How to Up Your Odds with Secondary Review

Applying to top MBA programs? Increase your odds of success by having a former MBA admissions officer review your application—only on Leland.

Posted May 11, 2024

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As you’ve been combing Leland, searching for the perfect MBA admissions coach, you may have noticed a coaching option you haven’t heard of before—Secondary Review. In this short article, we’ll explain what it is—and how you can use it to increase your odds of success!

On Leland, most MBA applicants seek out a single coach to guide them through the admissions process. We think that’s smart: going deep with one coach means you’ll get concise, effective, highly personalized, help on your resume, MBA essays, letters of recommendation, etc. There’s one part of the recommendation, however, where it’s wise to bring in a different set of eyes: Secondary Review.

Once you’ve completed all your application materials, and are at the point of sending them in, we recommend you ask a different coach to review your application, assess its strengths, and flag any areas of concern. That’s Secondary Review—sending your documents to a seasoned MBA admissions reader, so they can give them a final once-over before you submit them. Think of it as an extra layer of security for your MBA application: a chance to make sure it’s free of spelling errors, content gaps, and any other sticking points. In our own coaching experience, we’ve found this to be an invaluable step in the process—so much so that we’ve brought it here to Leland and encouraged our coaches to offer it as a service.

The best time for Secondary Review is a week before submission, so you have enough to time make changes based on the feedback you receive. Secondary Review isn’t part of comprehensive coaching packages, and usually takes an hour or two of a coach’s time, so you’ll need to connect with a second admissions coach and book time with them—but we promise, the juice is well worth the squeeze. If you’re having trouble picking someone to handle your Secondary Review, ask your primary coach—chances are, they’ve partnered with a few other coaches in the past, and will likely have go-to individuals they know and trust.

On our coach page, you can filter by Secondary Review and find the perfect coach to help you with this last step of your application. Click here to browse our world-class MBA admissions coaches. You’ll be glad you did!

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