Applying for a Deferred MBA in 2024? Here Are 15+ Coaches Who Can Help

For those who are looking for some last-minute help on their DMBA applications, we've rounded up more than 15 expert admissions coaches who can help with polishing your essays and finalizing your application.

Posted March 25, 2024

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Deferred MBA application deadlines are right around the corner! We know that trying to balance your senior year of school with the time-consuming application process is a challenging process, especially when you have to do it alone.

Here at Leland, we have helped thousands of deferred applicants apply and land spots at the top business schools in the world. Wherever you're at in the application, we've got someone who can help - here are more than 15 expert Leland MBA admissions coaches with deferred experience who can support you in finalizing a compelling candidacy that tells your story and makes you stand out.

Geri T.

  • MBA Program: Former Associate Director of Harvard Business School, Co-Founder of the HBS 2+2 Program
  • Professional Background: HBS Admissions Committee, MBA Admissions Coach
  • Featured Package: Full Application Review & Feedback

Geri is a renowned MBA admissions coach with a unique edge: direct experience on the Harvard Business School Admissions Board. This insight into the admissions process, especially for deferred MBA applicants, sets her apart. Geri excels in guiding applicants through crafting their stories, school selection, essay writing, and interview preparation, offering a comprehensive support system. Her deep understanding of what top programs look for and how to showcase an applicant's unique value makes her an invaluable asset for those aiming for their dream MBA program.

Get coaching from Geri here.

Yash G.

Yash stands out for his personalized approach to coaching deferred MBA applicants, emphasizing strategic narrative building and comprehensive application guidance. His expertise is particularly beneficial for those seeking to distinguish their applications with authentic and impactful essays. Yash's focus on crafting stories that resonate with admissions committees, combined with his dedication to addressing each applicant's unique strengths and goals, makes him a valuable ally in the competitive MBA application process.

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Alice S.

  • MBA Program: Harvard Business School
  • Professional Background: Investment Banking (Lazard), Growth Equity (TCV), Entrepreneurship
  • Featured Package: MBA Application Package

Alice leverages her story-telling superpower to help deferred MBA applicants craft powerful, authentic narratives. Her approach begins with a personal deep-dive, drawing out key themes from an applicant's life experiences. Alice's coaching style is holistic, offering not just content and strategic guidance but also stylistic and grammatical support for essays. Her background in finance and as a founder enriches her mentorship, equipping her to guide a wide range of applicants towards their dream MBA outcomes.

Get coaching from Alice here.

Timothy F.

  • MBA Program: Chicago Booth (AdCom Experience)
  • Also Admitted To: Northwestern Kellogg, Yale SOM
  • Professional Background: Investment Banking (Goldman Sachs), Consulting (Bain & Co. Project Leader)
  • Featured Package: Chicago Booth Essay Review

Timothy is an expert MBA coach with a stellar track record, having helped over 40 individuals secure places in prestigious MBA programs worldwide, including every M7 school. With a personal GMAT score in the 99th percentile and an MBA from Chicago Booth, Timothy brings firsthand Admissions Committee experience and a deep understanding of the application process. His coaching extends beyond academics to include financial aid, school selection, and interview preparation. His professional experiences also make him an invaluable guide for applicants with diverse profiles, especially those from international or non-traditional backgrounds

Get coaching from Timothy here.

Allie K.

  • MBA Program: The Wharton School
  • Professional Background: Investment Banking (Goldman Sachs), Consulting (BCG), Investing (Jonathan Rose Companies)
  • Featured Package: Essay Editing & Revision

Allie, an expert MBA coach with an MBA from Wharton and an MPA from Harvard Kennedy School, stands out for her comprehensive coaching approach. Her professional experiences make her well-versed in guiding candidates from the finance, consulting, real estate, and tech sectors. Allie excels in idea generation, crafting compelling narratives, and highlighting applicants' unique talents.

Get coaching from Allie here.

Theo S.

  • MBA Program: Harvard Business School (Deferred)
  • Also Admitted To: Wharton, Chicago Booth
  • Professional Background: Software Engineering (Google)

Theo brings a unique perspective to MBA coaching, having recently navigated the deferred MBA application process himself and gaining admissions to three top programs. His coaching philosophy centers on leveraging personal experiences, particularly for candidates from diverse or non-traditional backgrounds, including first-generation immigrants and non-target school students. Theo's approach is deeply personal and inspirational, aimed at helping deferred MBA applicants find their voice and stand out in the competitive admissions landscape.

Get coaching from Theo here.

Siri G.

Siri's journey from a non-target school to deferred MBA admissions at HBS and Wharton underscores her expertise in navigating the application process against the odds. She emphasizes the importance of authentic storytelling, drawing from her own experiences to assist applicants in highlighting their unique paths and strengths. Siri's empathetic approach, combined with practical strategies for essay writing, interviews, and application planning, make her a standout coach for those aiming to transform their deferred MBA dreams into reality.

Get coaching from Siri here.

Ben L.

  • MBA Program: Stanford GSB
  • Also Admitted To: Harvard Business School, Chicago Booth, INSEAD, LBS
  • Professional Background: Consulting (McKinsey), Policy, Investing, Entrepreneurship
  • Featured Package: Final MBA Essay & App Review (Last-Minute Help)

Ben differentiates himself with a varied background, including in public policy and professional writing. His coaching extends beyond MBA admissions to include GMAT strategies, interview training, and a broad spectrum of writing expertise. Ben's approach is rooted in his personal journey and commitment to helping others find confidence and clarity in their career paths. His extensive experience across various sectors enables him to offer unique insights and strategies tailored to the deferred MBA applicant's journey.

Get coaching from Ben here.

Asha T.

  • MBA Program: Harvard Business School
  • Also Admitted To: Stanford GSB
  • Professional Background: Investment Banking (Deutsche Bank/JP Morgan), Private Equity (Apax)
  • Featured Package: Harvard MBA - Ace the Mock Interview

Asha is celebrated for her strategic, personalized coaching for deferred MBA applicants, especially those targeting top-tier programs. Her approach is hands-on, offering a customized plan that aligns with each candidate's unique background and aspirations. With a strong focus on tailoring essays, resumes, and interview prep, she brings invaluable insight from her extensive experience in finance. Asha's coaching is particularly distinguished by her commitment to preparing candidates not just for MBA admissions, but for future career success in competitive fields.

Get coaching from Asha.

Oyinda A.

Oyinda is a Stanford GSB MBA alum with a unique coaching style, tailored for deferred MBA applicants. Her experience spans consulting at Bain and operating roles, including as Chief of Staff at a Fin-tech company. Oyinda specializes in crafting compelling narratives, showcasing how her journey from a non-traditional background to top MBA programs can inspire others. Her personalized approach helps applicants highlight their unique stories and strengths, aiming for success in the highly competitive MBA admissions landscape.

Get coaching from Oyinda here.

Matt K.

  • MBA Program: MIT Sloan
  • Also Admitted To: Northwestern Kellogg, Chicago Booth
  • Professional Background: US Navy, Consulting (BCG)

Matt is a standout MBA coach with a distinctive approach, focusing on crafting unique stories and comprehensive application strategies. His background as a nuclear submarine officer and Project Leader at BCG enriches his coaching, offering a blend of discipline, leadership, and strategic insight. Matt is adept at supporting candidates from traditional and non-traditional backgrounds, especially military veterans, ensuring their applications stand out in the competitive MBA admissions process.

Get coaching from Matt here.

Regan R.

  • MBA Program: Harvard Business School (AdCom Experience)
  • Professional Background: Product (Texas Instruments), Strategy/Ops (Google)
  • Featured Package: Final Application Review

Regan stands out as an MBA coach for nontraditional applicants, leveraging her own journey from marketing engineer to Harvard Business School graduate, Google strategist, and Verily's Chief of Staff. Her coaching is built on a deep understanding of turning unique, diverse backgrounds into compelling narratives for top MBA programs. Regan's experience as an HBS admissions representative and panelist equips her with insider knowledge on what admissions committees seek, making her an exceptional guide for deferred MBA applicants striving to highlight their individuality and professional accomplishments

Get coaching from Regan here.

Rohan S.

  • MBA Program: Stanford GSB
  • Professional Background: Consulting (McKinsey & Co.)

Rohan offers a unique blend of coaching for deferred MBA applicants, drawing on extensive experience in management consulting and strategic roles at prestigious organizations. His background, including significant contributions to global initiatives and strategic partnerships, provides a solid foundation for advising on application strategies, essays, and interviews. Rohan's approach is tailored to foster deep introspection among applicants, helping them articulate their visions and aspirations compellingly.

Get coaching from Rohan here.

Giselle T.

  • MBA Program: INSEAD
  • Professional Background: Consulting (Deloitte), Growth (Google), Product (VTEX, Zippi)

Giselle is a versatile MBA coach known for her global perspective and extensive experience in the tech industry, making her particularly adept at guiding applicants with interests in consulting, tech startups, and big tech. Her unique background, including an MBA journey through Europe and Asia and a career break focused on personal growth, equips her with a broad understanding of both the MBA admissions process and career transitions post-MBA. Giselle's coaching is enriched by her personal achievements and passion for developing others, making her an excellent mentor for deferred MBA applicants seeking a holistic approach to their application and future career.

Get coaching from Giselle here.

Alex M.

Alex stands out with a unique blend of neuroscience and psychology research expertise, complemented by significant accomplishments in healthcare technology and business strategy. This diverse background equips Alex to guide deferred MBA applicants through every facet of the admissions process, emphasizing the importance of storytelling and strategic planning. With a personal record of deferred admissions success at top MBA programs and a passion for making impactful changes, Alex is poised to help applicants navigate the challenging journey to their dream schools with confidence and insight.

Get coaching from Alexandra here.

Cyrus H.

  • MBA Program: Harvard Business School
  • Also Admitted To: Wharton
  • Professional Background: Solutions Engineering (Salesforce), Venture Capital (DN Capital)
  • Featured Package: Mock Interviews

Cyrus, with a blend of technical sales, finance, and MBA coaching experience, uniquely caters to deferred MBA applicants by combining rigorous analytical skills with empathetic, personalized guidance. His multifaceted background enables him to offer diverse insights and strategies. Cyrus is dedicated to developing applicants into their best selves, focusing on storytelling, interview preparation, and holistic application advice. His approach starts with understanding the individual, making his coaching particularly effective for those seeking to articulate their unique narratives in competitive MBA admissions.

Get coaching from Cyrus here.

Lauren W.

  • MBA Program: UCLA Anderson
  • Professional Background: Consulting (Cognizant), Professional Admissions Coach

Lauren specializes in guiding MBA applicants through the complexities of the entire application process, drawing on her diverse background that spans from tutoring to senior consulting roles. Her approach emphasizes the importance of authentic storytelling, confidence building, and strategic application planning. Lauren's coaching is tailored to empower applicants with the skills and mindset needed to achieve success in both their MBA admissions and future career aspirations.

Get coaching from Lauren here.

For personalized coach recommendations based on your specific background and goals, schedule a strategy call with a member of our team. We'll make sure you get the support you need to submit a strong application to your dream MBA program.

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