Applying for MBA Round 2 Deadlines? Here Are 13 Coaches Who Can Help (2024)

For those who are looking for some last-minute help on round 2 applications for business school, we've rounded up 15 expert MBA admissions coaches who can help with polishing your essays and finalizing your application.

Posted January 10, 2024

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We know that applying to MBA programs is a time-consuming and challenging process, especially when you do it alone. That’s why we’ve pulled together a list of 13 expert Leland MBA admissions coaches who have the time and skills to help you finalize a compelling application that tells your story and makes you stand out from the crowd.

1. Timothy F.

Best For: International applicants, non-traditional applicants, Booth applicants, and people with gaps in their applications

Coaching Specialty: MBA interviews and resumes, Booth application

Get coaching from Timothy here.

2. Hind S.

Best For: Stanford GSB applicants, consultants

Coaching Specialty: Helping students articulate their stories and highlight what matters to them

Get coaching from Hind here.

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3. Matt K.

  • MBA Program: MIT Sloan
  • Also Admitted To: Yale SOM, Northwestern Kellogg, Chicago Booth, Michigan Ross, Pennsylvania Wharton
  • Professional Background: Consulting (BCG), Engineering (MS from MIT), US Navy

Best For: Non-traditional applicants, especially veterans, athletes, and engineers or those with a STEM background

Coaching Specialty: School selection, resume review, essay storylining/brainstorming, and interview preparation

Get coaching from Matt here.

4. Kathryn W.

  • MBA Program: Stanford GSB
  • Professional Background: Consulting (Deloitte) and Venture Capital (Norwest VP, Kauffman Fellows)

Best For: Aspiring VCs, consultants/strategy pre-MBA

Coaching Specialty: Communicating experiences and aspirations, demonstrating leadership, starting with self-reflection

Get coaching from Kathryn here.

5. Chip L.

Best For: Consultants, aspiring entrepreneurs, Kellogg applicants

Coaching Specialty: Infusing personality, passion, and storytelling into your MBA apps; figuring out if an MBA is right for you; and Kellogg applications

Get coaching from Chip here.

6. Laura N.

  • MBA Program: University of Michigan Ross (AdCom Member)
  • Professional Background: Sales & Marketing (Ford, Reputation, Broadly, Signpost), Professional Admissions Consulting
  • Featured Packages:

Best For: Traditional applicants who are trying to differentiate themselves and non-traditional applicants who need help articulating how their goals fit into an MBA class

Coaching Specialty: End-to-end application support

Get coaching from Laura here.

7. Rohan S.

  • MBA Program: Stanford GSB
  • Professional Background: Consulting (McKinsey Engagement Manager)

Best For: Consultants trying to stand out, GSB applicants

Coaching Specialty: Encouraging introspection, application strategy, GSB essays

Get coaching from Rohan here.

8. Alice S.

Best For: Finance professionals, HBS applicants, female applicants

Coaching Specialty: Story-telling—helping applicants construct a narrative that is compelling and authentic

Get coaching from Alice here.

9. Mario D.

Best For: Consultants, Hispanic/Latino applicants, dual-degree applicants

Coaching Specialty: Essay editing, school selection, secondary review, and ding analysis

Get coaching from Mario here.

10. Lauren P.

Best For: HBS applicants, aspiring entrepreneurs, non-traditional backgrounds

Coaching Specialty: School selection, essay writing, interview prep, and overall application strategy

Get coaching from Lauren here.

11. Douglas S.

Best For: Veterans/active military applicants, non-traditional MBA applicants

Coaching Specialty: Helping applicants get to where they want to be, wherever that is

Get coaching from Douglas here.

12. Olga C.

Best For: Non-traditional applicants, people trying to understand how an MBA fits in their career, and international applicants

Coaching Specialty: Framing non-traditional experience in an MBA AdCom-friendly way, application strategy, essay revision

Get coaching from Olga here.

13. Regan R.

  • MBA Program: Harvard Business School
  • Professional Background: Product Management (Texas Instruments), Strategy & Ops (Google), Chief of Staff (Verily)
  • Featured Package:

Best For: Nontraditional applicants, HBS applicants, PMs

Coaching Specialty: Essay strategy and drafting, interview prep, and helping applicants tell more non-business stories in an understandable way

Get coaching from Regan here.

Bonus: Coaches for GMAT/GRE Prep

These three coaches can help you make that final leap to your target score, just in time for your MBA application deadlines.

Marie B.

  • Scores: 790 GMAT, 336 GRE
  • Test Specialty: Quantitative sections
  • Background: Professional Test Coach, Kaplan-Trained
  • Featured Packages:

Get coaching from Marie here

Bruce H.

Get coaching from Bruce here.

Avi L.

  • Scores: 339 GRE, 780 GMAT
  • Test Specialty: People with a math-phobia, students targeting top 10 programs
  • Background: UC Berkeley / USC Admissions Experience

Get coaching from Avi here.

If you don't see a coach that matches your budget and goals, or if you'd like personalized recommendations, book a strategy call with our team here.

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