1. Make it personal

Your "Why EY?" answer should be different from everyone else applying. It's alright to talk about the same general points, as there are not unlimited unique attributes, but connecting them to your background and experience is where the magic happens. Why are you, specifically, the perfect fit for the company/team?

Here's an example response that highlights this point:

EY-Parthenon's commitment to thought leadership and innovative solutions strongly appeals to me. I have always been passionate about staying at the cutting edge of industry trends and have actively sought opportunities to contribute to the knowledge base in my previous roles. I've published research on [X Topic], which aligns with EY-Parthenon's drive for intellectual excellence.

2. Highlight any relevant skills/experience

This question is a good place to throw in additional skills or experiences that help you stand out. These should be directly relevant to the role. You're basically saying, "You have this hole that you need to fill, and I have the qualifications and skills to fill it, and more." With the right answer, you can also show motivation for why you want the role, and why you would succeed in the role. Recruiters and managers want to hire people that actually want to work there.

Example response:

My journey through academia and into the corporate world has equipped me with a deep analytical mindset and problem-solving skills, which I believe closely resonate with EY-Parthenon's approach to solving complex business challenges. During my time at [X Company], I had the opportunity to work on diverse projects that required a holistic understanding of industries, just like EY-Parthenon's multidisciplinary approach.

3. Prioritize fit

This goes along with points 1 and 2, but is worth reiterating. There are a lot of different consulting firms and the interviewers know that you are applying elsewhere. If you have two candidates with similar experience and skills, the role is likely going to go to the person who is the best cultural fit.

The best way to make sure that you can show you're a good fit is to talk to current and previous employees of the company as a whole, and the team you're hoping to join. This will not only demonstrate that you have the right personality, but also that you are dedicated enough to take the time to research.

Example response:

I've had the privilege of speaking with both current and past employees of EY-Parthenon, and the overwhelmingly positive feedback about the firm's culture has only reinforced my desire to be part of this team. The sense of camaraderie and collaboration among colleagues at EY-Parthenon is truly remarkable, with many describing it as a tight-knit community where everyone is invested in each other's success. The firm's commitment to diversity and inclusion also stood out in these conversations, reflecting an environment where different perspectives are not just valued but actively sought after to drive innovation and excellence. Additionally, I was inspired by stories of mentorship and professional development, highlighting EY-Parthenon's dedication to nurturing talent and helping individuals reach their full potential. This culture of support and growth is precisely the kind of environment in which I thrive and am eager to contribute my skills and passion.

4. Get specific

In both your resume and interview responses, be as specific as you can when explaining data and giving anecdotes. Answers get more powerful when there are numbers to back them up and the experiences sound more impactful.

Here are two answers, one that is specific and uses data, and another that is more general.

Example response #1:

I worked on a project in my previous role where we improved a company's supply chain efficiency. I believe my experience in cost optimization aligns with EY-Parthenon's work.

Example response #2:

I worked on a project in my previous role where we improved a company's supply chain efficiency through rigorous analysis and process improvements that drove a 15% reduction in operating costs. I believe this experience aligns perfectly with EY-Parthenon's mission of driving impactful change for clients across various industries.

5. Showcase what you can bring to the team

EY-Parthenon is not hiring or interviewing a robot. They are looking for a person with a unique perspective and background that will bring something to the team that wasn't there before. Otherwise, what's the point in bringing someone else on? In your interview and response to "Why EY-Parthenon?", think about what you bring to the company that no one else can. What would the team miss out on by choosing not to hire you?

Example response:

What sets me apart as a candidate for EY-Parthenon is my unique background in both data analytics and market research. During a previous role, I led a project where we not only analyzed market trends but also developed a predictive analytics model that helped our client make proactive decisions. This blend of data-driven insights and strategic market understanding allowed us to outperform expectations and drive significant revenue growth for our client. I believe my ability to bridge the gap between data analysis and strategic decision-making would be a valuable asset to the EY-Parthenon team, enabling us to provide clients with actionable insights that lead to tangible results.

6. Practice, practice, practice

Conducting mock interviews with professionals who are able to judge your responses expertly and objectively is the key to performing well in the real interview. They'll know what to look for and be able to identify potential gaps in your responses that you otherwise may not have spotted. It will also give you a chance to practice your responses to common questions, including "Why EY-P?" so they'll be more fluid and less anxiety-inducing when the time comes.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Answering the "Why EY Parthenon?" Question

Some common mistakes candidates make when answering the "Why EY Parthenon?" interview question include talking too much or not enough, speaking negatively about previous employers/colleagues, and not getting specific enough. This is an important question and an exceptional answer will help you stand out.

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