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37 Free Resources to Break Into Investment Banking

The best resources to help you get into investment banking, including resume tips, interview questions, skills training, and more.

August 23, 2022

Investment Banking is one of the most prestigious and competitive career paths for ambitious young professionals. Investment bankers provide merger and acquisition advisory and capital raising services. While notorious for requiring long hours, investment banking jobs offer strong compensation packages and exit opportunities.

The typical recruiting path to get into investment banking begins during an undergraduate degree. While many peoples’ entrances into investment banking are unique, the classic steps look similar to the following:

  1. Acquire a Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Finance or a related field.
  2. Build a resume through internships in investment banking or something similar like private equity or corporate finance.
  3. Network with key contacts at target investment banks, starting with analysts.
  4. Choose a geographic location you are most excited about to focus your networking efforts. Some investment banking firms have specific cities for specific universities. See if there are any recruiting events or a head recruiter for your school.
  5. Practice technical interviewing skills (see below for helpful resources).
  6. Land an entry-level position!

Best Free Investment Banking Resources

Here are some of our top free resources for students interested in investment banking:

Resume Tips

1. Zety’s Investment Banking Resume Template & Guide [20 Examples] - Tips on writing an investment banking resume

2. Investopedia’s How to Write a Great Investment Banking Resume - More resume tips

3. CFI’s How to Tailor Your Investment Banking Resume? - Includes a resume template

4. Street of Walls’ Investment Banking Resume - How recruiters read resumes

5. Mergers and Inquisitions’ The Ideal Investment Banking Resume Template To Land Interviews & Job Offers - More tips

Interview Questions

  1. IBanking FAQ - Overview of the most commonly asked interview questions
  2. CFI’s Investment Banking Interview Questions & Answers - Common questions with suggested answers
  3. Wall Street Prep’s Essential Reading for Investment Banking Interviews: What to Expect and How to Prepare - Divided into Accounting, Valuation, and Qualitative Questions
  4. Wall Street Prep’s Top 10 Investment Banking Interview Questions - Frequently asked technical questions
  5. Investopedia’s What To Know for an Investment Banking Interview - Examples of technical questions with solutions to financial problems
  6. Mergers and Inquisitions’ Investment Banking Interview Questions and Answers: The Definitive Guide - Comprehensive guide on usual questions asked during the interview.
  7. Indeed’s 20 Investment Banking Interview Questions With Sample Answers - Common interview questions
  8. Wall Street Prep’s Investment Banking Interview Questions - A PDF guide
  9. Career Guru99’s Top 33 Investment Banking Interview Questions and Answers - Common questions with answers
  10. Wall Street Mojo’s Top Investment Banking Interview Questions (and Answers) - Divided by topic
  11. Street of Walls Investment Banking Interview Questions - Questions and recommended answers

Skills Training

  1. CFI’s Free Accounting Fundamentals Training - A free, two-part accounting fundamentals course
  2. CFI’s Free Excel Fundamentals - Formulas for Finance - Tips, tricks, shortcuts, functions, and formulas for Excel
  3. Street of Walls Finance Training Courses - IB skills divided into different finance topics
  4. EdX’s Essential Career Skills for Investment Banking and Finance - Free investment literacy course
  5. Wall Street Mojo’s Free Investment Banking Course (with Free Online Certificate) - Free course divided into two parts: Investment Banking Video Series and Investment Banking Guides
  6. EDX’s Unlocking Investment and Finance in Emerging Markets and Developing Economies (EMDEs) - IB course on the efforts of international investors to unlock opportunities in developing economies
  7. EDX’s Derivatives Markets: Advanced Modeling and Strategies - Information on valuation methods, quantifying tools, hedging, risk speculation, and major markets
  8. EDX’s Fixed Income Portfolio Management - Learn how to manage fixed income portfolios using the latest tools and techniques.
  9. Coursera’s Investment Management Specialization - Teaches an understanding of how investment strategies are designed to reach financial goals in a global context
  10. Udemy’s Investment Banking Pitchbooks - Learn to create sales presentations or pitchbooks for selling investment banking or consulting services
  11. Khan Academy’s Introduction to Valuation and Investing - Valuation and investment lesson on income statements, balance sheets, and stocks.
  12. LinkedIn Learning’s Finance Foundations - Comes with the free trial of LinkedIn Learning all about finance
  13. EDX’s Introduction to Actuarial Science - Learn about actuary in finance, investments, banking, or insurance
  14. Udemy’s How to Invest in the Stock Market - A course about investing in the stock market
  15. Class Central’s Essential Career Skills for Investment Banking and Finance - Learn about the different sectors and sub-sectors across the financial industry

Other Resources

  1. Macabacus Financial Model Template - Template financial model for practice
  2. Mergers and Inquisitions’ The Banker Blueprint - A complete action plan for getting into investment banking
  3. Wall Street’s Free Articles - Free finance articles
  4. Skill Share’s Investment Banking Divisions Explained - For Students, Graduates and Professionals by Afzal Hussein - A series of videos on investment banking
  5. CFI’s Investment Banking Book - This covers accounting fundamentals, valuation, financial modeling, & Excel skills
  6. WBI Library’s How to Be an Investment Banker - A free eBook all about investment banking

Final Note

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