The Best MBA Essay Editing Coaches of 2023

MBA application essays are challenging and require substantial self-reflection and many iterations. These 10 coaches will help you brainstorm, write, edit, and polish as you find a story that wows the adcom.

Posted January 10, 2024

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Notoriously the most difficult part of MBA applications, the essays require potential candidates to dig deep and reflect on their values, journey thus far, and future aspirations. Open-ended prompts like, “What matters most and why?” (Stanford GSB) coupled with strict word limits make the process even more daunting.

When finding your theme, drafting your story, and editing your essays, it’s enormously helpful to get an objective review from someone who has successfully gone through the application themselves. It’s easy to get lost in the weeds, and that second opinion can be pivotal in regaining perspective. We’ve compiled a list of some of Leland’s top essay coaches who can ensure that the story you tell is cohesive, compelling, and one the admissions committee will want to hear.

Ben L.

Ben graduated with his MBA from Stanford University where he was the Lead Editor for the GSB’s student-run publication, Nondisclosure, and the Managing Editor for the Stanford International Policy Review. Ben’s professional background includes policy, management consulting, and venture capital. He is an extremely experienced writer and editor, whose work has spanned speeches, op-eds, fictional short stories, policy deep-dives, application essays, and more.

1:1 Personalized Essay Workshop: For one school’s set of essays, Ben will walk you through examples of successful essays and extrapolate techniques to help you build your own genuine narrative. Go from one of a million applicants to one in a million.

Harsha M.

Harsha graduated with her MBA from Harvard Business School and is currently the Head of BizOps at a Series C startup. She has also worked in management consulting and growth equity. At HBS, Harsha was the CEO of Harbus, where she led the development and launch of the 2020 Harbus Essay Guide, interviewing 50+ admitted students and alumni to curate a library of essays and admissions resources. For her work there, she was featured in Poets & Quants.

Book coaching with Harsha here.

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Andy P.

Andy is a professional admissions coach with over 20 years of experience helping applicants get into top MBA programs. He got his BA from Stanford University, where he was also the Managing Editor of The Stanford Review. He’s worked with three top-rated admissions consulting firms, for one of which he co-designed all editing services and served as the sole “essay doctor.” Andy specializes in helping applicants differentiate themselves from the crowd by finding that elusive “wow factor.”

Book coaching with Andy here.

Sowa I.

Sowa is currently an MBA Candidate at Stanford GSB where she is also the Student Body Co-President. Before GSB, she was a teacher focused on essay writing and storytelling. She holds a BA in Economics, Psychology, and Creative Writing from Northwestern University, through which she learned how to help people tell their truest stories. As a coach, Sowa is skilled at helping applicants frame their diverse experiences in a way that resonates with admissions committees.

Book coaching with Sowa here.

Danielle D.

Danielle earned her MBA and MA from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and Graduate School of Education. At the GSB, she was the Lead Editor of Nondisclosure, its student magazine, and an Arbuckle Fellow. Danielle was accepted into seven of the top ten business schools. Her expertise lies in MBA essays, more specifically advising on story, brand, cohesion, and clarity.

Book a package with Danielle for individualized support on your MBA application essays.

  • MBA Essay Set - 2 Rounds of Feedback: This package is perfect for applicants who know what story they want to tell and want support in improving their structure and overall message.
  • MBA Essay Support - All-Inclusive: For more comprehensive guidance on your essays, Danielle will work with you from ideation to completion, ensuring that you have effectively told your story to the admissions committee.

Camden R.

Camden studied Economics and Spanish as an undergraduate at Brigham Young University and is now an MBA Candidate at Harvard Business School. HBS was the only program to which he applied, and was admitted in the first round. Camden has an intimate and sophisticated understanding of the HBS application process, especially the essays, recommendations, and interviews. He has outstanding writing skills and specializes in helping applicants leverage self-awareness to discover their innermost values and goals.

Camden’s HBS Essay Review Package: If you already have a draft of your HBS essay and are looking for guidance, book this package with Camden. He’ll provide detailed feedback on the topic, theme, story selection, and structure.

Arushi M.

Arushi studied Management Information Systems, Creative Writing, and Educational Psychology in her undergrad at UT Austin and was accepted into both Harvard and Stanford’s deferred MBA programs. In a few years, she’ll matriculate at the latter where she’ll also be pursuing an MA in Education. Arushi has reviewed 100+ essays and papers and went through dozens of iterations in her own application essay process. She knows what it takes to shine and works with applicants to uncover the “through lines” that connect their different experiences and goals.

Telling Your MBA Story Through Essay Writing: Book this package with Arushi to get help with drafting, reviewing, and refining your MBA essays. From the preliminary brainstorm to final edits, Arushi will ensure you’re telling a story that’s cohesive across the different parts of your application.

Nikki Y.

Nikki is a Harvard Business School MBA with a longstanding passion for storytelling. Her professional career began at Bain & Company. She then transitioned into economic development and climate change mitigation before moving into climate-tech startups. Nikki’s key coaching strength is in helping applicants craft, articulate, and crystalize their personal stories and then weaving that story across the different parts of the application. She pushes candidates to reflect, self-discover, brainstorm, and create an authentic narrative.

Harvard Business School Essay Package: Whether you’re starting from scratch on the HBS essay or have a draft, Nikki’s package will help you tackle Harvard’s broad and challenging essay prompt.

Erik G.

Erik holds a BA from Columbia University and an MBA from Stanford’s GSB. His professional work experience is in EV, Space, and Consulting. As an MBA admissions coach, his specialty is in working with applicants to translate their different experiences into a narrative that stands out and makes sense to admissions officers. He provides essay strategies that are customized to individual writing styles in a structured and organized process.

Book coaching with Erik here.

Sarah J.

Sarah graduated from Stanford University with a BA in Economics and moved overseas to work for an off-grid solar company. She then transitioned into product management before returning to Stanford for her MBA. Sarah now runs her own impact-focused business, which she founded during business school. With a background in customer research and storytelling, Sarah is an expert at helping applicants find and share their unique stories. She is a whizz on all things essay-related and would love to help you craft yours.

Book coaching with Sarah here.

Regardless of where you are in the essay writing process, these coaches will help you make sure that what you submit is as great as it can possibly be. They have years of experience and an unrivaled wealth of knowledge. Browse all of our world-class MBA admissions coaches here.

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