Applying to MBA Programs in R2? Here Are 15 Expert Coaches Who Can Help

For those who are looking for some last-minute help on round 2 applications for business school, we've rounded up 15 expert MBA admissions coaches who can help with polishing your essays and finalizing your application.

Posted February 3, 2023

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We know that applying to MBA programs is a time-consuming and challenging process, especially when you do it alone. That’s why we’ve pulled together a list of 15 expert Leland MBA admissions coaches who have the time and skills to help you finalize a compelling application that tells your story and makes you stand out from the crowd.

Matt K.

  • Hourly Price: $75
  • MBA Program: MIT Sloan
  • Also Admitted To: Yale SOM, Northwestern Kellogg, Chicago Booth, Michigan Ross, Pennsylvania Wharton
  • Professional Background: Consulting (BCG), Engineering (MS from MIT), US Navy

Best For: Non-traditional applicants, especially veterans, athletes, and engineers or those with a STEM background

Coaching Specialty: School selection, resume review, essay storylining/brainstorming, and interview preparation

Buy coaching with Matt here.

Jeremy H.

  • Hourly Price: $99
  • MBA Program: University of Pennsylvania Wharton
  • Also Admitted To: Chicago Booth
  • Professional Background: Consulting/Sustainability (McKinsey & Co.), Chemical Engineering

Best For: STEM applicants, consultants

Coaching Specialty: Framing STEM backgrounds into a compelling MBA narrative and crafting compelling narratives

Buy coaching with Jeremy here.

Judd L.

  • Hourly Price: $99
  • MBA Program: Yale School of Management
  • Professional Background: Investing, Consulting, Small Business Management, US Navy

Best For: Veterans, deferred applicants

Coaching Specialty: Interview Prep, resume review; periodic check-ins or highly structured sessions

Buy coaching from Judd here.

Ryan W.

  • Hourly Price: $110
  • MBA Program: University of Chicago Booth (Part-Time)
  • Also Admitted To: UCLA Anderson, Babson College
  • Professional Background: Sales, Leadership, Strategy & Analytics (Salesforce)

Best For: Those coming from unconventional paths

Coaching Specialty: Helping applicants craft their best story in essays and interviews and acting as a sounding board for advice

Buy coaching with Ryan here.

Sushmitha R.

  • Hourly Price: $110
  • MBA Program: MIT Sloan
  • Also Admitted To: Northwestern Kellogg, Harvard Business School
  • Professional Background: Engineering (Marathon Petroleum), Sales and Marketing (SaaS), Consulting/Climate Tech (BCG)

Best For: Those coming from non-business backgrounds, consultants

Coaching Specialty: Career transitioners, school selection, storytelling, resume review

Buy coaching with Sushmitha here.

Joe M.

  • Hourly Price: $110
  • MBA Program: Yale School of Management
  • Professional Background: US Army, Consulting (BCG)

Best For: Non-traditional backgrounds, veterans

Coaching Specialty: Resume review, interview preparation

Buy coaching with Joe here.

Allie K.

  • Hourly Price: $125
  • MBA Program: University of Pennsylvania Wharton
  • Also Admitted To: Columbia Business School, NYU Stern
  • Professional Background: Banking (Goldman Sachs), Consulting (BCG), Investing (Jonathan Rose Companies)

Best For: Applicants with backgrounds in healthcare, consulting, real estate, finance (banking, PE, impact investing), and tech

Coaching Specialty: Helping clients with generating ideas, identifying differentiating talents, and creating a cohesive story across the different parts of the application

Buy coaching with Allie here.

Danielle D.

  • Hourly Price: $175
  • MBA Program: Stanford GSB
  • Also Admitted To: Pennsylvania Wharton, Chicago Booth, MIT Sloan, Northwestern Kellogg, UC Berkeley Haas, Michigan Ross
  • Professional Background: Business Development, General Management (Vanguard), Education, Fintech

Best For: Non-traditional or underrepresented applicants, and those pursuing a joint degree program

Coaching Specialty: MBA essays, specifically helping clients find their story, brand, and clarity across the application

Featured Package

  • MBA Essay Set - 2 Rounds of Review: For clients who already have a solid draft and know the story they want to tell, Danielle will review all the essays for that one school and provide two rounds of feedback, for content, clarity, and proofreading.

Buy coaching with Danielle here.

Harsha M.

  • Hourly Price: $200
  • MBA Program: Harvard Business School
  • Professional Background: Consulting (BCG), Investing (WestBridge Capital), Business Operations (Series C Startup)

Best For: International applicants, consultants, HBS applicants

Coaching Specialty: Essays, letters of recommendation

Buy coaching with Harsha here.

Karla M.

  • Hourly Price: $250
  • MBA Program: University of Chicago Booth
  • Also Admitted To: Yale SOM, Duke Fuqua, Dartmouth Tuck, UVA Darden
  • Professional Background: Consulting (EY), Banking (JP Morgan)

Best For: Clients who are applying to joint/concurrent degrees, from classic pre-MBA careers, non-traditional, from underrepresented backgrounds, or international

Coaching Specialty: Editing/proofreading essays, securing scholarships, waitlist strategy, and overcoming lower GPAs/test scores

Featured Package

  • 5-Hour Package: Five hours of dedicated time at a discounted rate for any areas that you’d like to focus on

Buy coaching with Karla here.

Ben L.

  • Hourly Price: $250
  • MBA Program: Stanford GSB
  • Also Admitted To: Chicago Booth, Harvard Business School, London Business School, INSEAD
  • Professional Background: Consulting (McKinsey & Co.), Policy (Chicago Mayor's Office & US Department of Energy), Investing, Private Equity (Bain & Co.)

Best For: Applicants with a background in government/policy, consultants, and those who are struggling with crafting their story

Coaching Specialty: Essay writing, resume review

Featured Package

  • GSB Essay Editing | Exclusive Package: Complete support for both of Stanford’s essays (“What matters most and why?” and “Why Stanford?”), including unlimited drafts and undivided attention

Buy coaching with Ben here.

Laura N.

  • Hourly Price: $250
  • MBA Program: University of Michigan Ross (AdCom Experience)
  • Professional Background: Sales & Marketing, Tech, Software Startups Pro MBA Admissions Coaching

Best For: Traditional applicants who are trying to differentiate themselves and non-traditional applicants who need help articulating how their goals fit into an MBA class

Coaching Specialty: End-to-end application support

Buy coaching from Laura here.

Emily L.

  • Hourly Price: $275
  • MBA Program: UC Berkeley Haas (Co-VP of Admissions)
  • Professional Background: Pro Admissions Coaching, Product Management, Marketing

Best For: Applicants of top 3-20 business schools, part-time program applicants, non-traditional candidates

Coaching Specialty: Helping clients who have a hurdle to overcome, have many different professional experiences that need to be stitched together, and/or don't know what distinguishes them from other candidates

Featured Package

  • Resume Revamp: Includes high-level guidance and then two more rounds of feedback after revisions to guarantee the final product showcases teamwork, leadership, impact, and personality

Buy coaching with Emily here.

Bonus: Coaches for R2 GMAT/GRE Prep

These two coaches can help you make that final leap to your target score, just in time for your round 2 (or round 3!) MBA application deadlines.

Nick V.

  • Hourly Price: $70
  • GMAT Score: 790

Nick graduated from his undergrad with degrees in Economics and Chinese. The very first time that he took the GMAT he received a 760 and then got a 790 on a subsequent exam.

Coaching Specialty: Verbal Reasoning, Analytical Writing

Buy coaching with Nick here.

Marie B.

  • Hourly Price: $199
  • GMAT Score: 790

Marie has been helping students take the GMAT since 2005 and has also been professionally trained by Kaplan as a GRE coach. Marie’s biggest asset is her ability to connect with learners on a personal level. She helps her clients stay motivated and positive while they progress through both the highs and lows of preparing for standardized tests.

Coaching Specialty: Quantitative section

Featured Package

  • GMAT or GRE Complete: The most thorough preparation possible for students aiming for a 330+/700+ score; every topic is covered in detail over 25 two-hour lessons and multiple practice tests

Buy coaching with Marie here.

If you don't see a coach who fits your background, budget, and goals, make sure to check out all of our expert admissions coaches here.

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