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10 Finance Internships for Freshmen in College (2023)

Advice for freshmen preparing for an internship in finance and the top roles currently accepting applications to give you a head start in your career path.

February 3, 2023

Investment banking and other finance jobs are getting more and more competitive. With that, the recruiting seasons may seem to be getting earlier each year. In order to gain a spot at a top-tier bank or fund, most students apply for internships starting their sophomore year in college for matriculation the following year. To get even more experience on a resume, ambitious students are now looking for internships starting their freshman year in college.

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Advice for Freshmen in Finance

Because of the quantitative and technical demands of finance internships, most companies will not pay much attention to freshmen applicants. However, this time can be spent cultivating the required skills and experience to be a competitive applicant in the next few years. Here are six tips for freshmen who are hoping to eventually score an internship and career at a top-tier bank:

1. Fill in the gaps

Though you may not be actively recruiting for an IB internship, fill your resume with other experiences and accomplishments. For example, join finance clubs and position yourself for a leadership position. Take relevant courses and do well in them. Volunteer and pursue extracurricular activities that you enjoy. Get relevant work experience that will give you useful training and experiences to speak about in your personal story and in your “Why banking?” interview question.

2. Hustle during your sophomore year

Your sophomore year is when banks will actively be recruiting for junior internships. Make sure you are set up for success so when the time comes, you are polished and ready to nail your interviews. You should build your connections, gain valuable work + leadership experiences, practice your story, and know your technicals.

Getting a return offer after your junior internship will actively propel you as you begin your career in finance.

3. Build your quantitative skillset

Finance internships are heavily quantitative and students hoping to pursue a career in the industry will need to demonstrate mathematical abilities. By taking the right courses and practicing technical skills, you’ll be able to build a solid foundation. You don’t need to be a math major, but you do need to be good with numbers.

4. Know Excel

For anyone hoping to get into investment banking, Microsoft Excel is extremely important. Junior analysts and associates use Excel almost every day for return analyses, data mining, and more. Learning Excel while you’re a freshman means fewer late nights teaching yourself later on.

5. Read the news

To gain basic literacy in finance lingo, we recommend reading the news to understand how the markets are talked about. Newspapers like the Wall Street Journal are technical enough that you’ll be able to learn something, while basic enough to understand the gist. Many universities offer free subscriptions to these newspapers through the library, so check yours before paying for one.

6. Go local

If you’re set on completing some type of finance internship during your freshman year, ask around local banks, funds, or corporate offices to see if there are any positions available that haven’t been widely advertised. Usually, these places are less hesitant to hire freshmen and the jobs can be a good introduction to the world of finance. Also, having an experience already on your resume will make you that much more of a competitive applicant in the following years.

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Best Summer Finance Internships for Freshmen (2022-2023)

With that being said, here are the top internships in finance for freshmen in college, so that you can give yourself a head start for a great career.

1. Boeing

Role: Multi-Skills Business Summer Internship (2023)


  • Currently enrolled in Bachelor's degree program with expected graduation date on or after August 2023
  • Majoring in Accounting, Finance, Business, Math, Statistics, Industrial Engineering, Economics, or other related field
  • GPA of 3.0 or higher and community involvement
  • Passion for the aerospace industry
  • Ability to work full-time for 10-12 weeks
  • US Citizen, Lawful Permanent Resident, Refugee/Asylee

Salary: $33,000-90,000

See the job post here.

2. McClatchy

Role: HBCU Internship Program


  • Freshmen/Rising Sophomores interested in business, journalism, multimedia, marketing, HR, finance, IT, and more at an accredited Historically Black Colleges and Universities
  • Cumulative GPA of at least 3.0
  • Fits the three main criteria: (1) demonstrated interest in the media industry, (2) strong academic performance, and (3) volunteer/community involvement and/or extracurricular school activities

Salary: $15/hr.

See the job post here.

3. Deloitte

Role: Discovery Intern


  • Freshman or sophomore planning to pursue a bachelor's degree in business, accounting, economics, STEM, or a related field
  • History of strong academics and extracurricular experience
  • Skilled in teamwork and leadership
  • Legally authorized to work in the US

Salary: Unlisted

See the job post here.

4. Wolford

Role: Spring/Summer Internship


  • Ability to work in person at the NYC office (Chelsea) for the 8-week program
  • Apply to learn more about the qualifications

Salary: Unpaid

See the job post here.

5. Morpheus Space

Role: Finance Internship


  • Current undergrad/graduate students who are studying finance
  • Demonstrated analytical and teamwork skills
  • Legally authorized to work in the United States
  • Offered in person in Los Angeles, CA or remotely

Salary: Unlisted

See the job post here.

6. Marsh McLennan

Role: Summer RTiF Internship - College Program


  • Majoring in finance, economics, or business
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Skilled in critical thinking, analytics, and business communications
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Word, and Excel)
  • Highly adaptable, collaborative, and attentive to detail
  • Legal authorization to work in the US without the need for sponsorship now or in the future

Salary: $26/hr.

See the job post here.


Role: District Manager Internships


  • Able to work full-time for the 10-week program
  • Currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in business or a related field
  • Shows a demonstrated ability in communication, delegation, prioritization, and organization
  • Displays initiative and a strong work ethic

Salary: ~$28/hr.

See the different locations available here

8. Voya Financial

Role: Finance Intern – Summer 2023 (Remote or Hybrid)


  • Pursuing a bachelor's degree in Accounting, Finance, or Economics
  • Dependable, quick learner with strong analytical, written, and communication skills
  • Experience with Microsoft Office and Tableau (preferred)

Salary: ~$20-23/hr

See the job post here.

9. RippleMatch

Role: Marketing Intern


  • Rising sophomore, junior, or senior in the United States
  • A demonstrated track record of intelligence, organization skills, and work ethic
  • Has a strong social network and a sense of mission
  • Creative and interested in startups

Salary: Unlisted

See the job post here.

10. Johnson & Johnson

Role: Finance Internship (Summer 2023)


  • Currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in an accredited college/university
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Excel (preferred)
  • Do not require employment sponsorship now or in the future
  • Able to work full-time for the 10-week duration of the program

See the job post here.

Bonus: IBM Co-Op

Co-ops are similar to internships in that they target students but they are typically for a longer period of time and include more in-depth training. Also, they're usually full-time and paid.

Role: 2023 Financial Analyst Co-Op


  • Able to work full-time between 06/06/23 and 01/05/24
  • Enrolled in a finance/accounting or related undergraduate degree program
  • Skilled in Microsoft Excel and Word
  • Leadership experience and oral/written communication skills
  • Able to legally work in the US without current or future need for sponsorship

How Freshmen Studying Finance Can Benefit from Internships

Internships are a valuable tool for college students across all disciplines. Even as a freshman, it's not too early to start thinking about how to find opportunities to learn and start adding to your resume. One of the main benefits of internships is that they provide hands-on experience that can help you stand out when applying for jobs after graduation. They are a great way to learn the ropes of a given industry and develop the skills that employers are looking for. Additionally, internships give you the chance to network and make connections within a field, which can be extremely valuable when you are eventually looking for full-time roles.

Another benefit of internships is that they can give you a better sense of what you want to do in the future. Many students enter college with a general idea of what they want to study, but internships can provide a more concrete understanding of the day-to-day work of a particular profession. This can help you to make a more informed decision about your career goals and ultimately lead you to a more fulfilling professional path.

Freshmen in college studying finance should start looking for internships early, as many opportunities are highly competitive. Reach out to the college career center, professors, or alumni for guidance, and take advantage of any career fairs or networking events that are available on campus. With the right approach and a little bit of effort, an internship can help you to unlock the door to success in the finance industry.

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