How to Answer the "Why Accenture?" Interview Question

Learn how to impress your interviewer and stand out from the competition by answering the "Why Accenture?" interview question with confidence and authenticity.

Posted March 12, 2024

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One of the most important questions you will be asked during an Accenture interview is "Why Accenture?" This question helps the interviewer understand your motivations behind applying to work at Accenture and whether you have a genuine interest in working for the company. Here's how to answer the "Why Accenture?" interview question in a way that will impress the interviewer and increase your chances of getting hired.

The "Why Accenture?" Interview Question

Before we delve into how to answer the "Why Accenture?" interview question, it's important to understand why this question is asked and what the interviewer is looking for in your answer.

The "Why Accenture?" interview question is designed to gauge your knowledge of and interest in the company. The interviewer wants to know if you have done your research on Accenture, understand what the company does, and have a genuine desire to work for the organization. Your answer will also help the interviewer determine if you are a good cultural fit for Accenture.

Additionally, answering the "Why Accenture?" question effectively can also demonstrate your ability to align your personal goals and values with those of the company. This can show the interviewer that you are not just looking for any job, but that you have a specific interest in working for Accenture and can contribute to the company's success in a meaningful way.

Variations of this question that actual candidates have received in their interviews with Accenture include:

  • Why did you choose Accenture?
  • Why are you interested in joining this team?
  • Why do you want to join Accenture?
  • Why Accenture?

Questions that are slightly different but still give you a chance to make a case for Why Accenture/Why choose me for Accenture include:

  • Why should we hire you?
  • Tell me about the company
  • What’s your vision for the company?
  • What contributions can you bring to the company?
  • What do you know about Accenture?

How to Answer “Why Accenture?” in Two Steps

1. Deeply Research Accenture – The Company, The Team, & The Role

An essential step in preparing to answer the "Why Accenture?" interview question is researching the company (and the team). You should know the company's history, what it does, and what sets it apart from its competitors. You want to be able to articulate why you are interested in working for Accenture specifically, and not just any consulting firm.

You should also research Accenture's culture, values, and mission statement. This information will help you connect with the company on a deeper level and demonstrate to the interviewer that you share similar values.

Another important aspect to research is Accenture's current projects and initiatives. This will give you an idea of the type of work you could potentially be involved in and allow you to speak to your interest in those specific areas during the interview. Additionally, researching the company's clients and industries can provide valuable insight into the company's focus and expertise.

Finally, it's a good idea to research any recent news or developments related to Accenture. This could include new partnerships, acquisitions, or awards the company has received. Being up-to-date on the latest news shows that you are invested in the company and have a genuine interest in working for them.

Here is some information on Accenture to get you started:

Accenture’s Values

  • “360° Value”
    • “We define 360° value as delivering the financial business case and unique value a client may be seeking, along with striving to partner with our clients to achive greater progress on inclusion and diversity, reskilling and upskilling their people, achieving their sustainability goals, and creating meaningful experiences for their customers, employee and communities.”
  • Continuously reinvent to stay relevant
  • Cultivate a culture where you can be you
  • Creating positive change

What is Accenture Known For?

Accenture is known for being a global professional services company that provides a broad range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology, and operations. With a strong focus on digital innovation and transformation, Accenture helps its clients improve their performance and create sustainable value for their stakeholders.

Accenture is also known for its commitment to corporate social responsibility, with initiatives focused on skills to succeed, environmental sustainability, and inclusion and diversity. The company operates on a global scale, with clients in more than 120 countries, making it one of the largest consulting firms in the world.

What is Accenture’s Culture Like?

Accenture's culture is all about innovation, diversity, and teamwork. The company emphasizes the convergence of creativity and tech, pushing for growth and embracing diversity. Projects span the globe, so the work often involves collaboration with people from different cultures and backgrounds. It remains a key player in its industries from this mix of innovation, fresh ideas, inclusivity, and collaboration.

2. Align With Your Relevant Skills and Experience

When answering the "Why Accenture?" interview question, it's important to highlight your qualifications and explain how they align with the company. You should have a good understanding of the job you are applying for and how your skills and experience make you an ideal candidate.

You should be specific when talking about your qualifications and explain how they will benefit Accenture. Use specific examples from your past experiences to demonstrate how you can apply your skills to the job you are applying for at Accenture. Ask yourself:

  • What do I care about in a workplace?
  • What kind of company and team do I want to work for/with?
  • What of Accenture’s culture and values do I most like?
  • What are my personal and professional goals, and how could Accenture help me reach them?

Remember, this interview question is not asking you to explain why you think the company is great – they already know the company is great. They’re asking “Why Accenture for you?”

So, when answering this question, the key to a powerful response is one that…

  1. Shows you have a deep understanding of the company as a whole, the team you’d be working on, and the role you’re applying for. (This understanding is one that should extend beyond what is written on the company’s website. Talk to former and current employees, get updated on the news/current events, read its reports, follow its social channels, etc.)
  2. Connects the specific advantages of the company/team/role to your background, expertise, and aspirations. Directly answer why Accenture is the best place for you, personally, and why no other candidate could possibly be as great of a fit.

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Additional Tips for Answering “Why Accenture?”

1. Demonstrate your passion for Accenture’s industry and values

When interviewing with Accenture, it's crucial to express your enthusiasm for the industry you aim to join, illustrating how it matches your ambitions. Highlight your alignment with Accenture's core values of diversity, innovation, and sustainability, emphasizing their significance to you. Demonstrate your awareness of current industry trends, showcasing your proactive and informed approach. Mentioning any relevant experience or projects that display your industry-specific skills and expertise will also strengthen your response.

2. Provide Examples

In your Accenture interview, stress how your contributions to organizations with missions akin to Accenture's—innovating to enhance business operations—mirror their goals. Detail your success in roles requiring teamwork, innovation, and problem-solving. Highlight your tech industry experience, showcasing projects that involve new technologies or creative solutions. Emphasize your adaptability and eagerness to learn, illustrating your growth mindset through examples of embracing challenges and self-improvement, aligning with Accenture's appreciation for individuals open to evolution and new ideas. Be as specific as possible and, where available, provide metrics and other quantitative examples of impact that you, personally, made.

Common Mistakes When Answering the "Why Accenture?" Question

When answering the "Why Accenture?" interview question, it's important to avoid making common mistakes that can hurt your chances of getting hired. Here are several common mistakes we’ve seen candidates make:

  • Give a generic or vague answer: Be specific. Be specific. Be specific. This question gives you a great opportunity to distinguish yourself from the other candidates.
  • Talk only about what you want to gain from the job. Instead, also focus on what you can bring to Accenture and how you can contribute to the organization's success.
  • Doing little research on the company. Make sure you have a good understanding of Accenture's history, culture, and current projects. This will show the interviewer that you are genuinely interested in the company and have taken the time to learn about it.
  • Not highlighting your relevant skills and experiences. Make sure to talk about how your past roles and projects have prepared you for this role at Accenture and how you can apply those skills to contribute to the company's success.

Get Interview Help From an Expert

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